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National 24 hour Championships

The AURA 24 Hour National Championships were held in conjunction with the Coburg 24 hour event in Victoria this year.  A terrific field of some of Australia's best performed athletes in recent years was in attendance and enjoyed the near-perfect weather conditions and the newly refurbished Coburg track.

The Coburg event was oversubscribed and thus a full field started in the event.

The eventual winner of the Male event, and National Champion was Victoria's Barry Loveday who compiled a final distance of 265.000km.  The female winner and National Champion was Western Australian resident Bernadette Benson who managed 238.261km.

Bernadette's is the largest 24 hour total by an Australian female, regardless of surface, and eclipses the 229.080km mark set by Helen Stanger at the 1998 Coburg event.  Subject to ratification this will become the new Australian 24 hour record.

Barry's 265km is the second largest total by an Australian male, behind only Yiannos Kouros. Barry has secured that second place from Tasmanian Mike March, who also set his total of 260.099km at Coburg, but back in 1989.

This was also a back-to-back event win for Barry after his 243.777km at the 2013 event, however it was not a back-to-back National Title for Barry as he gained citizenship after the 2013 event.

Second and third in the National Championships were as follows:

2 Ewan HORSBURGH 245.012km
3 Matthew ECKFORD 241.475km

2 Jodie OBORNE 212.432km
3 Nikki WYND 208.292km

The 2014 National Championships saw 15 entrants completing distances beyond 200km (10 men, 5 women), which is best single-event outcome in the history of 24 hour events in this country.

Full results from the event are available on the Coburg event page.

Photos are of the male and female winners, Barry Loveday and Bernadette Benson.

Revision of Records process

Below is an overview of changes the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) have made to the records process at the international level. AURA has determined to change its process in line with this.

Extract from the IAU:
"The IAU reviewed the World Best Performances and the World Age Best Performances at the Monaco 2014 IAU Executive Council meeting, The IAU have decided to remove the separation based on surface i.e. Track, Road and Indoor. All such records will be frozen as of December 2013 and recorded and only the superior performance for each recognized distance/time will be taken forward for future IAU world best performances. Current requirements for performances to be recognized as world best performances remain in place." More details available from the IAU website at http://www.iau-ultramarathon.org/

AURA, as an affiliated member of the IAU has determined to adopt the new policy as of 24 March 2014. All old records for each surface (Road and Track in AURA's case) will remain, and any valid claim for a record achieved on either surface prior to 23 March 2014 will be accepted. All future records will be claimed regardless of a surface type and will be recorded in a separate, amalgamated document.

As resources allow, record claim forms and documentation will be made available to ensure the new approach can be managed. All current records and rankings can be viewed on the Records page of the website.

For further details generally, please contact President Robert Boyce directly by email or by phone (0417 557 902).
March Member draw

Congratulations to Andrew Robertson, who won the AURA members draw for March. Andrew is now able to select a prize from a list of event entries and merchandise available for viewing here.

To secure your entry in the members draw, just become a member of AURA (if you're not already) and then complete one of the listed events. Your name then goes into the following months' draw.

National Trail Championships

Stu Gibson and Kellie Emmerson have been crowned the National Trail Champions after their victories at the 2014 Maroondah Dam 50km event.

Stu's time of 3:45:00 is the best time seen in the history of the event, however it was on a different course to the record previously held by David Criniti - 4:04:54 back in 2004. Stu held out Michael Keyte and local athlete Dan Beard who finished second and third respectively. Stu, Michael and Dan are all seasoned entrants in ultra distance trail events and have competed well in recent years. Their placings in the 2014 National Championships are well deserved.

Local knowledge may have helped Kellie Emmerson to the victory in the ladies event. A nearby resident, Kellie is frequently seen training in the area and is a previous finisher of this event. Kellie managed to secure the victory from South Australian resident Hayley Teale who was followed in by another local in Isobel Bespalov.

Photo's are of Kellie and after her victory at the 2014 event and Stu as he is crossing the finish line.

Full results from the Maroondah Dam event will be available on the event page.

Annual General Meeting

AURA has scheduled its annual general meeting for Monday 28 April 2014 at 7:00pm Melbourne time. Details of how to conference into this meeting will be made available when determined.

AURA is committed to providing the best outcomes to its members and to the wider sport of ultra running that it can. By participating in the AGM and considering taking on a role with the AURA committee, you can help to promote, support and uphold the integrity of the sport.

President Robert Boyce is encouraging of direct contact from any individual that is considering taking a more pro-active role with the organisation and would enjoy discussing options. Please do contact Robert on 0417 557 902 or by email to discuss opportunities.

New International Team Selector

It is with great pleasure that AURA announces Bernadette Benson as the new member of the international team selection panel. Bernadette brings a vast range of skills and experiences to the role and AURA is delighted to have secured her talent in this important position.

Bernadette has a professional background in psychology and holds a Master of Science. She has previously worked in accounting and other professional services.

Bernadette is also a former Vice President and Secretary of AURA and has assisted in a wide range of other AURA portfolios including compliance, UltraMag and the Website.

As an athlete, Bernadette holds numerous Canadian records and is also starting to gather a nice collection of Australian records since becoming a citizen in 2012.

Bernadette is a multiple times representative for both Canada and Australia at World Championships events.

Here is a photo of Bernadette competing for Australia at the 24 World Championships in The Netherlands in 2013:

2014 World Championships

Unfortunately the IAU has canceled the 24 hour World Championships that were tentatively scheduled for Pilzen. As a result of this, the current round of applications for WC selection will be held pending a future confirmation of event from the IAU. In view of any future date, the requirements of the AURA selection policy will then be applied which may mean a fresh round of applications.

Below is the full statement from the IAU website (http://www.iau-ultramarathon.org/)

"24 Hour World Championships (Pilzen cancelled but IAU in discussions with Soochow)

It is with regret that we announce that the previously announced 24 Hour World Championships in Pilzen have been cancelled.

The LOC had financial difficulties and were unable to secure funding before our deadlines. However, we have started discussions with Soochow University in Taiwan for the 24 Hours this year. 

The LOC in Taiwan is very excited for this opportunity and have started prepartion on their end to confirm the bid and work on the documents. The discussions are going well and we will confirm with you as soon as we hear from the LOC keeping in mind the urgency of this decision. 

If you have any further quetsions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nadeem Khan
Director of Communications

February Member draw

Congratulations to Nigel Fox, who won the AURA members draw for February. Nigel is now able to select a prize from a list of event entries and merchandise.


Nigel has selected the "Surf Coast 100km" free event entry as his prize from the February members draw.

Adele from Rapid Ascent said, "Congratulations Nigel on winning an entry into the Surf Coast Century 100km. The course takes in the famous Great Ocean Road region along Victoria's famed surf coast, starting and finishing in the seaside town of Anglesea. The figure 8 course runs past lighthouses, waterfalls, scenic lookouts, renowned surf beaches, remote wilderness and more."

Nigel was naturally pleased with his win and had this to say, "I would like to thank Rapid Ascent for generously offering up a Surf Coast Century 100km entry as a prize; of which I am really looking forward to and I would also like to thank AURA for there continual support and promotion of Ultra Running in Australia."

It's a pleasure Nigel and we at AURA hope you run well at Surf Coast this year. For more details of the Surf Coast event which takes place on 13 September, you can check out their website or visit the AURA event page.

2014 World Championships 24 hour selection

With the IAU recently announcing that a 2014 World Championship 24 hour event is likely to take place in the Czech Republic across 21 and 22 June 2014, AURA now invites applications for inclusion in the team.

AURA is undertaking the application and selection process in advance of final details from the IAU to help expedite the process and ensure that selected athletes have as much time to prepare for the event as possible.  Due to these circumstances however, AURA does not assume that any selected athlete will be able to participate until final details of the event have been provided.  Thus AURA will seek additional acceptance of selection after final details are provided by the IAU; assuming that the AURA selection process has concluded prior to final details being provided by the IAU.

Potential applicants are expected to review the selection criteria in AURA policy PL001 – International Team Selection.  In simple terms, the team will consist of up to six male and six female members, with the minimum criteria being the achievement of 200km in 24 hours for men and 180km in 24 hours for women.

To apply, please complete FM001 – International Team Application Form also available on the policies page of the website.

Applications close 28 February 2014 with an initial team announcement to be made by 21 March 2014.  Whilst some timeframes may not adhere strictly to the AURA policy, this has been unavoidable due to the time constraints created by IAU and its period of notification.

For further details generally, potential applicants are invited to contact President Robert Boyce directly by email or by phone (0417 557 902)

Below is a photo of the 2013 World Championship 24 hour team in relaxed pre-event mode prior to competing in The Netherlands:

VACANCY: International Team Selection Committee

AURA invites interested members to apply for a vacant volunteer position on the International Team Selection Committee. 

As background, the AURA International Team Selection policy states:

“The Selection Committee will be made up of (1) the national team manager* (appointed by the Executive Committee) and (2) four other current AURA members. 

• Applications for the committee will be sought annually and the Executive Committee will make appointments after the Annual General Meeting (AGM). 
• Selection Committee appointments will be for a two-year period. However, in the initial year (2014), some appointments will be for terms less than two years, such that appointments are staggered. Thus, only some appointments will expire each year (appointment years being in line with the AGM). 

*The team manager role requires significant time and other resource inputs. To help ensure a suitably skilled person is charged with this role, the Executive Committee makes this
appointment directly and at its discretion. Duties for various appointments / positions within AURA may be found in other policies / documentation.”

Members are invited to review the entire team selection policy prior to application, available from the “Policies” page of the AURA website at http://www.aura.asn.au/Policies.html

A single vacancy on the committee currently exists; the period of which will be from initial appointment (expected by end February 2014 at latest), to the time of the 2015 AGM (anticipated April 2015).

To apply for this vacancy, please send an email to AURA President Robert Boyce (president@aura.asn.au) addressing the following criteria:
1 – Why you are interested in being a member of the selection committee,
2 – Your professional background and how this may assist you in the role,
3 – Your running and fitness background and general knowledge of the ultra-running community,
4 – Any pecuniary or conflicting interests that may need to be considered,
5 – Any other details that you feel appropriate.

Any member of AURA may apply for this opportunity. Applications close Friday 7 February 2014.

As the IAU have tentatively announced a date for the 2014 World Championships (though no venue has yet been stated) it is possible that the selection committee will need to convene as early as March 2014.

For further details generally, potential applicants are invited to contact President Robert Boyce directly by email or by phone (0417 557 902).

2013 Athlete of the Year Awards

The 2013 ultra runners of the year have been awarded as follows:

  • Male – Kevin Muller,
  • Female – Beth Cardelli,
  • Young Runner award (25 years old or younger) – Larissa Tichon,
  • Cliff Young award (greatest distance in 24 hours over 60 years old) – Colin Brooks,
  • Bryan Smith award (greatest distance in 24 hours) – Barry Loveday.
President of AURA, Robert Boyce said "There have been many outstanding ultra running performances by AURA members, in both local and international races during 2013 making it difficult to select the 2013 ultra athletes of the year. However after much thought, and heartache, AURA has selected Kevin Muller and Beth Cardelli as the winners of the 2013 AURA male and female ultra runners of the year.

Kevin has had an outstanding year winning and placing in numerous races, however it was his performance in the 48 hour race at Caboolture that cemented his selection. Kevin ran 407.560 km in 48 hour, setting a 24 hour PB of 234km along the way. It is the furthest ever ran in 48 hours on Australian soil and resulted in a World age group record.

Continuing on from her impressive 2012 year Beth had a number of notable performances in 2013, both locally and internationally, including taking out what is arguably Australia's most competitive trail ultra the North Face 100 and breaking her own race record in the process. Internationally she had success both across the Tasman in New Zealand where she placed 2nd in the Tarawera 100, and in Europe where she finished 4th in the Lavaredo Ultra trail in Italy.

Other notable performances in 2013 have included:
  • Martin Dent blitzing the field at New Zealand's Kepler ultra taking about 4 minutes of the previous course record set in 2005 in the process;
  • Brendan Davies record breaking win at the North Face 100 with a time of 9:16:12, eclipsing the previous record held by Kilian Jornet by nearly 3 minutes;
  • Barry Loveday's 243 km at the Coburg 24 hour;
  • Ewan Horsburgh breaking the male C2K course record;
  • Shona Stephenson's win in New Zealand's Northburn Station 100 miler and 2nd place in the Ultra-Trail Mt Fuji in Japan;
  • Bernadette Bensons 216 km performance at the 24 hour world championship, in which she set a number of Canadian records along the way, and her win in the Canadian ultra the 'Lost Soul 100 miler' in which she took 2h45 off the female course record, and 3rd place in the Swissalpine ultra in Europe.
  • Deb Nicholl's 239km at Caboolture 24 hour and her 3:25 at the Gold Coast 50 (unfortunately Deb is not yet an Australian citizen so is not eligible for Ultra runner of the year but as a member of AURA we wanted to acknowledge her stand out performances in 2013)."

Larissa Tichon was awarded the young runner award having established age group records and being the highest placed AURA member at a number of domestic events. Larissa also achieved a 24 hour representative qualifying distance of 192km at the Sri Chinmoy event in Sydney.

Colin Brooks achieved a final distance of 151.247km at the Adelaide 24 hour to secure the Cliff Young award, whereas Barry Loveday managed 243.777km at Coburg to take out the Bryan Smith award.

Congratulations to all winners and to all AURA members that worked hard to achieve their own personal goals in 2013.

Photos are (L-R), Kevin Muller, Beth Cardelli, Larissa Tichon, Barry Loveday, Colin Brooks.

2013 Points Competition

It will come as no surprise that Kevin Muller is the Australian Ultra Runners Association points competition winner for 2013.  Kevin started to build a gap to the field back in April 2013 and has not been surpassed since.  With a final tally of 99 points and just over 1700km from 14 events, Kevin’s has been a dominant performance worthy of his 20 point margin over the second placed Sharon Scholz.

Whilst Kevin was a prolific entrant in 2013 he also achieved many world class performances and these helped him to achieve his final tally.  Particular mention should be made of Kevin’s 228km at the Coburg 24 hour run (International “B” qualifier), and then his 407.56km at the 48 hour in Caboolture in July which established a new National Record.

Kevin is now also a back to back winner, having achieved first place in the 2012 competition with 88 points and 1424km from 14 events.

First placed female, and second overall, Sharon Scholz also enjoyed a strong year after a difficult 2012.  With 1064km from 10 events, her most notable performances were  206km at the 24 hour World Championships in The Netherlands, 187km walking (third best ever total by any gender in Australia) in the 24 hour Sri Chinmoy event and third place in her fourth consecutive Coast to Kosciuszko (240km) finish in December.

