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Well, it goes without saying that when there’s a backyard ultra on in Australia, there are sure to be eyes watching from afar! Since 2019, Birdy’s Backyard Ultra in Towerinning, WA has been making waves as ultra runners across the country tackle the format to beat their own targets.

This year it was held the weekend of 5-7 August; 2021 winner Phil Gore, and an AURA member from Darling Downs, yet again took the crown, claiming the 2022 title of Last One Standing with a total of 54 laps (362.34km) and setting a new Australian record. In 2021 he finished with 51 laps against AURA’s Michael Hooker (50 laps/Assist).

This year’s Assist was claimed by Aaron Young (53 laps/355.63km), whilst AURA’s Jessica Smith from Perth continued to write her name in lights as she took 45 laps (301.95km) to a whole new level. At loop 42, she raised the bar with a new women’s benchmark in Australia.

Congratulations to all our AURA members who ran at Birdy’s Backyard and went home with a honourable DNF, including Kevin Matthews (36 laps/241.56km), Jen Millum (34 laps/228.14km), Trevor Bosveld (34 laps/228.14km), Nancy Williams (30 laps/201.30km), Margie Hadley (18 laps/120.78km), Mark Lawrence (18 laps/120.78km), Gabe Alves (17 laps/114.07km), George Mihalakellis (16 laps/107.36km), Doug Bartlett (15 laps/100.65km), Christopher Allday (15 laps/100.65km), Heath Watkins (12 laps/80.52), Andrew Cohen (10 laps/67.1km), Shaun Kaesler (10 laps/67.1km), Andy Thompson (6 laps/40.26km), Georgia Snowball (4 laps/26.84km) and Eve Knudson (2 laps/13.42km).

For a full list of results, click here.


Rumble In The Jungle, a new event to the AURA calendar and hosted by Coffs Trail Runners in Bindarri National Park (NSW), was held on 7 August and saw a fantastic inaugural race offering a 42km Mountain Marathon, 21km Waterfall Wander and an 8km Ulong Fun Run.

Top spots for the men in the Mountain Marathon went to Daniel Stein (3:27:45), Paul Woodhouse (4:34:24) and Simon Blackburn (4:36:22). Top podium finishes for the women were claimed by Annabelle Swainston (5:13:38), Kate Davies (5:29:12) and Jenny Friend (5:29:57).


The Kuranda to Port Douglas was also held on Sunday, 7 August and was hosted by Dynamic Running in Kuranda, Qld. In the world of ultras, on offer was a 60km trail race for both solo entrants and relay teams, with the event starting just off Kennedy Highway and following Black Mountain Road and the Bump track to Port Douglas.

Participants run through native rainforest, open Eucalypt forest, pine plantations and picturesque creeks – stunningly scenic!

2022 Male winners on the 60km course were Evan Kelly (4:58:20 – new course record), Joe Buck (5:49:18) and Kevin Durose (5:56:45).

Female 60km winners were Hannah Mendes (6:37:51), Jenni Jefferis (7:21:20) and Sandra Groborsch (7:40:17).

Congratulations our AURA member David Von Senden from Kuranda who finished his 60km in 5:58:07, officially taking 5th Male.

For a full list of results click here.


Moving along through to the second weekend in August, the Berry Long Run was held Saturday, 13 August in Blackwood, Vic and offered ultra runners a 70km course.

In the Women’s 70km distance, it was an AURA podium finish for all 3 top spots! AURA member Fleur Douy from Coburg took the crown of victor with a time of 9:09:38, whilst AURA’s Katherine Macmillan from Kinglake West claimed 2nd Female with 9:32:15 and AURA member Jody Daff from Croydon North kept on strong for 3rd with 9:56:23.

In the Men’s 70km, the top 2 spots went to Reece Edwards (5:29:45 – new course record) and Oowan Davies (5:57:07). Third Male was won by AURA’s Nigel Hill from Bullengarook who took out the position with a time of 6:10:19.

Congratulations to AURA’s Mathew Schubert from Golden Square who completed his Berry Long Run 70km event in a fantastic time of 10:05:45.

For a full list of results, click here.


WA’s only track event on the calendar, Track Ultra WA is held in the port city of Bunbury, about 170km south of Perth and this year was held the weekend of 13-14 August.

