Coast to Kosciuszko, NSW
Surf Coast Century, Vic
Bruny Island Ultra, Tas
Narrabeen All Nighter, NSW
Yaberoo Trail Ultra, WA
Fisiocrem GC50 Run Festival, Qld

This has probably been the most busy weekend on the AURA calendar since last year, with six AURA-listed events across the country and hundreds of participants throughout.

Coast to Kosciuszko
One of Australia’s most watched ultra events, Coast2Kosci, was held over the weekend, kicking off on Friday, 4 December and finishing on Sunday, 6 December with some participants hitting incredibly inclement weather in NSW.

The day kicks off at Twofold Bay (start at Boydtown Beach south of Mullica River mouth) and finishes at Charlotte Pass at Summit Road Trailhead.  

This 240km premier ultramarathon was cancelled in 2018 and 2019, but came back in 2020 despite all the worries behind this year’s COVID-19 pandemic. Widely viewed as one of the most challenging ultras in the country, Coast2Kosci saw 32 finishers out of 49 participants (technically 38 finishers in total with 6 having to withdraw at Checkpoint 6, the 219km mark, due to bad weather conditions).  

Each individual running Coast2Kosci has a strong background in the sport of ultras – this is not a beginner’s events, and each one of them showed stamina and determination beyond comprehension.

Onto the results and for the men, the top 3 finishers were Morgan Lindqvist in 1st Male (26:35:49), Grant Brisbin 2ndMale (27:09:45) and Nicholas Bamford 3rd Male (28:58:09).

For the women, Joasia Zakrzewski came in 1st Female at 28:18:53 whilst Amy Lamprecht took 2nd (29:07:10).

AURA’s very own Lou Clifton from Mount Victoria in NSW took 3rd Female in 30:01:11. Clifton dominated by becoming the 3rd fastest woman finisher on the all-time list.

The outstanding performances continued as AURA members took on the distance including Gerard Riordan (31:36:33), NSW State Representative Stephen Redfern (31:44:01), David Turnbull (33:08:09), AURA Treasurer Simone Hayes (33:11:21), Simon Duke (35:51:07), Pam Muston (35:55:40), Trevor Allen (36:34:25), Jane Trumper (37:16:59), Kevin Heaton (38:11:50), Renae Brock (38:19:50), George Mihalakellis (39:57:00) and David Bennie (40:22:50) and Kristen Brace.

Congratulations also goes out to those who had to withdraw for various reasons. Their efforts of starting Coast2Kosci should not go unnoticed – well done to Kevin Muller, Kay Bretz, Justin Scholz, John Pearson, Vladimir Shatrov, Sabina Hamaty, Kirsten Maplestone, Ross McPhee and Ryan Lowe.  

Redfern said it was a tough 240km but he wouldn’t change anything. “We got conditions from a very hot first day through to Dalgety to strong winds on the summit; amazing how a race can be so different from year to year,” she said.  

Hayes said on Monday she was floating on cloud nine and thrilled she finished the event. “It was everything I expected and more,” she said.

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Surf Coast Century
The Surf Coast Century held on Saturday, 5 December was one of the first mass-participation events post COVID-19 in Victoria.

The 100km and 50km races had restricted fields just shy of capacity as runners tackled the challenging and scenic courses as either a solo runner or as part of a relay team. Each race started and finished at Anglesea.

In the men’s 100km event, it was Ross Hopkins who took 1st Male (8:38:29) whilst AURA’s Matthew Crehan from Northcote took 2nd Male with a finish time of 8:49:11. Matthew Whitaker claimed 3rd (8:59:26).

For the women in the 100km it was Sarah Hedger 1st (10:13:22), Christine Hopkins 2nd (10:45:26) and Felicity Pidgeon 3rd (11:59:44).

Congratulations to all our AURA members who took on the 100km including Ben Nicholls (11:25:31), Stuart Hughes (11:51:26), Toni Gracia (12:22:13), Bill Bardsley (13:43:51 and 1st Male in the 60+ age category) and Tony O’Connell (14:19:19).

The 50km division was held over the second half of the 100km course, which is renowned for being more difficult than the first half.

The men saw top podium finishes for Corey Milner (3:46:40), Damien Smith (3:58:31) and Jake Williamson (4:08:46). For the women it was Victoria Cole (4:32:21), Jess Short (5:00:15) and Sara Coulter (5:09:41).

Well done to the AURA members who took on the 50km including Dan Wright (4:33:52), Amanda Meggison (5:23:54) and Nadine D’Elia (7:28:04).