Third place went to the strong finishing Rob Sutton with 1578km from 19 events.  Rob was back in 30th position in April, but with over 630km accumulated since the very end of September and by enjoying some bonus points for his second place in the Duncans Run 50km event he moved toward the top of the list.

Malcolm Gamble (fourth) was shuffled down the list due to reduced running in the second half of the year.  Malcom was comfortably battling away with Kevin early in the year but was unfortunately not able to keep up his high volume of events.

Annabel Hepworth was the last of the main contenders and finished with 71 points for the year.  This showed a spread of just 8 points from second to fifth places in one of the closest ever points competition battles.  Second placed female Annabel was also a prolific entrant and with 12 event starts was only surpassed by Kevin Muller (14), Rob Sutton (19) and George Mihalakeilis (13).

The balance of the top 10 was Katherine MacMillan (57 points), Sabina Hamaty (55), Justin Scholz & Nikki Wynd (54) and Brendan Davies (52).  Brendan’s top 10 finish coming from just seven events due to some outstanding performances of internationally high quality.

410 members accumulated points in the 2013 competition and this is the highest number on record by a significant margin.  As time allows, some additional statistics from the 2013 events will be provided for the enjoyment of members.

Meanwhile, the 2014 competition is underway and members are reminded that the prize pool is larger and deeper than ever and that new categories also exist.  For details, refer to the rules on the points competition page of the website HERE.

Top right is a photo of Kevin and his crew at the start of his final 2013 event, the 240km Coast to Kosciuszko, and bottom left is second placed Sharon Scholz at the 6 hour Coburg event.

2014 Members Competition and Website changes

The initial list of free entries for members of the monthly random draws has been released. Members can check it out HERE.

AURA is grateful to the events that have supplied free entries for 2014 events, which are:

A reminder that to qualify for the random draw, members must have competed in an AURA listed event in the previous month. Full details of the 2014 points competition, which includes the monthly draw process is available HERE.

Members will also notice that some changes have been made to the 2014 event calendar. IAU labeling, National Championships and Member Draw events have all been highlighted.

Welcome Jon Lim

AURA is pleased to welcome Jon Lim into the committee as a state representative for Victoria.

A new comer to Ultra running, Jon ran his first ultra at the Canberra 50k in 2012 when the excitement of the crowd at the finishing line helped him make up his mind to go that extra 8kms! This followed in 2013 when he discovered trail Ultras, and has since completed a number of 50k races as well as two 100km events this year at the Tan Ultra and Surf Coast Century.

By day Jon works in IT / E-Commerce, managing the infrastructure for corporate consumer websites.

Passing of AURA Life Member, Gerry Riley

It is with great sadness that AURA has been informed of the passing of life member, ultramarathon legend and keen supporter of ultra-running, Gerry Riley. AURA is indebted to Gerry, an original keeper of the AURA stats back in the days before computers and word processing which meant he had to rewrite the ranking lists by hand after every event. Haven't times changed.

Fellow AURA life member Kevin Cassidy had this to say about Gerry:

"Gerry Riley passed away peacefully on December 16 having suffered a couple of strokes in recent times. When I made my own entry into the world of ultras in the mid 80's, Gerry was in his 50s but still mixing it with the best. I marveled and admired his strength, durability and longevity over a career that included more than 100 standard length marathons and untold number of ultras across the entire spectrum from 50 milers to the Colac six day race.

Gerry didn't just complete these events, he was always at the pointy end. A clear highlight was his win at the National 24 hour championships in the early 80s against runners many years younger. Having now hit the mid 50s myself and barely capable of plodding out 5km, my admiration has multiplied many times over.

It was indeed my privilege to have shared the track/road with him on many occasions. Upon discussing his high volume of racing, Gerry was quite succinct, 'You're a long time dead, so you have to do these things while you're alive'. Gerry was 83."

AURA would like to extend thanks to Kevin for his insights into one of the truly remarkable ultrarunners of our nation, and also extends condolences to the family and friends of Gerry and those that remember him fondly.

A summary of Gerry's ultra performances can be found at www.fickelab.southsidemasters.org/. Above is a photo of Gerry also from that site.


Farewell & Thanks

Bernadette Benson has resigned from her AURA compliance and secretary roles to focus energies elsewhere.  This decision has not been sudden, with Bernadette gradually handing over responsibilities for compliance to Kerrie Bremner in recent months.  Kerrie is both well versed in the compliance area of AURA and has a professional background and skill set that allows this critical role to continue to be managed effectively and ultimately enhanced.  For the balance of 2013 Kerrie will continue to undertake compliance tasks consistently with the approach having been used during the last 12 months. 

Whilst Bernadette only recently took on the vacant secretary role, AURA has an assistant secretary in Stephen English.  Between Stephen and President Rob Boyce the secretarial requirements of AURA are expected to continue unaffected.  Hopefully a candidate for the ongoing secretarial needs of AURA will be forthcoming before the 2014 AGM.

It is with fondness that AURA will remember Bernadette and is grateful for the systems and logic that she has applied in her various roles; especially that of compliance coordinator.  Whilst resignation has been a difficult decision for Bernadette to make, AURA is grateful of her ongoing support to ultra running and the enjoyment she gained from her time with the association.  Bernadette wrote, “…I am extremely honoured and pleased to have had the opportunity to take on the roles of vice president, compliance, and secretary within our national organisation over the past few years. I am passionate about the sport and have enjoyed the collaborations with so many of you I'm emailing now. There is much I will miss and it's been a challenge to let go.”

As always, AURA welcomes the support of willing and capable people to volunteer skills and services to the association.  It is ultimately that support which allows the organisation to prosper, maximise the benefits to members, and increase awareness and participation in ultra running generally.  If you have questions about opportunities within AURA or would like to discuss anything else, then President Robert Boyce welcomes your phonecall (0417 557 902) or email (president@aura.asn.au).

Here’s a photo of Bernadette at the 24 hour World Championships in The Netherlands this year where she managed a huge PB and final tally just over 216km.

AURA's History portfolio

AURA is delighted to welcome Joe Lewis to the team in an Historian capacity. Joe has been working closely with Ellen Lavoie for some time and will in future be compiling stories and information for ultramag and undertaking other duties associated with the history of ultra running and of AURA.

Joe is originally from the UK but has been in Melbourne over 20 years, bayside. He started running a few years ago and ran his first ultra in July last year at the You Yangs. Since then Joe has run 10 ultras, mostly 50s but also two 100s and most recently GOW100. He enjoys running in the Dandenongs on the weekend, either a cheeky loop of the Rollercoaster course or from the cinema in Berwick up Aeroplane Hill and around there. Joe is the father of three small kids.

A very special thanks is also extended to Ellen for her dedication and service to AURA over the years. Ellen is moving overseas and is not able to continue in the historian role, however she has made a good transition across to Joe and remains supportive of AURA and its endeavors. We wish Ellen well in her future.

AURA also has a range of additional volunteer committee opportunities for keen supporters of ultra running. As a volunteer peak-body the AURA team works hard to ensure that the sport can be supported and promoted as it grows nationally and internationally.

If you have a desire to become a part of our team, please check the types of roles available within the organisation on the contact page and feel free to make contact with any committee member for additional discussion, or the executive specifically if you're ready to put your hand up for a job.


2014 Points competition

With the 2013 points competition moving towards its conclusion, AURA is pleased to provide an update of the rules for 2014.  There have been some significant changes to the rules which include a substantially increased prize pool, both in financial terms and in the depth to which prizes are awarded.  In addition, there will be a monthly draw undertaken which selects at random a winner from all members who participated in a listed event in the previous month.

Here is the breakdown of the major prizes:

  • 1st - $1500 cash
  • 2nd - $800 cash
  • 3rd - $500 cash
  • 4th - $400 cash
  • 5th - $300 cash
  • 6th - $200 cash
  • 7th - $100 cash
  • 8th – $50 AURA store credit.
  • 9th – $50 AURA store credit.
  • 10th – $50 AURA store credit.

There has also been a category added to the competition that rewards members who support the organisation as committee volunteers, and for those that actively recruit new members.  For full details, please refer to PL005 – Points Score competition on the ‘Policies’ page of the website.

For details of point score competition lists and achievements, visit the Points Score page.

2013 Rankings update

Thanks to the ongoing hard work of AURA’s volunteers results, records and statistics coordinator David Billett, a new set of 2013 rankings.  There have been some VERY impressive results achieved this year, including this small sample:

  • Kevin Muller holding the top two 6 hr distances with 75.909km & 75.421km,
  • Martin Fryer went through 500km in 3 days, 17:32:39 in a 10 day event split,
    Kerrie Bremner managed 200km on track in 22:11:16 as a split in a 24 hour,
  • Vladimir Shatrov & Alex Matthews both went sub 3 hours for 50km at Canberra,
  • Kerrie Otto de Grancy completed 50 miles in less than 7 hours to be second outright for 50 miles this year.

All of the revised lists for 2013, the all-time rankings and rankings from previous years back to 2007 are available on the website at rankings.

At right is a photo of  Kerrie Bremner in action just a few laps after she had completed 200km in the impressive time of 22:11:16.


2014 Calendar of Events

AURA has been working diligently with event organisers over the last eight weeks and is pleased to announce the 2014 calendar of events.  The 2014 calendar is the largest ever published by AURA and demonstrates both the growth in ultra running and the importance of the organisation in bringing together quality events from around the country.  Through the sanctioning process, AURA has worked hard to ensure that events are reasonably spread and will continue to work on this in future years so that members can maximise participation in event types of their choice, and event organisers can achieve sustainable event outcomes.

In addition to the events listed, AURA will also consider sanctioning additional events through the year on a case-by-case basis.  It should be noted that an application for sanctioning does not necessarily guarantee inclusion in the calendar.  Many factors will be used to determine inclusion of future events including the event type, its proximity both geographically and in time terms to other events on the calendar and past history of compliance with AURA policy.

AURA considers the 2014 event calendar to contain the most comprehensive listing of quality, well managed events in its history.  It expects that participation rates will continue to increase in 2014 due in part to the quality, distribution and array of events on offer.
AURA will shortly also release its points competition structure for 2014.  In line with the calendar of events growth, the points competition will also grow both in terms of the value of its prize pool and the manner in which prizes will be distributed.

To view the full 2014 calendar , please click the “2014” tab on the events page.  Note that some changes to the calendar are likely in the near term as event organisers finalise event details and fulfil compliance requirements.

At this time AURA would also like to extend thanks to compliance officer Bernadette Benson who has been the key driver of the new calendar development. This role is extremely time consuming and technically demanding.  AURA is grateful for the work that Bernadette has undertaken and the detail that she has applied.

With any task of this size there may be some details that require adjustment in the calendar.  Please direct queries or inform of details that may be incorrect to webmaster@aura.asn.au or compliance@aura.asn.au.

International Team Selection

AURA is pleased to provide details of a revised International Team Selection policy (PL001). This policy outlines the process for applying for, and achieving selection for World and Commonwealth Championship events. The revised policy has strengthened timeframes to ensure that the selection process is undertaken early enough to give athletes time to prepare adequately. Clearly this is in part governed by the notice period provided by the IAU as well. Automatic selection is also assured for top 3 athletes if they have achieved a primary qualifier in the appropriate timeframe and indeed remaining places (usually up to 6) are also assured if additional applicants have achieved a "B" qualifier (subject to there not being sufficient higher achieving applicants to fill all positions).

Funding details have also been revised and though AURA is not able to support teams fully, it is committed to providing some funding within its limited means. The policy is now written in a manner that allows assistance to be increased in future years should funds be available for this purpose.

With the importance of crew at international events, there are now stronger guidelines around the requirements and selection of crew. AURA will make a financial contribution to crew who are selected and who fulfill the requirements of the role at international events.

The selection committee role and the process of selection of the committee has also been revised. Application for inclusion on this committee will be made available to the entire AURA membership. Positions will stagger across a 2 year period to always ensure some ongoing knowledge of previous international events and thus familiarisation with athlete efforts. The current selection committee includes Mick Francis, who has indicated that he will retire at the next AGM; Jo Blake who will be first to maintain a full two-year tenure and thus remain on the committee until the 2015 AGM; and Paul Every and Martin Fryer whose positions will become available at the 2014 AGM. In every case, existing members of the committee are invited to reapply for a new term if desired.

This policy in full is available on the Policies page of the website at (www.aura.asn.au/Policies.html)

Note: AURA is also currently developing guidelines that outline the requirements of the Team Manager for international events. This will be provided to the membership when complete.

2014 National 100km Championship

AURA is delighted to advise that the 2014 National 100km Championship will be held in conjunction with the Gold Coast 100 event. Gold Coast was selected from a recently undertaken process for 2014 due to the organisers of the Stromlo event notified AURA of their decision not to undertake the event again in 2014. The appointment of Gold Coast as the host of the National Championship is for 2014 only.

AURA's National Championships are now confirmed as the following for 2014 (subject to usual sanctioning criteria being met):

  • Trail - Maroondah Dam (Vic, likely February),
  • 24 hour - Coburg (Vic, likely April),
  • 100km - Gold Coast (Qld, likely June),
  • 48 hour - Caboolture (Qld, likely July),
  • 50km - Centennial Park (NSW, likely September).

Full details of all 2014 championship events will be provided when the 2014 calendar is announced in the next 6 weeks.
Remaining AURA sanctioned event details for 2013 are available on the events page.
Full details of the Gold coast 100 event are available on the event page.

2014 Event sanctioning

Event Organiser are now encouraged to submit applications for 2014 event sanctioning.

There have been some important changes to the sanctioning process for 2014, which have been formalised in a document available at www.aura.asn.au/Policies.html. Race sanctioning will no longer be "automatically" granted each year, merely by fact of having been sanctioned before. An application must be sent in and approved each year. AURA encourages event organisers to review the policy and apply for sanctioning by 30 September via email to Bernadette Benson (compliance@aura.asn.au or secretary@aura.asn.au).

General enquiries regarding the sanctioning process can alse be directed to Bernadette at either of the emails listed above.

The calendar of event for 2013, for example purposes, is available HERE.

50km National Championships 15 September 2013

The 50km National Championships were held in conjunction with the Centennial Park Ultra event in Sydney on September 15. Entrants were greeted with fantastic weather and event organiser April Palmerlee was impressed with the quality and depth of runners in the field. “Andrew Heyden, achieving a time of 3:18:37 was crowned National Champion at the event,” April said. "Though Andrew placed second outright in the 50km he was the highest ranked eligible participant. He managed to hold off Chief Brabon who became runner up in the championships with a time of 3:32:32.” 

Andrew’s time was just 8 minutes outside of the race record set in 2012 by Alex Matthews (3:10:22). Alex was again the outright race winner in 2013 and surpassed his 2012 record with a time of 3:03:35. As Alex is not an AURA member however he is not eligible for National Champion status. Third placed in the 2013 National Championships was Gary Mullins in a time of 3:36:13.