Kicking off with the Men’s 24hr event, AURA’s very own Michael Hooker from East Perth secured 1st Place with a total of 572 laps which equalled to 228.808. Second Male was won by Conor Quinn (504 laps/201.600km) and 3rd went to Jamie Back (326 laps/130.662km).

In the Women’s 24hr, AURA member Sharene Blake from Busselton won the event after finishing in 435 laps, a total of 174.040km. Second was taken by Trish Hoare (371 laps/148.844km) whilst AURA’s Pamela Williams from Esperance claimed 3rd Female after completing 301 laps, or a total of 120.603km.

Congratulations to all our AURA members who raced in the 24hr, including Jason Kell (260 laps/104.139km), Kerriann Bresser (206 laps/82.400km), Fee Salmons (158 laps/63.550km), Frank Chauveau (147 laps/58.845km), Alexis Oosterhoff (125 laps/50km) and Bryan Wright (108 laps/43.200km).

In the Men’s 12hr, top spots went to AURA member David Kennedy from Silver Sands who finished 1st Male with 198 laps, or a total of 82.122km. Second Male went to Sean Glatt (194 laps/80.713km) and 3rd was won by Nick O’Neill (177 laps/73.402km).

For the Women’s 12hr, AURA’s Lizelle Smith from Atwell claimed the podium finish with her 98.334km win across 237 laps. Second and 3rd spots went to Kelly Marwick (229 laps/95.038km) and Jodie Pearce (203 laps/84.273km) respectively.

Well done to AURA member Barbara Fieberg-McFarlane who raced in the 12hr and completed the event in 113, or 46.861km.

Two competitors took on the Men’s 6hr event: Peter Jones took 1st Male (94 laps/39.255km) and Jason McLean claimed 2nd (21 laps/8.708km).

In the Women’s 6hr, Lorena Schneider won 1st Female (119 laps/49.400km), Sophie Kennedy took 2nd (116 laps/48.182km) and Belle Kennedy took 3rd (113 laps/46.972km).

AURA’s Mark Sewell from Balbarrup won the Men’s 3hr event, which he finished in a total of 65 laps, equalling 27.107km. Second and 3rd spots went to Cove McQuillan (64 laps/26.575km) and Peter McGlinn (43 laps/17.910km) respectively.

Two participants took on the Women’s 3hr: Lee-Maree Gallo claimed 1st (58 laps/24.083km) and Donna Hammond won 2nd (52 laps/21.793km).

The full list of results can be found in the Track Ultra WA Facebook group page.


Hosted by Blue Mountains Fitness, the Lithgow Ridgy-Didge Trail Run Festival was held from 20-21 August, 2022 in Lithgow, NSW with the longest distance on offer a marathon of 42.2km.

In the Men’s Marathon, top podium finishes went to Max Rose for 1st (4:46:37), Leigh Shakespeare (4:47:25) and Jeff Powell (5:00:49). In the Women’s Marathon event, it was Melanie Shields for 1st (5:14:27), Lauren Everett for 2nd(5:31:20) and Julie Hunziker for 3rd (5:53:38).

For a full list of events, click here.


The Sink Or Survive 500km in SA is currently underway and there are definitely some AURA members racing in that! Running from 20-28 August, updates are being done on the S.O.S Facebook group page but of course, we’ll provide a report once everyone has finished their incredible event!

The 2022 IAU 100km World Championships in Berlin-Bernau, Germany are due to start on Saturday, 27 August with 251 runners (106 women, 146 men) across 41 federations. We wish all of our AURA runners representing Australia the very best for their race – for the women: Corrina Black, Jacqui Kellerman, Michelle McAdam, Clare Palmer, Anna Pillinger and Greta Truscott. For the men: Clay Dawson, Dion Finocchiaro, Andrew McConnell and Grant Schmidlechner.


This weekend we see the Bright Running Festival to be held in Bright, Vic which offers a 50km for ultra runners, as well as the 63km Wonderland Run in Halls Gap, Vic.

Kicking off the month of September, the AURA calendar features the Cairns Port Douglas Trail Ultra from 2-4 September, the GV Last Man Standing in Vic from 9-12 September, the Barossa Run in SA on 10 September, the Glasshouse 100 (Australian 100mi Championships) in Qld from 10-11 September and the Great North Walk Ultras in NSW the same weekend.

Check out the rest of the AURA calendar here to see the rest of September’s events!

Pictured: The start of the very first lap at the 2022 Birdy’s Backyard Ultra. Photograph – Jo Malcolm.