Rapid Ascent event director Sam Maffett said he was thrilled the event was able to come to life after State Government reassurance was received only weeks prior to race day.

“To see competitors’ dreams come to life at the event after many months of training, sacrifices and COVID-19 setbacks, has made this year’s Century one of our most memorable races to date,” he said.

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Bruny Island Ultra
The Bruny Island 64km Ultra was held on Saturday, 5 December and started at Dennes Point Jetty, North Bruny Island, Tas. Participants ran the main road and finished with the infamous touching of Cape Bruny Lighthouse door in South Bruny to complete the journey.

We are still awaiting results.

Narrabeen All Nighter
Race organisers for the Narrabeen All Nighter were not sure if the event was going to be held this year (Saturday, 5 December) following NSW’s second outbreak of COVID-19, but luckily council accepted their COVIDSafe plan and the state was able to hold the virus at bay.

The main event at the Narrabeen All Nighter is a multi-lap trail race to complete the furthest distance in 12 hours (eight laps of the course equal one marathon; each lap is a 5.275km out and back trail loop). The trail is flat, smooth and fast.

Top spot went to AURA member Michael Daly who was 1st in for the men and secured a distance of 126.58km. Second Male was Adam Keighran (118.67km) and 3rd was Thomaz Moscardini (118.67km). For the women it was Amanda Spackman 1st (94.93km), Rachel Van Middeldyk 2nd (89.66km) and Allicia Heron 3rd (84.39km).

Congratulations to our AURA members who smashed the 12 hours including Michael Molloy (110.75km), Masanori Chiba (105.48km), Akira Suzuki (94.93km), Paul Gay (81.75km), David Campbell (81.75km), Nicole Kruse (79.11km), Leah Weeden (79.11km), Michael Thompson (79.11km) and Scott Marden (47.46km).

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Yaberoo Trail Ultra
In the northern suburbs of Perth lies the Yaberoo Budjara trail, and that is where the Yaberoo Trail Ultra was held over the weekend (Sunday, 6 December). Held by Ultra Series WA, distances on offer include a 15km, 25km and 50km option.

Looking at the ultra event, the women’s podium saw AURA’s Jacqueline Kellerman from Burns Beach claim top spot following her finish time of 4:14:35. Second went to Katie Richards (4:34:23) and 3rd Female was claimed by AURA member Amy Glen from Como, who crossed the finish line in 4:50:14.

For the men, well known podium placer and AURA member Michael Hooker from East Perth secured 1st Male after finishing the 50km distance in a whopping 3:47:03. Nathan Fawkes took 2nd Male (3:51:45) whilst AURA’s Joshua Kuhn from South Bunbury held on to claim 3rd in a time of 4:05:17.

It was a hot day on Sunday for runners, and each individual deserves a big congratulations. Well done to all our AURA members including Jon Pendse (4:17:48), Daniel Chidlow (4:40:55), Kristin Trappitt (4:56:54), Ian North (5:14:06), Richard Avery (5:42:21), Sergio Gustinetti (6:33:14), Sandra Flahive (6:54:50), Alexis Oosterhoff (7:20:39), Carl Matol (7:21:43) and Rosa Haywood (9:16:09).

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Fisiocrem GC50 Run Festival
The Fisiocrem GC50 was also held at the weekend, and offered a variety of distances for every runner – from a 1.5km to the 50km, there was something for everyone.

In the 50km women’s event, AURA’s Stephanie Auston from Merimbula, NSW secured 1st Female following her finish time of 3:17:26. Right behind her was Beth McKenzie for 2nd (3:18:38) and Riine Ringi for 3rd (3:19:09).

For the men’s 50km it was Jamie Lacey in 1st (3:03:34), Thomas Brimelow in 2nd (3:13:31) and Luke McKenzie in 3rd(3:22:06).

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Coming Up
The next events on the AURA calendar are not for a couple weeks.

The Reindeer Run will be held in Marden, SA on 13 December and is hosted by GoodRunnings. It will be held on a flat 2.5km looped course along the river only a few hundred metres from Glenelg. A 6hr event is on offer for those wanting to tackle the ultra distance. Please note that if registrations indicate the possibility of overcrowding, the 6hr race will be moved to 12 December.

The 6 Inch Ultra Trail Marathon will be held on 20 December along the Munda Biddi Track from North Dandalup to Dwellingup, WA. Participants race a 46km course and face a 925m climb as well as a 775m descent.

Pictured: AURA Treasurer Simone Hayes loving the Welcome to Jindabyne sign during the Coast2Kosci at the weekend. Photograph – Supplied/Facebook.