In the ladies, Australian 50km representative from Ballarat, Victoria, Natasha Fraser was the eventual, outright winner of the event. “Like Andrew, Natasha’s time of 3:39:06 is world class,” April said. “She was pushed along by Julie Norney who managed 3:40:03. It was a fantastic and exciting race and they must both be commended for their strong determination and results,” she added. 

Third overall in the women’s event, and third in the National Championships was Jodie Oborne who also managed a great time squeezing in under 4 hours with 3:58:28.

Of interest, Julie Norney's time is a new age record (subject to verification), and the person whose record she beat was June Petrie -- her sister! 

To Andrew and Natasha AURA provides congratulations on your achievement of Australian titles. To all athletes and the event director April Palmerlee, AURA extends thanks for the participation in and hosting of our annual 50km championship event.

Photo's are of the mens and womens podiums:

  • Men L-R: Chief Brabon, Andrew Heydon, Garry Mullins.
  • Womens L-R: Julie Norney, Natasha fraser, Jodie Oborne.
Full results from the Centennial Park ultra events are now available on the event page.

100km World Championships

The 2014 World Championships have been confirmed for Latvia at the end of August. The IAU had this to say:

"Dates for 100km World & European Championships 2014

The 100km World and European Championships scheduled to be held in Daugavpils, Latvia will be on August 31st 2014. 

The LOC is doing very well with their preparations for the race. We have been in constant touch with them including a recent site visit by IAU Council member. 

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Nadeem Khan
Director of Communications

As more details come to hand about this event they will be provided here and at the IAU website - www.iau-ultramarathon.org


AURA is very pleased to welcome Larissa Tichon as assistant in the production of our quarterly UltraMag. Larissa is now shadowing Karen Hagan's role and is responsible for obtaining photos and helping to edit articles. With Karen Hagan retiring in December, UltraMag is still in need of a coordinator to oversee production of each issue. Larissa will not be able to manage the magazine alone. Larissa can be reached at ultramag2@aura.asn.au and Karen continues to be reached at ultramag@aura.asn.au. Thanks for contributing your time to our sport, Larissa! 

Photo is Larissa at the presentations of the 24 Hour Sri Chinmoy event in Sydney. Larissa won the ladies division with 192.935km.

Moe 6 Hour

It is with regret that AURA announces the likely retirement of the Moe 6 hour event.  After nearly 20 years the event organisers have determined not to hold the event in 2013 and see little likelihood of it being added in future years. 

Traralgon Harriers secretary Geoff Duffell wrote "Our club made a decision to cancel the event this year, and probably permanently due to costs, low attendance, and our commitments to other ultra and sub-ultra events.  AURA has been a valued supporter of this event, particularly when we were first conducting it, from 1996. I would like to gratefully acknowledge this assistance and your on-going support."

AURA thanks the Traralgon club for its ongoing support to AURA, its commitment to ultra-running and the running community in general, and wishes it every success with the events it continues to provide, including the Walhalla event scheduled for September 15.

Beerwah at Night - 50km (and shorter)

AURA welcomes another event to its calendar for 2013. The Beerwah at night event comes from the established "Run Queensland" stable and is hosted by event organiser Alun Davies. Beerwah at night will commence in the afternoon and allows runners to enjoy the twilight and sunset on South Eastern Queensland in the Beerwah / Glasshouse Mountains area.

The event is schedule for 16 November, and for more details visit the AURA page at www.aura.asn.au/Beerwah.html

Points Competition Update

As the Winter comes to a close and the bright and crisp Spring days are upon us, the AURA point score competition is similarly starting to warm up. Over the cooler months there was little change at the top of the leader board with Kevin Muller in great form leading the way (63 points). Serial table-topper Malcolm Gamble has continued his consistent form of recent years and sits second on the chart (61 points) with 2010 points score winner Sharon Scholz in third (58 points). Second placed female Annabel Hepworth is fourth (51 points).

Unless the top four choose to limit their appearances in the remainder of the year it's hard to see the winner coming from further down the list with fifth placed Brendan Davies the next best with 40 points. A World Class athlete, Brendan could haul in some good points if he chooses to race more, but to catch Kevin Muller who is sure to continue to amass good points might be a challenge too far.

Larissa Tichon, Mallani Moloney (who has moved up recently), Justin Scholz, Sabina Hamaty and Steve Jordan round out the top 10. They have all had stellar years but are clearly too far back to mount a serious challenge for the outright win.

Whilst there has been no serious movement at the top of the table recently, the wins by Nikki Wynd in the last few weeks have seen her move from 36th to 14th overall. Mallani Moloney is another solid mover with a move from 14th to 7th place.

With the AURA calendar picking up pace again from the middle of September we can expect to see some big tallies amassed by those that attain place-getting performances and / or multiple finishes. It should be interesting to see how it all pans out.

Picture: Nikki Wynd in action at Alice Spring, photo "borrowed" from Alice Springs Running and Walking Club Facebook Page

For full details of all point scorers, check out the points comp Page.

100km World Championships

Unfortunately the ongoing saga of the 100km World Championships seems to have reached a dissapointing conclusion. The IAU published the following on Monday:

"Cancellation of the 2013 100km World Championships

Dear athletes,

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the cancellation of this year’s 100 km World Championship. In the first place we need to apologize for this late decision and all the inconveniences occurred.

We are aware of the fact that the lack of clarity and the long absence of a decision has affected your training and the planning of the second half of the season.

It looks as if this year is an “annus horribilis” for our 100 km World Championship. After the cancellation of the Korean project on Jeju Island we started to look for alternatives and thought we did find the solution in South Africa. Unfortunately, unexpected internal problems in the national athletic federation obstructed the finalization of this plan.

Then the aim was put on the Middle East where we have a commitment from an organizer to host the championship in Dubai in December. Technically we have almost everything in place but we are still waiting for the final decision of the Sheikh to underwrite the budget and this can last for another couple of weeks.  All the indications are pointing in the positive way but we really feel that it is time to take a stand. It is about time for our athletes/delegations/federations to prepare their journey and as long we don’t have 100% guarantee we can’t ask anyone to undertake any action.

Personally I have to admit that this is really a sad story.  Never before so much energy has been put into the preparations of the hosting of a major IAU competition and after all we can only admit that everything has been in vain. Hence again our sincere apologies for this shortcoming. We hope, and will do our utmost, to make things up next year with the 100 km World Championship in Daugavpils / Latvia for the next edition of the IAU 100 km World Championship !

Kind regards,

Dirk Strumane
IAU President

100km World Championships

AURA is delighted to share news from the IAU about revised details for the 2013 100km World Championships. Here is the IAU statement in full:

Update: 100km World Championships 2013 in Dubai, UAE Part 1

This is to update our readership that we just confirmed that the 100km World Championships will be held this year in Dubai, UAE. 

The Championships will take place on 20th December 2013 in the picturesque Emirates and will be the first time we hold the championships in the Middle East. More information will be available as we progress through the coming weeks. 

On a side note, we do realize that all of you have been very patient with us as we negotiated with several sites on these championships after the initial cancellation. We respect our athletes and we realize that all of you work really hard to train for this competition. We wanted to honour that and work hard on securing a location. 

We are very glad that we were able to work on this with Dubai and now to move forward in giving you an outstanding championships. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Nadeem Khan
Director of Communications

Congratulations again to Australian representatives:
- Andrew Heyden,
- Chris Truscott,
- Brendan Davies,
- Marita Eisler,
- Natalie Wallace,
- Kerrie Otto de Grancy,
- Jodie Oborne.

As more details come to hand about this event they will be provided here and at the IAU website - www.iau-ultramarathon.org

Heysen Trail 19 October 2013

AURA welcomes the Heysen 105km Trail event to its 2013 calendar. On an iconic South Australian trail, the Heysen 105 is an endurance event traversing a section of the 1200km-long Heysen Trail. Competitors experience the best trail running has to offer in the state, taking in rolling farmland, sandy forests, rocky hillsides and lots lots more.

The views are spectacular through the magnificent conservation parks, with the backdrop of gum trees, abundant wildlife and wide open spaces. Runners are tested over all sorts of surfaces and need to be prepared to use some self-navigation where parts of the trail are not obvious. As day becomes night they are rewarded with a run to the finish through the whispering pine trees of the Kuitpo Forest plantations.

Full details of this new event are on the EVENT page and also the WEBSITE.

Event Sanctioning Policy

AURA has released its event sanctioning policy for 2014. The revised policy has tightened up a few areas that were previously unclear and seeks to establish fairness for all events - large and small. There is also a commitment to reestablish email communications with members and provide notification of events coming up in a time frame that allows members to consider participation.

Direct link to the policy is available HERE. Alternatively, all AURA policies as they are developed and adopted will be listed on the Policies page.

Points Competition

The points competition has been updated again. There is very little change in positions at the top, though second placed Malcolm Gamble has closed the gap to Kevin Muller in first.

There are 5 females and five males each in the top 10 positions at present.

With the extended calendar of events on offer in 2013 the total points scored by AURA members looks set to be larger than ever previously achieved. Right now there are two athletes with over 1000km accrued (Kevin Muller and Annabel Hepworth) and a few others that may also achieve that feat prior to year end.

All the points details from every race and for every member of AURA are available on the Points Competition page.

Photo (courtesy of Aldonio Ferreira) is of Annabel Hepworth at the Tan event on 11 August. Annabel has accrued more points competition distance than any other member so far in 2013 - a whopping 1123km!

48hr National Championships 19-21 July 2013

AURA reported recently that Matthew Eckford was the second placed male in the 48 Hour National Championships held at Caboolture.  Unfortunately at the time of the event Matthew was not an AURA member and so was ineligible for second place in the National Championships.  This does not in any way detract from the outstanding performance achieved by Matthew and his second place overall at the Caboolture event.  AURA is also pleased to advise that Matthew has now joined the association and we hope that he continues to achieve outstanding performances in the sport.

Chris Kelly is the 48 Hour National Championships runner up and Mike Canty from Brisbane achieved third position.  Mike’s final tally of 249.751km demonstrates a strong return to ultra running after some time on the sidelines.  Mike however is not new to National Championships, having been the 24 hour National Champion in 2012 with his 210km+ at the Sri Chinmoy event in Sydney.  Congratulations Mike.

Full results from the 48 hour event and other associated events held in conjunction with the 48 hour championships are available on the EVENT page.

100km World Championships

AURA is disappointed to announce that the IAU 100km World Championships scheduled for South Africa in October have been cancelled. The full statement from the IAU website is replicated below:

"100km World Championships in South Africa Cancelled

It is with deep regret we announce that the 100km World Championships scheduled for South Africa have been cancelled.

Despite our many efforts and investigating many different possibilities we have to inform you about the cancellation of this event.

100km is an important event on our racing calendar and significant for our athletes. We are trying our best to investigate other avenues.

We are still attempting to have the championships this year and have been in talks with the Emirates. We will post information on this in the next few days.

Athletes and Officials do need to know soon about the venue of the race (and the status of the championships) and we are attempting to get answers in a hurry.

We apologize for this recent cancellation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nadeem Khan
Director of Communications

AURA is disappointed for the athletes and extends its collective thoughts to them. If the IAU is able to secure an alternative venue to allow the event to proceed for 2013 this will be made known to athletes at the earliest opportunity.

48hr National Championships 19-21 July 2013 (modified, see post above for explanation):

AURA is pleased to announce the results of the 48 hour National Championships held in conjunction with the Caboolture events on 19-21 July.

In his first attempt at the 48hr duration, Victorian Kevin Muller ran strongly early and set a 24 hour personal best distance of 234km on his way to winning the event.  Kevin’s final tally of 407.560km was the best distance achieved on Australia soil and is possibly a world record distance for Kevin’s age group (to be ratified).  Earlier in 2013 Kevin ran in excess of 228km at the Coburg 24hr event and became the 24hr Australian Champion for 2013 as a result. As a warm up for these 48hr National Championships Kevin won the Adelaide 6 hour event just six days prior.

First placed female, and reigning 48hr Australian Champion Tamyka Bell from Brisbane battled constantly with Annabel Hepworth (Sydney). Eventually Tamyka prevailed to secure the win by just 4km, no doubt spurred on by the close attention.  Tamyka’s final distance of 305.512km is the third best of all time by an Australian female and a very solid improvement over her distance of 272.8km at the 2012 event.  A dual Australian Champion now, this repeat performance establishes Tamyka as one of our nation’s premier female endurance athletes.

Second placed female Annabel Hepworth also achieved a distances over 300km in these championships, as did second placed male Chris Kelly.  In total, the 2013 championships event saw five Australian entrants finish with tallies in excess of 300km which demonstrates that as a nation we have terrific long distance depth.   Matthew Eckford (Australian, but not an AURA member at the time) went through 24 hours with an impressive distance of 213km whilst Annabel had completed a steady 161.5km.  With a final tally of 301.5km, Annabel’s was a particularly consistent and disciplined result.

Third placed female Cassie Smith was not able to compete at the level she would have expected after a difficult preparation leading into these 2013 championships.  No doubt Cassie will continue to strive to achieve great results in future events.

AURA is especially pleased with the depth and strength of the 2013 field and congratulates all entrants on their participation and the event organisers for their provision of a high quality race.  The 2013 championships had 17 finishers in total after 11 in 2012 and just 8 in 2011. 

National 48hour Championships podium results:

48 hour - MEN   48 hour - WOMEN  
1 Kevin Muller 407.560km Tamyka Bell 305.512km
2 Chris Kelly 301.537km Annabel Hepworth 301.500km
3 Mike Canty 249.751km Cassie Smith 60.500km

Photo: Male and Female 48 hour Champions for 2013, Tamyka Bell (QLD) and Kevin Muller (VIC):

The overall female winner of the 48hr event at Caboolture was Torril Fonn.  Her terrific distance of 341.559km secured the female event win, however being Swedish did not entitle her to the Australian National Championship award.

Full results from the 48 hour event and other associated events held in conjunction with the 48 hour championships are available on the EVENT page.

100km National Championships Hosting Application

The Stromlo 100 event was selected to host the Australian 100km National Championships in each of 2013 and 2014. Unfortunately the organisers of the Stromlo event have indicated that they will not be undertaking the event in 2014. As such, AURA now invites application from Event Organisers for the hosting of the 100km National Championships for 2014 only.

To apply, please complete this form and return to AURA President Robert Boyce, by email. Submissions must be lodged by 5pm AEST on 17 August 2013. Event Directors are welcome to contact Robert prior to submission to discuss the requirements of National Championships hosting on 0417 557 902.

