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Australian point-to-point 200 mile race, the Delirious W.E.S.T was held mid last month from 9-13 February, providing a glorious trek for participants running from Northcliffe to Albany in the southern most part of WA. This year, the event not only offered a 200 miler, but a 100 miler was also on the cards.

In the men’s 200mi, the top 2 leading spots were won by AURA members. Sergio Gustinetti from Tuart Hill came out on top with a win time of 54:59:49, a fantastic effort, whilst Michael Hooker from East Perth placed 2nd Male after crossing the finish line in 57:07:00. A brilliant effort from both AURA members. Third Male was won by Charles Bosveld (66:56:50).

In the women’s 200mi, Sharene Blake took 1st Female with 71:58:00 and Veronika Kretzer took 2nd with 78:53:28. Congratulations to AURA’s Nicola Walters who came all the way from Broome and took 3rd Female with a brilliant time of 79:28:00.

A smashing effort from absolutely everyone who took on the 200 miler – whether they finished or not, in particular our AURA members Kevin Matthews (68:38:47), Adam Loughnan (81:26:02), Sarah Niven (85:42:26), Sue Robertson(98:35:07), Tim Bond and John Cooke.

In the men’s 100mi, podium spots were claimed by Ally Willcox (21:51:01), Oliver Page (23:25:53) and AURA’s very own Chetan Sadhana from North Perth who claimed 3rd Male with his time of 27:45:25).

In the women’s 100mi, 1st Female was taken by AURA’s Jen Millum from Karnup, who secured a fantastic time of 23:44:58 whilst 2nd was claimed by AURA member Jessica Smith from Perth, who was right behind her and crossed the finish line in 28:05:18. Kylie Bell took 3rd Female (33:30:05).

Congratulations to all of our AURA members who ran their best in the 100 miler, including Chris Kirwood (30:19:10), Alexis Oosterhoff (30:28:37), Harmony Waite (37:21:59), Greg Benn (39:37:21), Peta Moore and Kelli O’Neill.

The next Delirious W.E.S.T has already been earmarked for 8-12 February, 2023.  

For a full list of results, click here.


2022 was the first running of the new Ultra Series WA event Ultra Perth, which was held on 27 February along the Swan River offering runners a suburban/metropolitan 50km and 25km race with splendid views of the city.

In the women’s 50km, AURA member Margie Hadley from Henley Brook secured herself 1st Female in a time of 3:42:15, 72 minutes ahead of 2nd Female getter Laura Firth (4:52:52). Third Female went to Erin Vaisey (4:58:51).

In the men’s 50km, top podium spots went to Justin Scarvaci (3:17:55), Stuart Caulfield (3:29:07) and Michael Bellmon (3:32:19).

Congratulations to every single AURA member who took on this new event and gave it a red hot crack for the 50km including Geoff Quinton (5:27:04), Martin Flahive (5:41:27), Mark Caldwell (5:57:34), Alexis Oosterhoff (6:09:15 off the back of Delirious W.E.S.T’s 100mi two weeks earlier) and Mike Gibbon (6:34:02).

For a full list of results, click here.


The annual Lark Hill Dusk to Dawn was held last weekend, 5-6 March, in Port Kennedy, WA and is a 3km loop race held near the Lark Hill Sporting Complex with a combination of compact limestone and 200m of soft sand. The event offers a range of distances, including a 100mi, 100km, 50km and 25km.

In the 100mi there was a total of 3 starters and unfortunately no finishers. Each runner gave it their all though, and we congratulate AURA’s Fee Salmons from Greenfields for her 29 lap total (DNFing at 30 laps).

In the 100km, there were 2 finishers with Cherie Savin finishing the distance in 12:04:00 for 1st Female, and Michael Coughlan completing it in 12:34:56 for 1st Male.

In the men’s 50km event, AURA’s Phil Gore from Darling Downs claimed 1st Male with 3:56:17. He was followed by Brian Madigan for 2nd Male (4:28:24) and Milan Kucera for 3rd Male (4:40:50).

