Event Organisers can apply for AURA listing by completing this form.

Australian Ultra Runners Association (AURA) lists ultra running events in its event calendar. This policy outlines the requirements of Event Organisers to be considered for inclusion in the events calendar, the requirements have been determined primarily for the protection and safety of AURA members.

  1. The event organiser must be a member of AURA at the time of the listing application, and at the time the event takes place
  2. The application for event listing should be submitted a minimum two months before the proposed event date.
  3. The event organiser must provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance for the event a minimum of two weeks before the event. Failure to provide such evidence will result on the listing being removed from the AURA calendar.
  4. Risk management documentation is mandatory to be provided with the event listing application, this documentation must reference climate, weather, bushfire, traffic, first aid and medical emergency considerations.
  5. Event organiser will follow all risk management strategies it has outlined in the provided documentation, in particular those dealing with race cancellations due to climatic / fire risk conditions.
  6. The event must implement incident reporting as part of its safety systems, and any incident during the event be reported to AURA within four weeks of the completion of the event. Incident reporting is done as a continuous quality improvement measure.
  7. It is expected that the event will be conducted to a reasonable standard, with due consideration for aid stations, safety, and the wellbeing of competitors and volunteers.
  8. The race organiser understands it is his/her responsibility to establish which approvals the event requires under law, and to obtain all such necessary approvals. IF ALL NECESSARY APPROVALS ARE NOT IN PLACE PRIOR TO THE EVENT, THE RACE DIRECTOR / RACE ORGANISER WILL ADVISE AURA OF THIS FACT IMMEDIATELY, AND UNDERSTANDS THE EVENT THEN WILL NOT CARRY THE STATUS OF BEING LISTED BY AURA, AND ANY INSURANCES MAY BE VOID.
  9. The proposers of new events are asked to give consideration for potential date conflicts with existing events already listed. Existing events will be expected to use the same corresponding date for the following year where practicable. If a change to an event date does become necessary, please inform AURA as soon as possible
  10. AURA reserves the right to not accept events for inclusion in or to add events to its event calendar at its sole discretion.
  11. AURA reserves the right to delist events from its calendar at its sole discretion without notice and without the need for furnishing any reasons therefor.
  12. The Event Organiser, is required to sign and return to AURA an agreement covering the key points above before listing of an event can take effect.
  13. Event entry should be discounted for AURA members by a minimum of $10 or 10% per person. If a discount cannot be provided, a suitable reason should be given to AURA.
  14. Upon listing approval, the event organiser may publish and promote the fact the event as being “AURA Listed.” Wording such as “AURA Approved” and “AURA Sanctioned” or any other wording which may lead a participant to believe AURA has approved the suitability of safety/emergency planning documents and arrangements may not be used.
  15. AURA maintains the right to determine if an event is to be listed in any subsequent year on a case by case basis. Provision of listing in any given year does not confer a right to listing in subsequent years. If requirements are not met for the current year’s event, the event may not be considered for listing in the subsequent year.
  16. Full results should be sent to the results coordinator within 7 days of the event. These must be in the required format. An Excel template spreadsheet will be provided for this purpose. Note: IAU-labelled events must provide results within one week and must include the requisite information per the IAU (this includes citizenship data for each competitor).
  17. Event organisers are expected to not make statements or do any acts which would have the effect of bringing AURA and / or the sport into disrepute.
  18. Event organisers will not make any statements in a public forum or otherwise which will call into question the competence, integrity or reputation of AURA or any of its executive.

AURA undertakes to provide:

  1. Listing for the event on AURA’s event calendar on the aura.asn.au website.
  2. Ability for the event organiser to promote the event through AURA’s Facebook page three times prior to the event.
  3. Designation of the event as qualifying for the AURA points competition.
  4. Listing in AURA’s email newsletter three time before the event.
  5. Performances in measured events (road and track) will be included in the AURA year and all-time rankings lists and will be eligible for open and age group records.
  6. Listed events may apply to hold AURA Australian Championship events
  7. Event results will be published in AURA’s results database, a facility able to be accessed by AURA members to view their historical results, as well as general AURA results.

Event Listing Costs

AURA has a desire to ensure that events are affordable, whilst also understanding that commercial interests need to be met. It has struck its fees to ensure that fairness can apply across all events. Fees are as follows for event held in 2018:

a. Minimum fee is the greater of $50, or half the value of one event entry*

b. Any event that attracts in excess of 50 entries (for all ultra-distance events), but less than 100 entries shall pay a listing fee equal to the value of one event entry*

c. Any event that attracts between 100 and 200 entries (for all ultra-distance events), shall pay a listing fee equal to the value of two event entries*,

d. Maximum fee per listing is $300

*Fee calculation using event entry value is based on “regular” AURA member prices for the longest event. Where early-bird or late-fees apply, these will not be used for fee calculations.

An invoice will be issued in the week following the event, and will be calculated based on the number of starters, regardless of whether they finish.

Event Public Liability Insurance & Fees

Public Liability insurance coverage is available on negotiation with AURA.

This includes the issuance of a Certificate of Currency naming police, state parks and any other interested parties as may be required by the EO. The extent of the AURA cover is as follows:

  – Public Liability – $20,000,000 any one occurrence,
  – Products Liability – $20,000,000 any one occurrence and in the aggregate,
  – Errors and Omissions – $1,000,000,

A copy of the policy is available on request, and we encourage those who are interested to thoroughly review details of the cover, terms and conditions. The cover does not include personal injury insurance.

From 28/11/2019, the rate is $150 for the first 75 competitors (or part thereof), plus $1.80 for each competitor beyond 75.  In the event of a claim being made, the event organisers will be required to pay the excess ($1,000) when the claim is submitted. (for 2018 and 2019, the rate was $150 for the first 50 competitors (or part thereof), plus $2.90 for each competitor beyond 50)