100km World Championships

AURA is delighted to announce that Jodie Oborne has been added to the 100km team for the World Championships in October.  Jodie managed an outstanding 123km at the 12 hour Caboolture event on Saturday 20 July with a 100km split time of 8:53:11.  The full team is now:

- Andrew Heyden,
- Chris Truscott,
- Brendan Davies,
- Marita Eisler,
- Natalie Wallace,
- Kerrie Otto de Grancy,
- Jodie Oborne.

Photo: Jodie Oborne in action at Stromlo earlier in 2013.

Points Competition

The latest revision of the points competition has been added to the website. Little has changed with less events over the winter in recent weeks, though with some of the leaders currently in action we can expect movement near the top with the next revision.

Malcolm Gamble still leads the way and is yet to have points from his impressive tally from Adelaide credited to him. Kevin Muller also performed well in Adelaide and is in action right now in the 48 hour at Caboolture (as is second placed female Annabel Hepworth). Top placed female Sharon Scholz will also accrue more points from her Adelaide 12 hour run.

Though second placed Brendan Davies tally has not moved recently, expect a big haul of points from him when competing for Australia at the 100km World Championships in October.

All the points details from every race and for every member of AURA are available on the Points Competition page.

Photo (courtesy of Justin Scholz) is points leader Malcolm Gamble in action at Adelaide on 13 July.

100km World Championships

AURA is delighted to announce the 100km team to represent Australia at the World Championships in October. Congratulations to:

  • Andrew Heyden,
  • Chris Truscott,
  • Brendan Davies,
  • Marita Eisler,
  • Natalie Wallace,
  • Kerrie Otto de Grancy.

More details on the event will be provided as they are made available by the IAU.

World Trail Championships

After the success of the 24 Hour World Championships AUSTRALIAN feed on Facebook, AURA has created a Trail Worlds event on its Facebook page to allow the progress of the Australian team to be updated. With interviews from Andrew Tuckey and Georgina Moore already posted to the site and details about the event and the location this feed should provide a good way of staying in touch with our national representatives.

Click the Facebook icon at right to be taken directly to the event.

The official event page with lots of race details is available at

A reminder that the event itself will commence at 6pm AEST.

Committee updates

AURA has accepted nominations for the vacant Secretary and for one of the Victorian State Representative positions on the committee. We welcome Bernadette Benson to the role of Secretary and Sharon Scholz to the role of Vic State Rep.

Bernadette will continue to maintain her responsibilities in the compliance area whilst also undertaking the Secretary role.

AURA is greatly appreciative of the committment by Assistant Secretary Stephen English who has undertaken the duties of Secretary in a professional and responsive manner. Stephen will continue in his Assistant Secretary role and also continue to assume responsibilities for other areas within the organisation including apparel.

There are still vacancies on the AURA committee and as an organisation we would welcome offers of assistance. If you would like to fill a specific vacancy as shown in the contact page, or can offer assistance in an area not specifically noted then please send an email to President Rob Boyce or phone 0417 557 902 for discussion.

World Trail Championships

AURA recently selected Kirstin Bull to represent Australia at the World Trail Championships in Conwy, Wales in July.  To help with the expensive costs associated with attending international events, Kirstin is undertaking a fundraiser of wine sales with a label that she has designed especially for the event.  Kirstin has previously represented Australia with distinction and at the 2011 Commonwealth Championships Trail Event finished 3rd (Bronze medal). 

If you would like to help Kirstin in this initiative, you can download an order form HERE.


AURA receives no direct benefit from this initiative and provides detail here only as a show of support for the athlete. AURA recommends that you drink responsibly.

100km World Championships

An update from IAU today:

"We announced on May 13th that the IAU and the IAAF Road Running Commission had confirmed the IAU 100km World Championships would be held in South Africa on 26th October 2013. However, since then some local actions have led to issues being raised with Athletics South Africa (ASA). ASA have full IAAF support for dealing with these but it does mean that we might need to move the site for the IAU 100K World Championships either in South Africa or elsewhere. So we recommend to our Member Federations that they do not try to get extra cheap deals to South Africa until this is sorted. Watch out for further news.

Hilary Walker IAU General Secretary"

Please do not let this deter you from nominating for the 100km National Team. Please submit your entry ASAP and AURA will then continue to provide details from the IAU as soon as they are provided to us.

100km World Championships

Applications are now open for the 100km World Championships in South Africa on 26 October. Applications to be considered for the team close on 30 June. All the details on the webpage.

AURA has a desire to send both a strong team and a large team and therefore encourages application from any athletes that have achieved a qualifying time or believe that strong results in other events warrant consideration. If you would like a confidential, pre-application chat about the event then President Robert Boyce is keen to hear from you by email, or by phone (0417 557 902).

An initial team announcement will be made by 25 July.

General Update

We've all been busy here at AURA. You will notice a number of changes to the website, including tabs that seperate race results from other information, tabs on the events page and other secret changes. Dave Billett has been putting together the rankings lists for 2013, updating the all-time records, AURA clubs and points competition. Robert has compiled the application documents for the 100km World Championships team. The last edition of Ultramag was bigger and better than ever and the Facebook page has also been used more regularly for race results and general discussion.

AURA can still use help in a number of areas though including helping out with Ultramag, a secretary, and we could easily carve up a lot of other areas of responsibility if we had willing and capable people with a little time to help out. If you can offer some support please contact President Robert Boyce by email or phone (0417 557 902).

2013 World Trail Running Championships

The General Information Sheet (GIS) has been released by the IAU. The course looks to be quite challenging and will suit trail runners that are also good in hilly conditions with approximately 500m of acent / decent per lap. And five laps. Below is a taste of the elevation profile, with full course details and extended information available in the GIS on the EVENT page.

AURA roles & contacts

Due to other commitments, Natalie Wallace has not been able to continue assisting with UltraMag. AURA wishes to thank Natalie for her help with the June issue and to advise that the June issue may be a little late getting to your mailboxes. Karen Hagan, Ultramag coordinator, is still in need of another member to help her with collecting and collating photos for future issues. For information, you can contact Karen at ultramag@aura.asn.au.

24 hour World Championships

AURA congratulates the National Team for its performance in The Netherlands on 11 and 12 May. Final provisional distances for Australian athletes are as follows:

Steenbergen 24 Hour | May 11 & 12 2013
World Championship - Final Overall Results
Pos Gender pos Name Nat Cat Laps Distance AvgSpeed
32 29 Malcolm Gamble AUS M45 100 231,852 9,676
36 33 John Pearson AUS M40 99 231,203 9,726
49 38 Ewan Horsburgh AUS M35 96 223,576 9,385
53 41 David Kennedy AUS MSR 95 220,739 9,227
68 20 Bernadette Benson AUS V40 93 216,343 9,053
106 35 Sharon Scholz AUS V35 89 206,286 8,610
131 51 Allison Lilley AUS V40 83 193,667 8,127
174 105 Rick Cooke AUS M40 70 163,174 6,870

The MENS team finished 7th with 686.631km, behind GBR in 6th on 696.401km. Winners were USA (780.552km), JPN (752.567km) and GER (752.007km)

The WOMENS team finished 9th with 616.295km. Winners were USA (710.599km), JPN (705.582km) and FRA (670.698km).

Congratulations to all team members for their participation and excellent results.

Ned Kelly Chase 100km

AURA welcomes the addition of the Ned Kelly Chase 100km road event to its 2013 calendar. This single loop event is set in North East Victoria and consists of 74km of bitumen sealed cycling paths and 26km of public road. It will be held on 27 October in a "time trial" format with entrants attempting to finish close to 2pm.

Full details available at the event page, and website.

24 Hour World Championships

With the 2013 World Championships 24 hour event in the Netherlands now less than three weeks away, an event has been created on the AURA Facebook page to allow the progress of the team to be followed.

Interviews with Bernadette Benson and Team Captain John Pearson have already been posted as have photo's, information about the race and female PB's for the upcoming event. Interaction with the event is encouraged and with nearly 200 people already joined and over 1000 on the total invite list this could become a terrific way to keep in touch with the team and share thoughts with others. To be a part, simply click the Facebook icon at right and "join" the event today:

2013 World Trail Running ChampionshipsExtract from IAU media release:

18 April 2013 – With just 80 days to go until the opening ceremony of the 4th World Trail Running Championships - which will be held in North Wales on the 6th of July - the countdown to the Championships has begun in earnest.

The event will see over 150 athletes from over 20 countries descend on Wales for a festival of trail running, with an international flavour.

The host venue of Llanrwst (Conwy) is deep in preparation to host the event in the spectacular north-west Wales location of Gwydyr Forest, which will extend a programme of World Championship and open trail running races.

AURA wishes to welcome John Oldfield (WA) who is taking over the collection of results for races from Bernadette Benson. He will be the primary liaison with RDs for this purpose and will pass on results to other team members as needed (e.g., for placement on the web, for allocation in the points comp). John will be taking over the results@aura.asn.au email alias and Nicholas Bignell, who manages the results formatting for UltraMag, can now be contacted at magresults@aura.asn.au.

4th IAU World Trail Championships

Congratulations to our confirmed athletes selected to represent Australia on 6-7 July in North Wales:

Kirstin Bull (Team Captain)
Georgina Moore
Mandy-Lee Noble

Andrew Tuckey

The 2012 Annual Report has been placed online. At the AGM on 8 April, the new executive committee and state reps were elected. Bernadette Benson and Brett Saxon stepped down from the executive, as did Nikki Wynd, David Eadie, and Karen Hagan as state reps (Karen continues with UltraMag).

Executive Committee: Robert Boyce (president), Justin Scholz (VP), Rick Cooke (treasurer), and Stephen English (assistant secretary). The secretary position remains vacant.

State Reps: WA: Dave Kennedy & Fee Salmons QLD: Susannah Harvey-Jamieson & Keith Sullivan TAS: Allan Hood ACT: Martin Fryer & Liz Bennett NSW: April Palmerlee & Andy Heyden. SA: Ben Hockings & Paul Rogers. The VIC state rep positions are vacant.

The National Team Selection subcommittee is pleased to welcome Sharon Scholz to the 24hr team for 2013.
Some revisions were made to the final totals in the Injinji Stromlo 6/12 hr and 50/100km events, posted below.
The IAU advises as of 19 February 2013 that the 2013 100km World Championships have been relocated to Durban, South Africa and are slated to occur in October/November. Details will be provided as they become available.
Annual General Meeting (AGM): We've set the date for the AGM as Monday 8 April 7.30 PM eastern states (5.30 PM in WA; 7PM in SA/NT). Notification of the venue(s) will be provided when available. Members can also attend by teleconference. Watch for details here, on facebook, and in the monthly e-news. Nomination forms for all positions are here.

10th IAU 24h World and European Championships

Congratulations to our confirmed athletes selected to represent Australia on 11-12 May in Steenbergen, the Netherlands:

John Pearson, Team Captain
David Kennedy
Rick Cooke
Ewan Horsburgh
Malcolm Gamble

Allison Lilley
Bernadette Benson

Further announcements may be made if additional athletes are accepted to the team, pending fitness.

The 2013 Bogong to Hotham (B2H) event was cancelled due to severe weather conditions creating unacceptable fire risk. The date for 2014 has been set for 12 January.

AURA 2012 Annual Award Winners:

Female Ultra Runner of the Year: Beth Cardelli (NSW)

Male Ultra Runner of the Year: Brendan Davies (NSW)

Bryan Smith Award*: Martin Fryer (ACT)

Cliff Young Gumboot Award**: Tony Collins (NSW)

Rising Star Award***: Oliver Zambon (QLD)

On behalf of the AURA Executive Committee, congratulations to all of you on your fine performances!

*for furthest distance in 24 hrs by an AURA member
**for furthest distance in 24 hrs by an AURA member aged 60+
***for most outstanding performance(s) by an AURA member aged 25-

From the IAU on 1 Jan 2013: "It is with the deepest regrets we announce that the 27th 100km IAU World Championships has been cancelled in Jeju Island, South Korea....due to unforeseen financial problems and withdrawal of sponsorships.... We are working hard to secure another 100km world championships location for the month of October...."

AURA is pleased to confirm awarding of the AURA National Championships to the following events:

50km Road: Centennial Park Ultramarathon (September 2013/2014)
100km Road: Stromlo 12hr/100k (February 2013/2014)
Trail: Maroondah Dam (February 2013/2014)
24hr: Coburg (April 2013/2014)

There was no application for hosting 48hr championships.

Hosting is for two consecutive years - 2013 and 2014 - providing a successful running of the 2013 event.

AURA proposes to create a category for a Trail 100km championship, starting in 2014. An invitation to apply will be sent to all race directors of sanctioned 100km trail events in December 2012 to invite them to submit for 2014. From 2015 on, the Trail100 Championship event will be in line with the two-year award system of other national titles.

The Commonwealth Games Federation have approved CAMUR (mountain and ultra distance running) to organise a 3rd Commonwealth Championship event, likely in 2015. This will follow on from the 2009 Keswick events and 2011 North Wales events. Details will follow as announced.

AURA volunteer updates: Welcome to Michael Bedward (NSW) who has most generously offered his time as memberships coordinator (memberships@aura.asn.au). Last month we had to farewell Carol Cunningham as our results coordinator for Ultramag (thanks for all your help, Carol!) but happily welcomed Nicholas Bignell (VIC) who has taken over in the role.
Congratulations to AURA member and Australian representative Natasha Fraser who finished in 8th place at the IAU 50k Trophy Final in Italy on 20 October.
Natasha Fraser (VIC) will be leaving soon to compete for Australia at the IAU 50k Trophy Final in Italy on 20 October. All the best, Natasha!

9th IAU 24h World and European Championship results

Congratulations to our athletes who gave their best at the recent championship in Poland:

Mens' competition (12th team):
David Kennedy, 32nd, 227.852km
Rick Cooke, 36th, 226.833km
John Pearson, 38th, 224.659km
Ewan Horsburgh, 96th, 181.575km

Women's competition (19th team):
Allison Lilley, 25th, 203.434km
Susannah Harvey-Jamieson, 92nd, 77.243km (withdrawal due to injury)
Sharon Scholz, 94th, 57.160km (withdrawal due to injury)

The 10th World championship is 11-12 May 2013 in Steenbergen, the Netherlands.

AURA has just sanctioned the Marysville Marathon Festival to be held November 2012, which has a 50km trail ultra.
Welcome to Simon Trusler as new membership coordinator (memberships@aura.asn.au) and to Stephen English, our apparel coordinator, who is joining the AURA Executive as Assistant Secretary. Many thanks, gentlemen.

