Herdy’s Frontyard Ultra, WA
Duncan’s Run, Vic
Noosa Ultra Trail, Qld
Sri Chinmoy 48 Hour Festival (2022 AURA 48hr Championships), ACT
Washpool World Heritage Trails, NSW


The second annual Herdy’s Frontyard Ultra was held across three days from 18-20 March, 2022 and it was yet another nailbiter with two AURA members going head-to-head to claim the title of Last One Standing.

This year, Herdy’s saw the biggest field yet, as claimed by race director Shaun Kaesler, for a backyard format event.

Last One Standing was claimed by 2021 Herdy’s winner Phil Gore (AURA) from Darling Downs, WA who secured his title yet again, and with 50 laps of the 6.7km course, finishing the event with a total distance of 335.50km. The Assist was strongly taken by AURA’s Chetan Sadhana from North Perth, WA who competed strongly against Gore even up to the last moment with 49 laps and a total of 328.79km. The Last Female left (and 3rd Remaining Runner) was AURA member Jessica Smith from Perth, WA who completed 41 laps for a total of 275.11km. Chris Martin DNF’d at 39 laps, whilst 2021 Assist Kevin Matthews (AURA), from Perth, WA bowed out after 34 laps and a total distance of 228.14.

It was hard work for everyone at Herdy’s, but congratulations goes out to all who DNF’d in particular our massive contingent of AURA members including Christopher Allday (25 laps), Margie Hadley (24 laps), Jen Millum (24 laps), Adam Loughnan (18 laps), John Herzfeld (16 laps), Stephen Rowles (16 laps), Gabe Alves (14 laps), Geoff Quinton(11 laps), Jutta Kober (10 laps), Bob Colligan (9 laps), Andy Thompson (9 laps), Bryan Wright (9 laps), Andrew Cohen (8 laps), Jason Kell (8 laps), John Cooke (7 laps), Glen Smetherham (6 laps), Julia Mackay (2 laps), Wayne McMurtrie (1 lap) and Kate Dzienis (officially ‘0’ laps; although the lap was completed, I was timed out, so I’m still counting my 1 lap).


Duncan’s Run was held for the very last time on the weekend of 19-20 March, 2022 with a final hurrah for the event. Run in Gippsland along the trails of Tarra Bulga National Park in Vic, runners were given an option to enter the 100km, 50km, 21km or 6km distances.

Kicking things off with the women’s 100km, AURA’s very own Katherine MacMillan from Kingslake West, Vic took a strong hold to keep 1st Female and secure herself the podium finish with a time of 15:03:52. Second Female was won by Sally Theobald (16:42:48) whilst 3rd Female was securely taken by AURA member Fleur Douy from Coburg, Vic who wasn’t too far behind, finishing in 16:48:12. 

In the men’s 100km, top spots went to Danny Gamble (13:28:15), Bruce Miller (14:09:03) and Ben Cordell (15:28:44).

There were 17 finishers total in the 100km.

Onto the women’s 50km and AURA’s Tracy Feiner from Beaconsfield, Vic saw the win with a 1st Female placing in 6:18:17. She was closely followed by Quinn McGennisken (6:51:03) and Yani Cornthwaite (7:03:13).

In the men’s 50km, finishers for the podium included Daniel Furmston (4:55:02), Travis Boyle (5:14:39) and Adam Murphy (5:16:34).

Congratulations to all the AURA members who ran in the 50km, including Mick Duyvestyn (7:12:39), Wendy Lines (7:28:26), Richard McCormick (7:55:28), Kelvin Marshall (8:47:26) and Thomas Dade (9:50:19).

For the full list of results from Duncan’s Run, click here.


One of the newest events added to the AURA calendar, the Noosa Ultra Trail was held last weekend, 23-27 March, showcasing the Noosa Hinterland region along the Noosa Trail Network. A qualifier for the UTMB World Series, the multi-day festival offered runners with a barrage of distances to choose from a 100km, 80km and a 50km.

