Delirious W.E.S.T, WA
Lark Hill, WA

Delirious West

The second annual Delirious W.E.S.T was held late last month from Wednesday, February , and official results have been released. From Wednesday, February 19 through to Sunday, February 23 in the south west of WA.

Almost run entirely along the Bibbulmun Track from Northcliffe to Albany, the Delirious W.E.S.T provides a 104-hour cut off for those entered in the 200 miler.

It was an AURA podium finish for the women, with the top spots going to members.

Sarah Foster from Douglas, Qld secured 1st Female in a time of 71:18:10, whilst Jen Millum from Karnup, WA took 2ndwith 74:31:42 and Melissa Robertson from Long Jetty, NSW claimed 3rd after finishing in 82:12:31.

In the men’s division podium placings went to Jon Pendse (70:13:08), Elliot Eyers (71:18:03) and Jimmy Brook(73:23:58).

A massive congratulations to all those who took on the Delirious W.E.S.T including Glenn Monaghan (78:00:27), Sergio Gustinetti (78:12:48), David Bennie (88:28:33), Matthew Salinovich (91:57:30), Duc Do (96:09:08), Roylene Stanley (98:15:33), Lizelle Smith (100:11:56), Kirsten Maplestone (103:49:52), Sarah Niven, Georgia Snowball, Julia Mackay-Koelen, Karen Hayward, Amy Glen, Nick O’Neill and Jonathan Smith.

Runningworks Lark Hill Dusk to Dawn

Always a great local run that gets bigger every year, the Runningworks Lark Hill Dusk to Dawn was held on Saturday, February 28 in Port Kennedy, WA and provided participants with the options of entering either a 100km or 50km for the ultra distances on a loop course.

AURA’s Michael Hooker from East Perth, WA took out the 100km men’s title with a new course record. With splits of around 3:52/4:02 he claimed 1st Male, his average lap being about 13:57 and his very last lap at 12:36.  

Tom Grunnill took 2nd for the men and Michael Head 3rd.

Congratulations also to AURA members Daragh O’Loughlin and Nick O’Neil who ran in the 100km.

Only one female ran, and finished, in the 100km and it was Nicola Walters.

In the 50km, podium finishes went to Shea Adams, Joshua Kuhn from AURA who claimed 2nd and Giovanni De Vita for the men and Anna O’Byrne, Clare Wardle and Bianca Harding for the women.

Well done to all our AURA members in the 50km event including Doug Bartlett, Sue Robertson, Graham Bell, Mark Caldwell, Bob Colligan, John Fisher and Richard Avery.

For a full list of results click here.

Coming up

The next AURA listed event on the calendar is the Sri Chinmoy 48hr Track Festival in Canberra, ACT which will be held on March 20. It will also double up as the National 48hr Championships.

Duncan’s Run in Gippsland, Vic will also be held the same weekend, on March 21, and will offer runners a 100km or 50km trail event.

Pictured: Jen Millum in the Delirious W.E.S.T. Photograph – Facebook/Supplied.