9th IAU 24h World and European Championships

Unfortunately, due to injury, Mike Canty and Meredith Quinlan will not be travelling to Katowice, Poland for the 24hr championship slated for 8-9 September. Athletes currently on the national team are:

John Pearson, Team Captain
David Kennedy
Ewan Horsburgh
Rick Cooke

Allison Lilley
Susannah Harvey-Jamieson
Sharon Scholz

If a live feed is provided, a link should be posted on this page and on AURA's facebook page.

Application for the 3rd edition of the Commonwealth Championships (ultradistance and mountain running) is being made by the IAU to the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) for 2015. Once the proposal is accepted, the bidding process can begin for hosting the championships.

Race Results:

Canberra 50km 13 April 2014

Full results available on the EVENT page:

50km - MEN   50km - WOMEN  
1 Scott BRITTAIN 3:12:40 Tina MAJOR 3:35:08
2 Todd INGRAHAM 3:19:07 Katherine MACMILLAN 3:55:51
3 Barry KEEM 3:21:24 Lynette DELANEY 3:58:13
Nerang State Forest 6 April 2014

Full results available on the EVENT page:

50km - MEN   50km - WOMEN  
1 Anderson Moquiuti 4:47:14 Connie Richards 5:16:09
2 Jordan Bishop 4:53:02 Marita Eisler 5:23:25
3 Richard Quirk 4:58:04 Laura Moran 5:40:36

Rollercoaster 29 March 2014

Full results available on the EVENT page:

43km - MEN   43km - WOMEN  
1 Sam Maffett 03:49:23 Donna Urquhart 04:53:00
2 Damon Goerke 03:55:00 Angela Harris 05:18:57
3 Jonathan Jones 04:04:51 Rowena Melbourne 05:21:12

More new event records with Sam Maffett's 3:49:23 just 34 seconds faster than the time set by Damon Goerke in the inaugural event. In the ladies, Donna Urquhart's impressive was about 12 minutes outside the race record held by Isobel Bespalov.

Coburg 24 hour 5/6 April 2014

Full results available on the EVENT page:

24 hour - MEN   24 hour - WOMEN  
1 Barry Loveday 265.000 Bernadette Benson 238.261
2 Ewan Horsburgh 245.012 Jodie Obourne 212.432
3 Matthew Eckford 241.475 Nikki Wynd 208.292

Results are subject to confirmation, as are National Titles. however, the details provided above align with the National Titles as presented at the event.

Bernadette's is the largest 24 hour total by an Australian female, regardless of surface, and eclipses the 229.080km mark set by Helen Stanger at the 1998 Coburg event.

Barry's 265km is the second largest total by an Australian male, behind only Yiannos Kouros. Barry has taken that second place from Tasmanian Mike March, who set his 260.099km total also at Coburg, but back in 1989. This was also a back-to-back event win for Barry after his 243.777km at the 2013 event.

Of interest however is that this was not a back-to-back National Title for Barry as he gained citizenship after the 2013 event.

The Coburg event, like so many others already this calendar year achieved record interest. With 15 entrants completing distances beyond 200km (10 men, 5 women) it looks to have achieved the best single-event outcome in the history of 24 hour events in this country.

Convicts & Wenches (Narawntapu) 23 March 2014

Full results available on the EVENT page:

50km - MEN   50km - WOMEN  
1 David Bailey 3:51:55 Amy Lamprecht 4:16:35
2 Jonathan Worswick 4:07:35 Jennifer Boocock 4:50:30
3 Jarrod Shaw 4:11:37 Kirra Lewandowski-Porter 5:12:12

Looks like new event records for both David and Amy from the event last weekend. David's time is just over four minutes faster that the record set by Aub Hendricks last year.

Amy has bettered her own race record which was also set at the 2013 event. She managed 4:33:00 then which sees her 2014 time some 16+ minutes faster again.

Razorback Run 15 March 2014

Full results available on the EVENT page:

64km - MEN   64km - WOMEN  
1 Robert Zwierlin 8:33:41 Gill Fowler 8:36:15
2 Daniel Nunan   9:13:33 Lee Piantadosi   9:04:55
3 Dej Jamieson 9:36:20 Jacqui Hansen   10:07:40
      58km - WOMEN  

Tamsin Barnes  


Windy conditions and the occasional light squall greeted entrants at Razorback this year. No records were broken, but a nice back-to-back by female winner Gill Fowler who was just 12 minutes outside of her record breaking time set at the 2013 event.

Maroondah Dam 16 March 2014

Full results available on the EVENT page:

50km - MEN   50km - WOMEN  
1 Stu Gibson 3:45:00 Kellie Emmerson 5:09:09
2 Tom Gamble 4:24:35 Hayley Teale 5:13:22
3 Michael Keyte 4:26:14 Isobel Bespalov 5:31:13

Stu Gibsons' time is the best that the 50km event has seen. But on a revised course was it better than the 4:04 set by David Criniti on a different course in 2004?

The Maroondah Dam event hosted the National Trail Championships for 2014 and details of National Championship results will be posted separately.

Water World Great Ocean Run 9 March 2014

Full results available on the EVENT page:

50km - MEN   50km - WOMEN  
1 Anderson Moquiuti 4:17:00 Melissa Bulloch 3:41:18
2 Michael Douglas 3:32:25 Courtney Pratt 3:57:35
3 Peter Nolan 3:41:48 Tina Thompson 4:32:14

In fantastic conditions we are seeing event records continue to be broken this year. Well done to Anderson and Melissa on their terrific times, each eclipsing the previous best efforts in this event. Especially well done to Anderson who was the winner of the new Mt Beerwah at Daybreak run just a fortnight ago.

Lark Hill 1 March 2014

Full results available on the EVENT page:

100km - MEN   100km - WOMEN  
1 Brett Tucker 8:42:28 Emma Black 12:42:57
2 Shaun Kaesler 10:20:19    
3 Ben Treasure 11:23:49    
50km - MEN   50km - WOMEN  
1 Thomas Bakowski 3:33:03 Kate Bodill 4:31:07
2 Josh Garrett 4:03:18 Barb Fieberg 4:32:19
3 Ben Noonan 4:14:18 Heather Ilton 4:57:07

Three of four possible records tumbled in this event in 2014. Congratulations to Brett, Thomas and Kate on their achievements. Emma Black only narrowly missed the 100km female record too - less than 10 minutes.

Mt Beerwah at Daybreak 22 February 2014

Full results available on the EVENT page:

50km - MEN   50km - WOMEN  
1 Anderson Moquiuti 4:47:37 Deb Nicholl
Mallani Moloney
Kerrie Williamson
2 Mick Thwaites 4:54:48    
3 Nick Turner 5:00:28    

A solid standard has been set for future years with Anderson completing the 50km trail course in under 5 hours. Deb, Mallani and Kerrie completed to course together and finished in equal first place in this inaugural SE Queensland event.

Coburg 6 Hour 23 February 2014

Full results available on the EVENT page:

6hr - MEN   6hr - WOMEN  
1 Peter VAN WIJNGAARDEN 80.874km Bernadette BENSON 74.930km
2 Dan LANGELAAN 75.624km Nikki WYND 67.850km
3 David OVEREND 74.330km Lisa HARVEY-SMITH 62.549km

Bernadette Benson achieved a new record total in this event and her performance looks to be the third best by an Australian Female in 6 hour track history. Coupled with Peter's total over 80km results in 2014 were world class.

Caboolture Dusk to Dawn 8 February 2014

Full results available on the EVENT page:

12hr - MEN   12hr - WOMEN  
1 Malcolm Gamble 123.898km Raelene Bendall 117.037km
2 Matthew Eckford 121.649km Jodie Oborne 115.264km
3 Nicholas Turner 120.003km Marina Brun-Smits 107.759km
6hr - MEN   6hr - WOMEN  
1 Martin Hack
73.803km Deb Nicholl 70.404km
2 Gavin Bendall 69.909km Kerri Hodge 65.178km
3 James O'Brien 67.225km Trish Russell 62.918km

100k Men
Brad Kruger 9:01:05
Robert Knowles 11:50:13
50k Men
Wayne Spies 3:49:21
John Pearson 3:54:42
Kelvin Marshall 4:44:01
50k Women
Tia Jones 4:39:24
Tammi Sieminowski 5:54:40

Congratulations to Martin Hack who looks to have established a new 6hr event record, taking that honour from Graham Medill whose 72.292km effort back in 2000 was the previous event best.

Mount Buller Skyrun 2 February 2014

Full results available on the EVENT page:

56km - MEN   56km - WOMEN  
1 Moritz Auf der Heide 4.15.33 Lucy Bartholomew 5.30.35
2 Joel Fitzgerald 4.41.52 Isobel Bespalov 5.44.45
3 Thomas Brazier 4.55.00 Vanessa Bolton 8.07.47

Quick times at Mt Buller saw Lucy Bartholomew set a new course record, beating her existing record time from the inaugural run in 2013. Moritz's time was just 37 seconds outside the record established by Mick Donges, also in 2013.

Cradle Mountain 1 February 2014

Full results available on the EVENT page:

82km - MEN   82km - WOMEN  
1 Stu Gibson 7:59:52 Gill Fowler 9:28:24
2 Robert Preston   8:28:56 Katherine Macmillan 10:27:10
3 Ludovic Lanceleur   8:38:04 Jennifer Boocock   11:29:35
Two Bays 12 January 2014

Full results available on the EVENT page:

56km - MEN   56km - WOMEN  
1 Don Finocchiaro 4:14:34 Lucy Bartholomew 5:02:05
2 Antony Rickards 4:23:02 Sarah Carpenter 5:11:28
3 Sam Maffett 4:39:45 Natasha Fraser 5:12:09

Excellent conditions greeted entrants on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula this year. Dion Finocchiaro's time continued an impressive run of male winners times in recent years and whilst better that the 4:16:41 set by Jarad Kohler in 2013, was not quite enough to eclipse the race record set in 2012 by Mick Donges (4:12:30).

Lucy Bartholomews time was also bordering on record-breaking by being within 5 minutes of the record time set by Kirstin Bull at the 2012 event (4:57:20).

Bogong to Hotham 12 January 2014

Full results available on the EVENT page:

64km - MEN   64km - WOMEN  
1 Stu Gibson 6:44 Beth Cardelli 8:09
2 Blake Hose 6:56 Gill Fowler 8:19
3 Damon Goerke 7:35 Steph Gaskell 8:48

Congratulations to Beth Cardelli who broke the womens record in this event. Beth also held the previous record, set in 2011 when the full course was lasted used for this event. In 2012 the event was cancelled due to the fire risk and 2013 was cut chort due to extreme weather conditions. Stu Gibsons 6:44 was also very close to the event record of 6:41 set by Andy Kromar way back in 1996.

Narrabeen All Nighter 4 January 2014

Full results available on the EVENT page:

12 Hour - MEN   12 Hour - WOMEN  
1 Barry Loveday 149.8km Pam Muston  115.2km
2 Brendan Davies  


Carrie Gleeson 110.0km
3 Matthew Eckford 131.3km Emma Vaughan 109.7km

2014 has started where 2013 left off with potentially a whole range of records having been broken at Narrabeen, including both the male and female 12 hour totals. Congratulations to Barry and Pam on their victories and the record entrant numbers on their participation.

Bruny Island 30 November 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

64km - MEN   64km - WOMEN  
1 Marcus COCKSHUTT 4:48:00 Amy LAMPRECHT 5:26:56
2 Dan LANGELAAN 5:04:39 Jessica COLLINS 5:32:05
3 Michael DAVIS 5:06:01 Mandy GIBLIN 6:14:35

Amy Lamprecht's time was good enough to set another race record for the year, bettering the Sharen Willing time of 5:39:55 from way back in 2001. Marcus's winning time was the best at Bruny Island since 2002 when Colin Oliver set the current record time of 4:12:33. Record finisher levels were also achieved in this 2013 event.

Duncans Run 21 December 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

100km - MEN   100km - WOMEN  
1 David Overend 11:48:59 Katherine Macmillan 12:26:24
2 Cameron Gillies 12:22:37 Joanna Kruk  12:47:47
3 Rob Zwierlein 12:25:32 Donna Urquhart 13:46:27
50km - MEN   50km - WOMEN  
1 Magnus Michelsson 4:17:10 Eliza Allan 6:09:03
2 Robert Preston 4:48:47 Gayle Cowling 6:10:25
3 David Fraser 5:07:45 Leigh Hawkes 6:39:00

The results of the inaugural Duncans Run have been provided. Some impressive times here with the Magnus Michelsson setting a 50km time and David Overend a 100km time that may prove challenging to beat in future years. Katherine MacMillan deserves an extra mention here too completing what has been a stellar year with yet another race win.

Coast to Kosciuszko 6 December 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

240km - MEN   240km - WOMEN  
1 Ewan Horsburg 25:56:15 Jess Baker 30:04:28
2 Ian Gallagher 26:52:20 Sabina Hamaty 32:25:20
3 Mathieu Dore 27:21:15 Sharon Scholz 33:02:05

C2K was a race of amazing outcomes in 2013 with both the male and female event records being broken. Ewan Horsburgh became a triple champion (winning three successive year) and the first entrant to crack 26 hours with a time of 25:56:15. Jess Baker (GBR) continued the tradition of "first start female winners" and like 6 of the 7 previous female winners also set a new record time. Her time of 30:04:28 was nearly 7 minutes faster than the last non-Australian female winner, and record holder, Julia Fatton (2011).

In an eventful year, the race finished under both "normal" and "inclement" conditions with entrants arriving at Charlottes Pass after 4pm unable to continue to the summit in dangerous conditions as a result of unseasonably heavy snow coverage. There were also record starting numbers and record finisher numbers to name but a few of the "firsts" from this event.

6 Inch Trail Marathon 15 December 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

46km - MEN   46km - WOMEN  
1 Scott Hawker 3:20:28 Lauren Shelley 3:55:23
2 Thomas Bakowski 3:34:04 Eulia van Blomestein 4:23:04
3 Brendan Davies 3:36:07 Fiona Whelan 4:23:34

Scott's win was good enought to beat Gerry Hills record of 3:26:34 set in 2010, whilst Lauren's winning time gave her the edge on Eulia, who was victorious in 2012. Lauren's winning time this year was just outside her own record time of 3:48:30, which she set in 2011.

Kurrawa to Duranbah 8 December 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

50km - MEN   50km - WOMEN  
1 Caine Warburton 3:25:11 Kerrie Otto de Grancy 4:06:25
2 Anderson Moquiuti 3:34:45 Debbie Patskowski 4:11:34
3 James Turner 3:37:36 Solveig Litchfield 4:13:56

Caine Warburton appears to have achieved a new race record here by 29 seconds over David Eadie who managed 3:25:40 in 2007. With 109 finishers in the 50km the 2013 event also looks to have been a record field.