In the women’s 50km, Sarah Ludowici took 1st Female with 4:09:15, Rebecca Getty won 2nd Female (7:09:13) and AURA’s Pamela Williams from Esperance claimed 3rd Female when she crossed the finish in 8:05:15.

Well done to AURA member Mark Caldwell, who finished his 50km distance in 8:25:30.

For a full list of results, click here.


The Stromlo Running Festival was held the same weekend of 5-6 March in Canberra, providing runners with a wonderful opportunity to get on the trails with views of Canberra, Black Mountain Tower, the National Arboretum and the Brindabella Ranges. On offer is a 10km, 30km and 50km distance; the event saw 240 people finish the 50km.

Currently all results are provisional until a post race audit is conducted by race organisers.

In the men’s 50km event, a big congrats to AURA’s Mike Carroll from Ainslie who took out 1st Male with a time of 3:41:38. Second Male was won by Vlad Shatrov (4:01:06) and 3rd Male went to Joseph Hughes (4:03:19).

In the women’s 50km, Juliette Soule got 1st Female (4:04:26), Emma Grey 2nd Female (4:59:37), and 3rd Female went to Roison Armstong (5:15:46).

Congratulations to all our AURA members who competed and ran in the 50km event, including Elliot Cooper (5:14:10), Nathan Queripel (5:25:20), Lisa Sherman (5:27:34), Shaun Whitehouse (6:39:36), Joe Hujs (6:44:39), Graham Miller (7:00:30), Paul Gay (7:27:38), Joel Anderson (7:32:07) and Lesley Mason (7:55:43).

A full list of results can be found here.


In some exciting news, AURA’s Isobel Ross from Boronia, Vic is currently in the US state of Tennessee racing in the world-widely known Barkley Marathon, all eyes on Twitter account @BarkleyMarathon for current updates.

If you or any AURA member you know is racing in an international event, we need your eyes and ears to alert us so we can spread the message! Email with information.

Coming up in the next few weeks (and as always, keep an eye on your respective races re COVID and weather cancellations, postponements or changes) we have some cracking events lined up on the AURA calendar.

Sadly, the Six Foot Track Marathon (45km) which was scheduled to take place on 12 March has been cancelled. According to their social media feeds, race director Mohanned Alkhub has informed participants the decision was made from direct feedback from two key stakeholders of the race (RFS and Crown Lands) regarding the condition of the track from Coxs River through to the end of Black Range, with an impact on the ability to conduct a safe race for both runners and volunteers. For more information, hit up their Facebook page @sixfoottrackmarathon.

Last one standing event Herdy’s Frontyard Ultra at Herdsman Lake in WA will proceed as scheduled for 18-20 March despite current crowd restrictions applied in the state. Race organisers and directors will be following all guidelines and implementing rules to ensure a COVID safe race for all involved. Last year, social media was at a standstill when AURA members Phil Gore and Kevin Matthews went head-to-head as the last two going at it to be given the title of Last One Standing. Gore secured Australia’s longest standing achievement at the time.

Duncan’s Run in Balook, Vic will be held the same weekend of 19-20 March, however this year will be the last year it will be run. We would absolutely love an AURA member to provide a detailed race report on this event, so please get in touch with to submit your item along with photos to share with our members.

Also coming up is the Sri Chinmoy 48hr Track Festival in Canberra the last weekend of the month, 25-27 March, and it will be doubling up as the 2022 Australian 48hr Championships. The Washpool World Heritage Trails (50km) will also be held the weekend of 27 March in Gibraltar Range, NSW.


We also want your race reports and story ideas for our monthly Ultramag digital magazine. Without your tips and leads, there wouldn’t be an Ultramag, so please consider contributing at least once in the new year where you get a chance to share your ultra running experiences with other members! Email or with either your race report or a story lead.

Photograph: Shannon Dale.