Haunted Pines Ultra, WA
Adelaide 6 Day, SA

Adelaide 6 Day, SA

The Adelaide 6 Day was held on from Sept 29 at Thorndon Park Reserve on a certified 1425.5m cement track with 10m elevation per lap.

AURA’s very own Darren Linney from Paradise, SA took home top position for 1st Male having completed his six days with a whopping total of 834.392km, despite his sights set on a bigger goal. However given weather conditions were trying with the heat, Linney was thrilled with his result.

“I’m really happy with my result, which is a big improvement on last year (800.959km) and a course record,” he said.

“To get over 500mi was magical.”

Linney’s final distance is ranked 7th best distance in the world for 2019 (provisional) and 9th best recorded distance by an Australian man in the AURA records (provisional).

In the event’s results, he was closely followed by AURA member Annabel Hepworth from Annandale, NSW who secured 711.747km and 1st Female.

Taking 2nd Male was AURA’s David Billett from Werribee, Vic after finishing a total of 680.81km whilst 2nd Female went to AURA’s own Kris Ryan from Pacific Pines, Qld with 636.398km.

In 3rd for the men was AURA member Stephen Wright from Oxenford, Qld with 604.269km whilst for the ladies the podium finish went to Christie Niboddhri with 491.594km.

A whopping congratulations to all our members who ran the 6 day event in tough weather including Antony Sedman (600.206km), Christopher Lewinski (515.102km), George Alexandropoulos (474.742km), Frank Palermo (472.634km), Paul Mahoney (462.202km), Marie Boyd (385.019km), Tony Wilms (362.077km), John Timms (324.227km) and Steven Houldsworth (195.294km).  

On to the 72hr events and it was AURA member Sharon Scholz from Wangaratta, Vic who claimed 1st Female with a total distance of 403.088km. Emily Baldwin took 2nd Female (172.942km) and Corinne Ball took 3rd (161.211km).

For the men, Matt Chamberlain held on to claim 1st with 339.621km whilst AURA’s George Alexandropoulos from North Dandenong, Vic took 2nd Male having finished his race with 215.301km.

In the 48hr, Jacqueline Cresp took 1st Female with 237.358km, AURA member Cherie Rothery from Modbury Heights, SA claimed 2nd Female after a distance of 206.107km, and Elizabeth Smith held on for 3rd (171.060km).

For the men, AURA’s very own Colin Brooks from Semaphore Park, SA walked away in top spot after covering 207.214km whilst Alexandropoulos held on for 2nd Male with 154.004km.

Congratulations to all our AURA members who raced in the 48hr including Cathie Wiltshire who finished 61.297km.

For a full list of results visit here.

Haunted Pines Ultra, WA

The Haunted Pines Ultra was held in the spooky evening of Friday (October 4) last weekend with a Halloween theme; participants, and volunteers, were encouraged to dress up for the event – and yet again this year, the effort everyone went to didn’t disappoint.

Kicking off at 730pm, races in the 50km, 25km and 12km hit the dark, creepy pine plantations of Carabooda, 45 minutes north of Perth (and as someone who ran in the event last year, screams are definitely heard from every which way as ghosts, ghouls and the dead jump out from everywhere and anywhere).

Top finishers in the 50km event for the men were AURA member Jason Keenehan from Clarkson, WA who took 1st Male with a time of 4:19:20. He was closely followed by AURA’s Stuart Hughes from Belgrave, Vic who was hot on his heels, crossing the finish line in 4:22:24. Daniel Caporn took 3rd Male with a sub-5 in 4:59:05.

For the women, Sharene Blake took 1st Female after finishing in 4:36:07 whilst AURA’s own Sarah Niven from Manjimup, WA held on for a strong 2nd with 5:25:36. Raquel Rae claimed 3rd after securing a time of 5:47:05.

Congratulations to all our AURA members who entered and raced in the event – we are still awaiting a list of full results to be released so we can check on our AURA members.

Scenic Rim Ultra, Qld (non-AURA listed event)

The Scenic Rim Ultra was also held at the weekend, on Saturday (October 5) in Wyaralong, Qld with two distances on the cards – the 109km and 66km.

In the 109km for the women’s event podium finishes went to Meghann Coffey (15:19:07), Lauren Shay (17:52:26) and Naomi Mitchell (18:41:47). For the men, top spots went to Brad Aird (14:07:47), Anthony Pohlner (15:17:59) and Richard Alberthsen (15:31:04).

In the 66km event for the women it was Esther Cahill 1st (9:28:53), Erin Appleton 2nd (10:40:56) and Audrey Guillemin 3rd (10:55:20). In the men’s division Henri Coombs came out on top in 1st (8:11:15), Troy Lethlean took 2nd (8:29:53) and Daniel Broadbridge took 3rd (9:33:12).

Congratulations to AURA member Laurie Laine who completed his distance and 5th overall position with a finish time of 10:10:29 out of a field of 31 in the 69km.

Coming up on the AURA calendar

On the AURA calendar for next weekend, we see the Hume & Hovell 100mi, 100km and 50km event, which also doubles as the National Trail Championships (long course) being held in Tumbarumba, NSW on October 12.

The Washpool Trails 50km in Washpool National Park, northern NSW has been cancelled due to closure of the park. Originally scheduled for October 13 this weekend, it has been re-scheduled for March 29, 2020. 

Race reports

AURA members are encouraged to send in their race reports for the next edition of Ultramag. Every report published will see you gain one extra point against your name in our friendly points competition, so send in your full race reports in a Word document with images sent as attachments to the email, to ultramag@aura.asn.au 

Photograph – Shon Fry/Facebook.