Razorback 30 November 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

68km - MEN   68km - WOMEN  
1 Bernd Schiffer 11.12.48 Jacinta O' Neil 10.09.49
2 David Jenniongs 12.30.06    
3 Patrick Byrne 13.19.14    
64km - MEN   64km - WOMEN  
1 Thomas Brazier 7.34.48 Gill Fowler 8.24.20
2 Damon Goerke 7.37.41 Clare Wetherly 10.01.45
3 Michael Keyte 7.43.07 Hayley Teale 10.14.05

Results suggest an epic battle in the mens 64km event, and with both first and second placed runners bettering the 2013 winning time (and then race record) of Michael Dongers. Well done Thomas and Damon. Gill Fowlers time was also faster than that set by Peggy MacQueen in 2010 (8:57) and continues the good run of record breaking results in AURA events in recent months.

3050 Challenge 16 November 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

50km - MEN   50km - WOMEN  
1 Nick Bryant 4:38:15 Jane McMillan 5:24:22
2 Simon Marcus 4:44:20 Caroline Bertrand 6:23:47
3 Andrew Turner 4:58:21 Justine Medin 6:40:50

Records appear to have tumbled at this event in 2013 with Nick bettering Simon Marcus's 2012 effort by 35 minutes. Simon improved on his 2012 performance by 29 minutes but was unable to catch Nick. Jane's 5:24:22 was just 14 seconds faster than the time Shona Stephenson managed in 2012 continuing the run of recent close female results on course and in the records at AURA events.

In the team event, the combination of Tim Ihle and Matthew Callery were victorious in the record breaking time of 4:51:02.

Marysville 17 November 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

50km - MEN   50km - WOMEN  
1 Kevin Muller 04:09:32 Donna Urquhart 05:04:07
2 Toby Wiadrowski 04:18:32 Sophie Wright 05:19:16
3 Chris Bunney 04:19:47 Chantele Melchiori 05:24:09

Another strong performance by AURA points score leader Kevin Muller and a good battle between second and third placed Toby and Chris. Full details of the Marysville event are available on the AURA webpage. Full results will be provided when available. 

These were strong performances in 2013 with Kevin Muller appearing to have established a new record time held previously by Toby Wiadrowski (4:15:06 - 2012), whilst Donna's time was less than one minute shy of Sophie Wrights record, set in 2012 at 5:03:12.

Beerwah at Night 16 November 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

50km - MEN   50km - WOMEN  
1 Cameron Munro 05:08:20 Jodie Oborne 05:31:58
2 Michael Rayner 05:12:36 Lisa Hussey 06:25:38
3 Julius Kieser 05:13:46 Lauren Hill 08:18:12

Here are the podium results for Beerwah at Night held over the weekend. It looks like it was a close battle for the win in the mens event with just 5 minutes separating the top 3. In the ladies, Jodie Oborne showed ongoing great form with a big win.

Great North Walk 100's 10 November 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

100 miles - MEN   100 miles - WOMEN  
2 PAUL CUTHBERT 25:27:00 NIKKI WYND 29:10:00
100 km - MEN   100 km - WOMEN  

Congratulations to all entrants, especially the finishers considering the heat experienced this year. Also to the event organiser Dave Byrnes and his team for negotiating an event start with local authorities after a risk of cancelation due to weather conditions.

Ned Kelly Chase (100km, 50/50 Teams) 27 October 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

100 km - MEN   100 km - WOMEN  
1 Moritz auf der Heide 7:39:15 Shannon-Leigh Litt 8:46:42
2 Dan Langelaan 8:37:45 Jess Baker 9:29:32
3 John Pearson 8:44:05 Larissa Tichon 10:11:17
50 km - MEN (best times)   50 km - WOMEN (best times)  
1 Moritz auf der Heide (1st 50) 3:30:21 Sonia Condron (2nd 50) 4:02:07
2 David Eadie (2nd 50) 3:53:51 Shannon-Leigh Litt (1st 50) 4:06:42
3 Dan Langelaan (1st 50) 4:05:12 Nikki Wynd (1st 50) 4:07:16
  50/50 Teams (best times)    
1 Nikki Wynd & David Eadie 8:01:07
2 Andrew McDermott & Sonia Condron 8:49:45
3 Ben Clark & Gabor Jakus 9:15:48

150 entrants took part in this inaugural event, including 45 solo 100km runners. Due to the flat, fast and sealed nature of the course some terrific first year times were set and may prove a challenge to beat in future years. The standout performance was by Moritz auf der Heide who, just 2 weeks ago, achieved a 20th placing at the Melbourne Marathon in 2:30:55. Current New Zealand 100km champion Shannon-Leigh Litt took out the long event female prize, with AURA members Nikki Wynd and David Eadie strong enough to win the 50/50 in 8:01:07. It was also terrific to see AURA's UltraMag assistant, Larissa Tichon achieve third placed female in the solo 100km.

Washpool 20 October 2013

Full results on the EVENT page.

54km - MEN   54km - WOMEN  
1 David Waugh 4:23:53 Mandy-Lee Noble 5:21:02
2 Simon Peter Byrne 4:39:47 Sorrell Millis  5:32:52
3 Philip Pearson 4:41:07 Mallani Moloney 5:43:24

Both long event race records tumbled in this event with David Waugh and Mandy-Lee Noble breaking their own records - 4:33:10 set in 2010 by David and 5:28:15 set at last years event by Mandy Lee.

Heysen 105 19 October 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

105km - MEN   105km - WOMEN  
1 Toby Wiadrowski 12.06.05 Hayley Teale 13:35:53
2 Luke McLean 12.11.08 Joanna Kruk 14.01.27
3 Howard Norton 12.24.33 Alison Wood 16.39.21

Some terrific times at the inaugural South Australian Trail event. Womens winner Hayley Teale stepped up well from her 6 hour win in Adelaide earlier in the year. Toby Wiadrowski continues to impress on the trails after being best placed AURA member earlier in the year at Macedon and Rollercoaster.

River Run 100km 13 October 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

100km - Solo  
1 Vargo Bamfield 15:25:05
2-person 50/50 relay  
1 Alan Hansen & Shane Stanton 6:51:02

There were limited ultra-length finishers in this inaugural event mainly due to its format as a multi-person relay.

Hume and Hovell (100km) 19 October 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

100 km - MEN   100 km - WOMEN  
1 Rob Mason 10:26:15 Elouise Peach 14:36:42
2 Andrew Donaldson 10:42:08 Annabel Hepworth 16:46:10
3 Paul Gillan 10:54:15    
50 km - MEN   50 km - WOMEN  
1 Mark Lee 4:18:04 Colleen Middleton 5:00:30
2 Paul Cuthbert 4:28:30 Erin Finlay  6:22:12
3 Rob Sharpe 4:50:30 Sonia Metcalfe 6:23:10

Congratulations to all entrants, and especially to Rob, Mark and Colleen who all broke the inaugural records from 2012 in this years' event.

Great Ocean Walk (100km) 12 October 2013

Full results on the EVENT page when available.

100km - MEN   100km - WOMEN  
1 Blake Hose  9:28:10 Janet Ng (Hong Kong) 11:23:51
2 Damian Smith  11:01:00 Katherine Macmillan  11:43:41
3 Dan Beard 11:04:20 Joanne Brischetto 11:46:11

Waterous Trail on Foot (100miles & 50miles) 28 September 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

100miles - MEN   100miles - WOMEN  
1 Ewan Horsburgh 17:37:15 Fiona Johnson 21:14:14
2 David Kennedy 17:38:01 Ruth Murdie 22:26:55
3 Rob Sutton 26:16:15 Cheryl Symons 28:06:04
50miles - MEN   50miles - WOMEN  
1 Tom Bakowski 7:38:57 Helen Roberts 8:53:20
2 James Christie 8:09:02 Jamie McLoughlan 9:32:41
3 Brenton Davies 9:14:16 Kara Hoffman 11:08:33

Clearly an amazing battle for the win here with less than 60 seconds between the top two males after 100 miles. As Ewan and David are also two of Australia's premier 24 hour runners having represented our nation internationally there is little doubt that the times they achieved have set a benchmark that will be hard to beat.

Yurrebilla Trail 22 September 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

56km - MEN   56km - WOMEN  
1 Stu Gibson 4:41:31 Steph Gaskell 5:14:11
2 Nick J Muxlow 4:51:38 Emily Johnston 5:38:19
3 Toby Wiadrowski 5:06:56 Hayley Louise Teale 5:50:53

Stu Gibson looks achieved a 13 minutes race record (2012 Grant Guise - 4:54:13). Steph Gaskell won the womens event in the stunning time of 5:14:11. However this was short of record set by Joanna Kruk in 2011. How far short? 24 seconds! Full results available at Yurebilla Trail Event page.

Spiny Cray 22 September 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

57km - MEN   57km - WOMEN  
1 Glen Robinson 4:48:18 Sarah Warren 6:24:10
2 Craig Mann 5:37:55 Tennille Farnsworth 7:57:50
3 Connor O'Sullivan 5:42:18 Sarah Connor 8:46:36

Surf Coast Century 22 September 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

100km - MEN   100km - WOMEN  
1 Ben DUFFUS 8:28:14 Whitney DAGG 9:33:20
2 James ROBERTS 8:47:25 Lucy BARTHOLOMEW 9:36:22
3 Brendan DAVIES 8:50:44 Sonia CONDRON 9:40:41

Whitney Dagg managed a nice win here over rising star Lucy Bartholomew. All three women were well under the inaugural Race Record time established by Shona Stephenson in 2012 (10:18:58). Ben Duffus was less than 3 minutes outside Rowan Walkers Race Record of 8:25:31.

Canberra Centenary 21 September 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

100km - MEN   100km - WOMEN  
1 Thomas Brazier 9:48:58 Susan Keith 11:24:57
2 Paul Cuthbert 10:10:08 Simone Hayes 12:15:24
3 Andrew Donaldson 10:21:23 Natalie Best 13:14:46

Glorious Spring weather welcomed the field to the Canberra and entrants celebrated the 100th anniversay of Australia's capital in style by acending about 8 of Canberra's more formidable peaks in this inaugural event.

Centennial Park 100km & 50km 15 September 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

100km - MEN   100km - WOMEN  
1 Ian Gallagher* 7:50:16 Tia Jones 9:45:17
2 Jo Blake 7:57:41 Sabina Hamaty 10:13:15
3 Robert Woolley 8:12:51 Sally Drayton 10:32:28
50km - MEN   50km - WOMEN  
1 Alex Matthews* 3:03:35 Natasha Fraser* 3:39:06
2 Andrew Heydon 3:18:37 Julie Norney 3:40:03
3 Chief Brabon 3:32:32 Jodie Oborne 3:58:28

Race records were broken by Ian, Alex and Natasha in the 2013 events. Well done to those athletes and to all participants. The Centennial Park 50km event doubled as the National 50km Championships for 2013. For extended details of the results in that event, select the News and Reports tab above left.

Numinbah to Pollys 25 August 2013

A small field of runners contested the long event distance in the inaugural Numinbah to Polly's. Full results of the 48km are shown below. Well done to Justin and Neera on their wins in this inaugural event and for setting a benchmark for future entrants. Additional information about this event is available on the event page.


Walhalla 15 September 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

60km - MEN   60km - WOMEN  
1 Rob Preston* 03:52:18 Katherine MacMillan  04:27:09
2 Dan Langelaan 04:48:00 Gayle Cowling 05:07:04
3 Chris Bunney 04:11:52 Eliza Allan 05:13:14

Fantastic running by Rob Preston at Walhalla to break the 2011 mens race record then held by David Staehr in 3:54:24. Katherine MacMillan also continued a great run of form and her winning time was the best ladies result in many years, just short of the female race record set by Sandra timmer-Arends in 2004 (4:19:02).

Kuranda to Port Douglas 25 August 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

64km - MEN   64km - WOMEN  
1 Glen Robinson 5:14:07 Nikki Wynd 5:52:38
2 Steve Cunningham 5:44:39 Mallani Moloney 6:44:13
3 Connor O'Sullivan 5:59:53 Isobel Bespalov 6:45:33

Congratulations to Glen and Nikki (3rd outright) who broke existing event records in 2013. Also well done to Nikki who with this win has achieved two-in-a-row from AURA sanctioned events (See Alice Springs results below).

Alice Springs 18 August 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

60km - MEN   60km - WOMEN  
1 Caine Warburton 4:29:30 Ruby Kwong 4:58:37
2 David Eadie 4:50:22 Nikki Wynd 5:02:11
3 Joseph McCann 4:56:31 Emily Lamrock 5:31:00

The Tan Ultra 100km (and shorter) 11 August 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

100km - MEN   100km - WOMEN  
1 Rick Cooke 7:57:21 Felicity Copp 9:39:39
2 Dan Beard 8:51:24 Sharon Scholz 10:08:01
3 Dan Langelaan 9:05:55 Annabel Hepworth 10:08:59
50km - MEN   50km - WOMEN  
1 Cameron Gillies 3:46:59 Kerryn McTaggart 4:19:37
2 Jason Ryding 3:48:16 Joanne Tremonti 4:21:27
3 Malcolm Gamble 3:48:47 Eliza Allan 4:49:32
Mt Haig 20 July 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

45km - MEN   45km - WOMEN  
1 Adrian Garnett 4:10.09 Andrea Hargreaves* 4:32.19
2 Arnstein Prytz 4:14.01 Rachel de Zoete 4:46.21
3 Russell Singleton 4:22.11 Elisha May 5:23.32

This, the second year of the Mt Haig event saw 60% increased participation in the 45km event. Congratulations to all participants and especially Andrea Hargreaves who established a new best time over the course, bettering the time set in the 2012 inaugural event by Lorraine Lawson (5:34.09)

You Yangs 21 July 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

50 miles - MEN   50 miles - WOMEN  
1 Mick Donges 7:22:27 Katherine Macmillan 8:55:46
2 Toby Wiadrowski 8:00:56 Chloe Hardman 10:04:24
3 Callum Stowell 8:09:36 Sue O'Brien 11:23:24
50km - MEN   50km - WOMEN  
1 Dylan Newell 4:27:11 Kellie Emmerson 4:49:24
2 Dan Beard 4:39:41 Kerryn McTaggart 5:10:33
3 Marcus Dunnett 4:55:53 Gayle Cowling 5:25:09

This was a nice back-to-back win for Kellie Emmerson in the 50km who shaved about 27 minutes off her 2012 time.

Caboolture 48hr, 24hr, 12hr, 6hr & shorter 19-21 July 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

48 hour - MEN   48 hour - WOMEN  
1 Kevin Muller 407.560km Torill Fonn 341.559km
2 Matthew Eckford 310.340km Tamyka Bell 305.512km
3 Chris Kelly 301.537km Annabel Hepworth 301.500km
24 hour - MEN   24 hour - WOMEN  
1 Laurie Laine 202.000km Deb Nicholl 239.564km
2 Rob Campbell 182.345km Sabina Hamaty 161.000km
3 Dean Metcalf 141.741km Kerrie Bremner 80.000km
12 hour - MEN   12 hour - WOMEN  
1 Matt Archer 104.060km Jodie Oborne 123.188km
2 Greg Swan 101.637km Raelene Bendall 108.890km
3 Christopher Knowles 101.243km Stephanie Burrell 105.456km
6 hour - MEN   6 hour - WOMEN  
1 Jimmy Lee 69.589km Mallani Moloney 60.387km
2 Paul Jones 64.556km Sara Laine 46.063km
3 James O'Brien 63.823km Tina Fiegel 28.875km

Some fantastic running at Caboolture last weekend with numerous records broken (both open and age group) across many events. Kevin Muller's 407km the standout at the long end. Internationals Torill Fonn (SWE) and Deb Nicholls (NZL) were in fine form as was Jodie Oborne in the 12 hours and who, as a result of her performance has been added to the 100km National Team.

Event records were also broken by Kevin Muller, Torril Fonn, Deb Nicholl and Mallani Moloney.

Adelaide 6, 12 & 24 hour 13/14 July 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

24 hour - MEN   24 hour - WOMEN  
1 John Keats 194.748km Emma Vaughan 201.355km
2 Barry McBride 192.747km Nicole Barker 171.278km
3 David Billett 182.603km Nikki Wynd 149.391km
12 hour - MEN   12 hour - WOMEN  
1 Malcolm Gamble 136.129km Louise Nickson 110.499km
2 Karl Riedl 105.560km Sharon Scholz 104.517km
3 Rob Sutton 102.887km Tory Toogood 104.249km
6 hour - MEN   6 hour - WOMEN  
1 Kevin Muller 75.421km Hayley Teale 64.649km
2 Cameron Gillies 70.772km Helen Durand 62.373km
3 Tim Green 67.584km = Kylie Akker & Lisa McMahon 56.205km

Whilst only a new event, it was great to see record breaking distances from John Keats, Emma Vaughan and Louise Nickson. Special congratulations to Emma Vaughan, becoming the first person to achieve 200km in this event and for winning outright this year.

World Trail Championships 6 July 2013

The Australian team acquitted itself magnificently in Wales on Saturday 6 July achieving the following results:

First Name Surname Gender Overall Position Gender Position Time
Andrew Tuckey Male 8 8 6:04:12
Georgina Moore Female 67 20 7:33:41
Kirstin Bull Female 68 21 7:34:59
Mandy-Lee Noble Female 84 33 8:01:23

Full events results available at http://www.tdl.ltd.uk/race-results.php?event=1386

Full event details available at http://worldtrailwales2013.org/

Discussion on the Aussie Team progress avialable at the FB event page

Congratulations to Andrew, Georgina, Kirstin (Captain) and Mandy-Lee for your inspired performances and commitment to the representation of your country. AURA also thanks the support crews and team manager Rob Boyce for their dedication and commitment to assisting the athletes to achieve their best.

Three marathons in three days 28 June 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

MEN Name Marathon 1 Marathon 2 Marathon 3
1 13:01:23 Scott Anderson 04:39:42 04:29:32 3:52:09
2 13:57:36 Luke Smythe 04:51:29 04:53:56 4:12:11
3 14:46:10 Peter Black 04:49:56 4:57:03 4:59:11
1 13:56:22* Alison Whitehead 04:47:40 04:42:24 4:26:18
2 15:58:15 Natalie Wallace 06:24:33 05:11:19 4:06:56
3 16:41:00 Catie Eccleston 06:31:40 05:29:07 4:40:13

Congratulations to Alison Whitehead who has set a new event record, eclipsing the time of Fleur Bromley from 2012.

Sri Chinmoy 24 hour & 12 hour 16 June 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

24 hour - MEN   24 hour - WOMEN  
1 Trevor Allen 201.048km Larissa Tichon 192.935km
2 Justin Scholz 189.678km Sarah Richardson 192.293km
3 Stuart Cole 181.439km Sharon Scholz 187.653km
12 hour - MEN   12 hour - WOMEN  
1 Jo Blake 137.216km April Palmerlee 106.491km
2 Rick Cooke 135.729km Belinda Balkema 88.339km
3 Tim Erickson 102.330km Cathie Wiltshire 72.520km


Runners ConneXion Gold Coast 100km (and shorter) 9 June 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

100km - MEN   100km - WOMEN  
1 Mal Gamble 8:25:40 Marita Eisler 8:49:08
2 Kevin Muller 8:32:43 Kerrie Otto de Grancy  8:53:46
3 Laurie Laine 8:35:25 Natalie Wallace 8:55:31
50miles - MEN   50miles - WOMEN  
1 Mark Barrett 7:53:33 Kerrie Bremner 8:17:10
50km - MEN   50km - WOMEN  
1 Anderson Mosquiuti 3:38:27 Deb Nicholl 3:25:33*
2 Simon Foster 3:52:44 Stephanie Burrell 4:41:23
3 Trevor Warburton 3:54:26 Irma Schoch 5:08:00

*Record breaking times.

Macedon Ranges 50km 2 June 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:


Toby Wiadrowski 5:26:43

Katherine MacMillan 5:56:02
2 Dan Langelaan 5:46:54 Isobel Bespalov 6:05:16
3 Dan Beard 5:48:45 Kirstin Bull 6:08:48

Well done to Katherine, Isobel and Kirstin who were engaged in a close battle for the win here and managed 4th, 7th and 8th in the overall standings.

Hoka One One Kep Ultra 100km (and 75km) 2 June 2013

Full results available on the EVENT page:

100km - MEN 100km - WOMEN
1 Scott Hawker: 8:17:06* Karen Hagan: 12:27:12
2 Mick Thwaites: 9:21:08 Fee Salmons: 12:55:43
3 Tim Eva: 9:48:45 Hunna Watson: 13:20:20
75km - MEN 75km - WOMEN
1 Vlad Ixel: 5:46:01* Marlene Lootz: 7:13:18*
2 James Roberts: 5:51:18 Heather Ilton: 7:47:14
3 Etienne Rodriguez: 6:02:25 Samantha Whitfield: 8:11:39

*Record breaking times

Congratulations to Scott, Vlad and Marlene for their record breaking efforts. Special mention of AURA's UltraMag coordinator Karen Hagan for her maiden ultra victory.

Wilson Promontory 100km (and shorter options) 18 May 2013

Congratulations to all finishers at the Prom. Below are the times for the 100km event. Full results available on the EVENT page:

Pos Result Surname  1st Name M/F
1 12:55:00 Beard Dan  M
2 13:13:20 Hack Martin M
3 15:00:20 Melchiori Chantele F
4 15:15:40 Baxter Wayne M
5 17:20:03 Jamieson Dej M
6 18:13:20 Bendall Raelene F
7 19:21:50 Hewat Andy M

Congratulations to Chantele Melchiori (100km), Lucy Bartholomew (80km), Anthony Smart (48km) and Britta Weller (48km) who all broke records in this event.

Wild Endurance 100km (and 50km) 4 May 2013

All Team events. 100km:

Pos Team Members Team name Cat Finish time
1 Aymeric Plantrou, Emmanuel Conde, John Thomson, Pierre Gaztambide, Nikomen  Men 20:39
2 Caroline Perramant, Dael Cassam Chenai, Gabriele Giuffre, Jacques Brault, Leo Denes, Take It Easy  Mixed 22:48
3 Craig Smith, David Anderson, Heath Radel, Paul Geyer, Keep Fighting  Men 24:51:00


Pos Team Members Team name Cat Finish time
1 Davin Turner, Gideon Silverman, Reece Turner, Hovelling Honey Badgers  Men 7:18
2 Alix Campbell, Beata Bray, Elizabeth Noad, Koala Beers Part 1  Women 8:09
3 Alex Koeninger, Chris Brown, David Beardmore, Georgia Whitehouse, Thomas Brideson, Willoughby Wanderers  Mixed 8:28

The North Face 100km (and 50km) 18 May 2013

100km - MEN 100km - WOMEN
1 Brendan Davies 9:16:12 (course record) Beth Cardelli 11:01:08 (course record)
2 Vajin Armstrong 9:42:22 Joanne Brischetto 11:44:35
3 Andrew Tuckey 9:44:52 Shona Stephenson 11:45:38
50km - MEN 50km - WOMEN
1 Vlad Shatrov 4:15:21 Kylie Murray 5:19:50
2 Jarad Kohlar 4:28:52 Georgie Moore 5:20:53
3 John Winsburg 4:35:17 Nikki Wynd 5:35:30


24 hour World Championships

AURA congratulates the National Team for its performance in The Netherlands on 11 and 12 May. Final provisional distances for Australian athletes are as follows:

Steenbergen 24 Hour | May 11 & 12 2013
World Championship - Final Overall Results
Pos Gender pos Name Nat Cat Laps Distance AvgSpeed
32 29 Malcolm Gamble AUS M45 100 231,852 9,676
36 33 John Pearson AUS M40 99 231,203 9,726
49 38 Ewan Horsburgh AUS M35 96 223,576 9,385
53 41 David Kennedy AUS MSR 95 220,739 9,227
68 20 Bernadette Benson AUS V40 93 216,343 9,053
106 35 Sharon Scholz AUS V35 89 206,286 8,610
131 51 Allison Lilley AUS V40 83 193,667 8,127
174 105 Rick Cooke AUS M40 70 163,174 6,870

The MENS team finished 7th with 686.631km, behind GBR in 6th on 696.401km. Winners were USA (780.552km), JPN (752.567km) and GER (752.007km)

The WOMENS team finished 9th with 616.295km. Winners were USA (710.599km), JPN (705.582km) and FRA (670.698km).

Congratulations to all team members for their participation and excellent results.

Canberra 50km 14 April 2013

Male (50km)
1. Vladimir Shatrov 2:56:12
2. Alex Matthews 2:57:37
3. Brendan Davies 3:05:01

Female (50km)
1. Melissa Selby 3:48:58
2. Sarah Richardson 4:03:09
3. Tia Jones 4:12:17

Water World 21 April 2013

Male (45km)
1. Michael Douglas 3.54.37
2. Jason Smit 4.11.16
3. Joe Kane 4.16.33

Female (45km)
1. Karen Masson  4.20.38
2. Janine Watson 5.12.05
3. Cindy Robertson 5.27.56

Teams - Mixed (45km)
1. Coffs Coast Flyers (Jacob Wilson, Caitlin Lobb, Karlie Swanson, Tenielle Stubbs, Luke Tarrant) 3.55.13
2. Woopi Mudcrabs (Gordon Abbott, Janie Mahoney, Kyle McGrorey) 4.47.18
3. Red Rockets (Carol Coburn, Tony Kean) 4.59.13

Teams - Male (45km)
1. Caboolture Road Runners Black (Steve Hayes, Mark Parsonson) 4.14.57
2. Caboolture  Road Runners Gold (Peter McKee, Steve Mapperson) 4.57.37

Coburg 24hr 13-14 April 2013

24hr Run - Male
1. Barry Loveday 243.777 km
2. Kevin Muller 228.504 km (1st Male AURA National 24hr Championship)
3. Justin Scholz 214.185 km (2nd Male AURA National 24hr Championship)
4. Darren McClennan 210.836 km (3rd Male AURA National 24hr Championship)

During the event, Keith Sullivan ran 66.536km in 6 hrs to set a new AUS M60 record (to be ratified)

24hr Run - Female
1. Kerrie Williamson 192.411 km (1st Female AURA National 24hr Championship)
2. Sabina Hamaty 187.577 km (2nd Female AURA National 24hr Championship)
3. Nicole Barker 185.440 km (3rd Female AURA National 24hr Championship)

24hr Walk - Male
1. Steve Jordan 148.504 km
2. Saul Richardson 138.613 km
3. John Timms 136.540 km

24hr Walk - Female
1. Michelle Thompson 184.724 km (new AUS open record - to be ratified)
2. Dawn Parris 142.521 km
3. Karyn O'Neill 141.711 km

Wildhorse Criterium 31 March 2013


1. Andrew Hedgman 7:32:32
2. Chris Jacobson 7:38:50
3. Pete Lavery 8:03:02

1. Lisa Hussey 8:24:43
2. Kerri Hodge 8:34:07
3. Annabel Hepworth 9:14:56


1. Greg Swan 4:59:09
2. Robert Middleton 5:07:27
3. Andy Clowes 5:20:36

1. Vivienne Buss 6:05:02
2. Leigh Crozier 6:11:01
3. Elizabeth Swain 7:45:44

Rollercoaster Run 16 March 2013

1. Joel Fitzgerald 3:55:28
2. Toby Wiadrowski 4:09:14
3. Serge Kurov 4:10:46

1. Isobel Bespalov 4:41:07
2. Lucy Bartholomew 4:43:20
3. Maria Plyashechko 4:52:30

Six Foot Track Marathon 9 March 2013

1. Tony Fattorini 3:26:24
2. Sam Walker 3:30:32
3. Mark Green 3:31:11

1. Sara Burgess 3:59:32
2. Angela Bateup 4:05:25
3. Michelle McAdam 4:09:26

Nerang SF 10 March 2013

1. Ben Duffus 4:12:51 (new course record)
2. Richard Quirk 4:46:05
3. David Coombs 4:49:14

1. Mandy-Lee Noble 5:13:33
2. Kerri Hodge 5:45:27
3. Vivienne Buss 6:03:46

Coburg 6hr 10 March 2013 final results

6hr Run - Male
1. Kevin Muller 75.909 km
2. David Staehr 74.950 km
3. Justin Scholz 70.667 km

6hr Run - Female
1. Sharon Scholz 65.786 km
2. Stephanie Burrell 62.495 km
3. Wendy Cook 55.266 km

6hr Walk - Male
1. Terry O'Neill 50.532 km
2. Steve Jordan 46.157 km
3. Saul Richardson 43.266 km

6hr Walk - Female
1. Michelle Thompson 55.865 km
2. Karyn O'Neill 45.735 km
3. Dawn Parris 43.476 km

Convicts and Wenches 3 March 2013

1. Aub Henricks 3:56:19 (new course record)
2. Paul Mckenzie 3:58:58
3. Jonathan Worswick 4:06:06

1. Amy Lamprecht 4:33:00 (new course record)
2. Tia Jones 4:52:30
3. Jacqui Guy 5:01:41

Lark Hill Ultra 2 March 2013

50km Male
1. Thomas Bakowski 3:36:10 (new course record)
2. James Roberts 3:43:50
3. David Kennedy 3:55:23

50km Female
1. Claire Broadway 4:32:32 (new course record)
2. Barbara Fieberg 5:10:35
3. Joanne Dean 5:12:14

100km Male
1. Tim Eva 10:50:06 (new course record)
2. Grant Wholey 11:00:46
3. Justin Fonte 11:27:36

100km Female
1. Fee Salmons 12:33:54 (new course record)

Caboolture Dusk to Dawn 9 February 2013

6hr Male
1. Greg Ponych 62.884 km
2. Nic Phipps 62.004 km
3. Wayne Spies 61.541 km

6hr Female
1. Deb Nicholl 74.793 km (new course record)
2. Mallani Moloney 62.078 km
3. Kerrie Williamson 56.813 km

12hr Male
1. John Pearson 131.550 km (new course record)
2. Laurie Laine 125.723 km
3. Gavin Bendall 116.445 km

12hr Female
1. Raelene Bendall 102.118 km
2. Marina Brun-Smits 101.831 km
3. Belinda Holloway 92.952 km

1. Brad Kruger 4:07:33
2. Kelvin Marshall 5:24:03
3. Caroline Brousseau 6:15:21

1. Andrew O'Brien 11:47:22
2. Sue O'Brien 11:47:22

Injinji Stromlo 6/12 hr 17 February 2013 (host of AURA National 100km Championships 2013) - amended results posted 24/02/2013

6hr Male
1. Joseph McCann 66.139 km
2. Henry Chan 60.084 km
3. Jaco Crouse 58.026 km

6hr Female
1. Jayne Crossling 55.371 km
2. Sonia Liddell 50.615 km

12hr Male
1. Mal Gamble 130.600 km (new course record)
2. Cameron Gillies 123.419 km
3. Keith Sullivan 120.337 km

12hr Female
1. Larissa Tichon 115.545 km (new course record)
2. Sabina Hamaty 109.257 km
3. Annabel Hepworth 107.984 km

50km Male
1. Brendan Davies 3:16:49
2. Joseph McCann 4:00:17
3. Dave Graham 4:35:14

50km Female
1. April Palmerlee 4:22:40
2. Jayne Crossling 5:13:01
3. Carol Adams 5:24:35

100km Male (AURA National 100km Championships 2013)
1. Mal Gamble 8:55:46 (new course record)
2. Andrew Donaldson 9:17:20
3. Cameron Gillies 9:17:24

100km Female (AURA National 100km Championships 2013)
1. Marita Eisler 8:47:44 (new course record)
2. Jodie Oborne 9:31:18
3. Larissa Tichon 10:17:12

Maroondah Dam 50km 17 February 2013 (host of AURA National Trail Championships 2013)

1. Mick Donges 4:13:49 (and 1st Male AURA National Trail Championship)
2. Kev Mannix 4:24:47 (and 2nd Male AURA National Trail Championship)
3. Toby Wiadrowski 4:28:33 (and 3rd Male AURA National Trail Championship)

1. Shona Stephenson 4:52:40 (new course record and 1st Female AURA National Trail Championship)
2. Stephanie Gaskell 4:55:56 (and 2nd Female AURA National Trail Championship)
3. Mandy-Lee Noble 5:15:26 (and 3rd Female AURA National Trail Championship)

Mt Buller SkyRun 3 February 2013

1. Mick Donges 4:14:56
2. Blake Hose 4:18:15
3. Shane Hutton 4:52

1. Lucy Bartholomew 6:28:39
2. Natalie Wallace 6:40
3. Emily Fewster 7:23:01

Cradle Mountain Run 2 February 2013

1. Rob Walter 7:56
2. Stu Gibson 8:01
3. Matt Cooper 8:09

1. Hanny Allston 8:13
2. Katherine Macmillan 10:53
3. Sue Rundle 11:05

Mansfield to Buller 27 January 2013

1. Ryan Wissmer 4:00:19
2. David Eadie 4:11:23
3. Justin Scholz 4:25:46

1. Nikki Wynd 4:42:09
2. Natalie Wallace 4:49:44
3. Lisa Wilkinson 5:02:12

Two Bays Trail Run 13 January 2013

1. Jarad Kohler 4:16:41
2. Michael Donges 4:18:40
3. Damon Goerke 4:29:43

1. Kirstin Bull 4:58:13
2. Lucie Hardiman 5:02:45
3. Maria Plyashechko 5:27:53

Narrabeen All Nighter 5 January 2013

1. Malcolm Gamble 131.063 km
2. Chris Knowles 111.866 km
3. Shane Simpson 109.333 km

1. Sabina Hamaty 110.081 km
2. Larissa Tichon 109.259 km
3. Sarah Richardson 108.904 km

Bruny Island Ultra 1 December 2012

1. Andrew Law 5:21:07
2. Stuart Hill 5:29:22
3. Tom Burford 5:44:38

1. Michelle Chopping 5:55:51
2. Bev Allen 6:11:09
3. Jennifer Boocock 6:13:46

6 Inch Trail Marathon 16 December 2012

1. James Roberts 3:32:49
2. Kevin Matthews 3:38:33
3. Brett Coombes 3:44:10

1. Eulalia van Blomestein 4:19:34
2. Jacqui Hickey 4:25:02
3. Jodie Oborne 4:25:48

Kurrawa to Duranbah 9 December 2012 (50k)

1. Dave Coombs 3:40:31
2. James Webster 3:41:00
3. Martin Hack 3:45:44

1. Lynwen Birch 4:20:12
2. Kerrie Otto de Grancy 4:28:30
3. Kerri Hodge 4:31:28

Coast to Kosci 7 December

1. Ewan Horsburgh 27:31:51
2. Michael West 28:53:43
3. Kevin Muller 29:38:10

1. Bernadette Benson 31:49:21
2. Pam Muston 34:28:22
3. Allison Lilley 35:13:18

30/50 Challenge - 50k solo 24 November

1. Simon Marcus 5:13:24
2. David Axup 6:28:19
3. Shaun Marcus 6:29:10

1. Shona Stephenson 5:24:36
2. Beth Cardelli 5:24:39
3. Eliza Allen 7:14:56

Razorback Run 24 November 2012

1M. Justin Scholz 8:18:49
1F. Melanie Parker 12:39:10
2M. Steven Swann 13:21:16

1. Michael Donges 7:41:58
2. Sean Sweetman 9:29:31
3. Kevin Muller 10:28:40

1. Clare Weatherly 12:27:00
2. Jacqui Hansen 12:48:20

1. Matthew Cooper 7:23:03
2. Josh Street 9:05:00
3. Chris Taylor 9:52:00

1. Katherine Macmillan 10:31:00
2. Dianne Edwards 11:59:57
3. Katherine Holmes 14:00:00

Moe Victorian 6 hr & 50km track championships 25 November 2012

50 km Results
1. Chief Brabon 3:53:57
2. Luke Stratford 4:03:53
3. Malcolm Gamble 4:09:00

1. Isobel Bespalov 4:31:43
2. Emily Hames 5:14:20
3. Larissa Tichon 5:15:51

6 hr Results
1. Malcolm Gamble 72.217
2. Luke Stratford 70.895
3. Cameron Gillies 69.153

1. Isobel Bespalov 64.790
2. Larissa Tichon 56.740
3. Emily Hames 50.400

Washpool 50k 21 October
1. Jonathan Worswick 4:43:27
2. Luke Harrison 4:44:41
3. Michael Douglas 4:58:53

1. Mandy-Lee Noble 5:28:15 (new course record)
2. Rachel Waugh 5:28:58
3. Mallani Moloney 6:03:32

Marysville Marathon 50k 11 November
1. Toby Wiadrowski 4:15:06
2. Dan Beard 4:20:03
3. Rasmus Westergren 4:21:40

1. Sophie Wright 5:03:12
2. Chantele Melchiori 5:13:34
3. Katherine Macmillan 5:26:52

GNW100s 10-11 November
Men 100k
1. Clarke McClymont 9:58 (new CR)
2. Steven Johnson 12:41
3. Michael Sims 12:52

Women 100k
1. Beth Cardelli 12:36 (new CR)
2. Natalie Best 13:54
3. Susan Keith 14:47

Men 100M
1. Brendan Davies 19:27 (new CR)
2. Nikolay Nikolaev 23:33
3. Damian Smith 23:40

Women 100M
1. Gill Fowler 23:58 (new CR)
2. Allison Lilley 27:43
3. Jane Trumper 31:43
=3. Kirrily Dear 31:43

Wilson's Prom 27 October
1. Dan Beard 14:04
2. Andy Hewat 17:48
1F. Katherine Macmillan 17:48

1. Josh Street 12:22
2. Phillip Henschke 14:29
3. Sep Rafiee 15:08

60k Men
1. Malcolm Gamble 7:58
2. Iestyn Lewis 8:08
3. Tegyn Angel 10:00

60k Women
1. Jacqui Hansen 10:43
2. Ellen Lavoie 13:05
3. Kerrie Bremner 14:10

1. Damon Goerke 4:57:30
2. Paul Williams 5:16:28
3. Nicholas Crooks 6:02:50

1F. Fleur Grose 6:37

Hume & Hovell 50/100k Ultra 20 October
Men 100k
1. Edward Donaldson 11:45:43
2. Malcolm Gamble 12:03:57
3. Mark Solari 12:50:13

Women 100k
1. Sarah Richardson 12:25:27
2. Elouise Peach 13:32:31
3. Hunna Watson 16:17:57

Men 50k
1. Paul Cuthbert 5:02:20
2. Steven Pearce 5:13:50
3. Wylie Breckenridge 5:35:04

Women 50k
1. Jessica Avalon 5:49:18
2. Janine Brown 7:15:45
3. Elizabeth Watson 7:27:22

GOW100s 13 October
1. Brendan Davies 9:16 (new course record)
2. Damon Goerke 9:51
3. Damian Smith 10:38

1. Shona Stephenson 11:40 (new course record)
2. Isobel Bespalov 11:47
3. Nikki Wynd 12:26

Yurrebilla Ultra 23 September
1. Grant Guise 4:54:13
2. James Duffy 5:07:29
3. Mark Bloomfield 5:09:23

1. Joanna Kruk 5:40:18
2. Sally Roffey 5:47:44
3. Stephanie Gaskell 5:48:58

Altra Centennial Park Ultra 23 September
Men 100k
1. Chris Truscott 7:51:43 (new course record)
2. Jo Blake 8:11:59
3. Kevin Muller 8:58:40

Women 100k
1. Beth Cardelli 9:21:50 (new course record)
2. Felicity Copp 10:45:30
3. Sabina Hamaty 11:26:28

Men 50k
1. Alex Matthews 3:10:22 (new course record)
2. Brendan Davies 3:14:46
3. Chief Brabon 3:39:41

Women 50k
1. Lisa Carroli 4:42:30
2. Emily Hames Brabon 4:55:15
3. Sarah-Jane Marshall 5:04:42

Surf Coast Century 22 September
Men 100k
1. Rowan Walker 8:25:31
2. Jonathan Worswick 9:10:08
3. David Hosking 9:43:48

Women 100k
1. Shona Stephenson 10:18:58
2. Amy Hinds 10:38:18
3. Mandy Lee-Noble 10:52:50

Glasshouse 100s 15-16 September (provisional)
Men 100Mile
1. Ian Gallagher 16:17:12
2. Adam Stokes 17:02:01
3. Ben Storer 17:41:31

Women 100Mile
1. Pam Muston 21:06:22
2. Kerrie Williamson 22:54:07
3. Marita Eisler 23:28:14

Men 100k
1. Scott Hawker 9:04:09
2. Daniel Nunan 9:28:29
3. Mick Thwaites 10:48:15

Women 100k
1. Georgie Moore 10:56:54
2. Rachel Waugh 12:11:58
3. Mahla Brannock 13:35:23

Men 50k
1. Cameron Munro 4:10:26
2. Paul Mildner 4:14:34
3. Andy Bowen 4:15:00

Women 50k
1. Kerri Hodge 5:18:11
2. Rebecca Dalton 5:38:52
=2. Christy Hobley 5:38:52

9th IAU 24h World and European Championship results

Congratulations to our athletes who gave their best at the recent championship in Poland:

Mens' competition (12th team):
David Kennedy, 32nd, 227.852km
Rick Cooke, 36th, 226.833km
John Pearson, 38th, 224.659km
Ewan Horsburgh, 96th, 181.575km

Women's competition (19th team):
Allison Lilley, 25th, 203.434km
Susannah Harvey-Jamieson, 92nd, 77.243km (withdrawal due to injury)
Sharon Scholz, 94th, 57.160km (withdrawal due to injury)

The 10th World championship is 11-12 May 2013 in Steenbergen, the Netherlands.

Walhalla Wound Up 9 September
Men 50k
1. Andrew Selby-Smith 4:20:13
2. Tristan Melchiori 4:26:13
3. Stuart Elliott 4:29:15

Women 50k
1. Chantele Melchiori 4:48:27
2. Katherine Macmillan 4:50:47
3. Anna Orr 5:09:26

Kuranda to Port Douglas 26 August
Men 64k
1. Oliver Zambon 5:27:19 (new course record)
2. Ben Gerhardy 5:41:57
3. Craig Mann 5:57:01

Women 64k
1. Mandy Noble 6:06:18 (new course record)
2. Michelle Duffield 6:07:45
3. Dan Yeoman 7:09:46

The Tan Ultra 12 August
Men 100k
1. Kevin Mannix 8:06:28
2. Justin Scholz 8:35:58
3. Simon Marcus 8:42:55

Women 100k
1. Nikki Wynd 8:52:13
2. Felicity Copp 10:21:36
3. Anna Moore 10:50:01

Men 50k
1. Toby Wiadrowski 3:42:08
2. Steve Callahan 3:48:40
3. Dan Beard 3:50:33

Women 50k
1. Kellie Emmerson 4:08:03
2. Isobel Bespalov 4:25:06
3. Kerryn McTaggart 4:30:22

Flinders Tour 29 July
Men 50k
1. Patrick Devine-Wright 4:06:49
2. Julian Spence 4:12:17
3. Jeffrey Hannah 4:15:28

Women 50k
1. Delina Rahmate 5:01:28
2. Danielle Gage 5:23:06
3. Suzanne Chatterton 5:26:45


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Due largely to the inspiration of the Westfield Sydney-Melbourne races of the 1980s, AURA was formed in 1987 to foster and promote the sport of ultra running in Australia. AURA has evolved to become the Governing body for ultra running in Australia and is recognised as such by the IAAF, Athletics Australia, The Australian Sports Commission and the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU). AURA is charged with the responsibility for the ongoing development and the proper conduct of ultra running in Australia. This includes the sanctioning of races and maintenance of records and rankings. AURA offers assistance, advice and encouragement to Race Directors and to athletes, ranging from recreational to the elite.