Starting with the men’s 100km event, Andrew Dey representing NZL took 1st Male with a time of 9:48:49 whilst Kurtis Stirling representing GBR held on for 2nd Male (10:23:02) and Ryan Crawford for AUS took 3rd Male (10:24:29).

In the women’s 100km, NZL’s Roxanne Shatahmasebi claimed 1st Female (10:45:06), Jacqui Bell took 2nd Female (11:47:38) and Samantha McNulty won 3rd Female in a time of 14:10:15.

Big congratulations to AURA members Anthony Boyle and John Pearson who ran in the 100km and finished in the top 10 men with times of 10:54:09 and 12:02:55 respectively.

At the Noosa Ultra Trail’s men’s 80km event, the top podium finishes went to Tom Brimelow (7:19:09), Marc Godelmann (8:44:32) and Trevor Allen (9:28:19). In the women’s 80km event, it was Carol Robertson (8:58:24), Amy Edwards (9:21:01) and Carly Silvester (9:36:49).

Well done to AURA members Carl Schodde for coming across the finish line in 11:41:05 and to Clifford Jones who finished in 13:43:21.

It was an especially large contingent of runners in the 50km division – 219 to be exact. Top 3 men were Daniel Buenen (4:01:28), Luke McKenzie (4:12:57) and Anderson Moquiuti (4:24:15), whilst the top 3 women were taken by Beth McKenzie (4:02:46), Ella McCartney (4:09:12) and Anna McKenna 4:11:08).

Congratulations to AURA’s Anthony Gordon who took home 5th Male with a finish time of 4:31:31, and Barry Gill who completed his race in 8:59:34.


Held across the weekend of 25-27 March, the Sri Chinmoy 48 Hour Track Festival is always an event very much revered and anticipated by the ultra running community. With participants racing on a certified 400m floodlit track at the world-class AIS Athletics Track in Canberra, this race has an IAU silver label status and this year has doubled up as AURA’s 2022 48hr Championships.

There were a number of track timed distances, as always, with a 48hr, 24hr, 12hr, 6hr and a marathon.

It is worth noting that in AURA’s 48hr Championships, even if a podium finisher is not an AURA member, they do present with top spot in the Championships; the event is not exclusive.

Starting off with the men’s 48hr, podium spots for the Sri Chinmoy and winners of the Championships were awarded to Matt Griggs (AURA) from Torrens, ACT who took top honours with 952 laps for a total of 380.863km. Kevin Muller, also an AURA member, from Wodonga, Vic claimed 2nd Male with 927 laps, landing him a successful 370.822km whilst AURA’s Ingo Ernst from Griffith, ACT secured himself 3rd Male after finishing 760 laps, a total of 304.000km firm.

For the women’s 48hr, Allicia Heron (AURA) from Theodore, ACT took the ladies’ top spot and claimed 1st Female with a total of 823 laps, landing herself a total of 329.392km and taking home the top gong for the Championships. Second Female was won by AURA’s Annabel Hepworth who hails from Castlecrag, NSW. She ran an extraordinary 725 laps, successfully securing herself 290.335km, while 3rd Female was claimed by another AURA member, Kris Ryan, from Pacific Pines, Qld who ran a total of 589 laps to secure 235.629km.

It was an AURA list of winners for the Championships, with 19 finishers in total in the 48hr.

Congratulations to every AURA member who ran at the 48hr event, including Cian Gray (273.232km), Phil Ryan (268.671km), Stephen Redfern (266.107km), David Billett (250.316km), Joffrid Mackett (205.915km), Justin Scholz (161.200km), Nikki Wynd (126.400km) and Greg Wilson (116.000km).

In the women’s 24hr event, 1st Female was proudly taken by AURA member Christina Redwood of Sunrise Beach, Qld who secured herself a brilliant 498 laps for a total distance of 206.908km. Right behind her was AURA’s Cassie Cohen from Kingston, ACT who claimed 2nd Female after finishing with 494 laps and a grand total of 204.923km. Third Female went to Rosario Delis with 374 laps (155.240km).

In the men’s 24hr, top podium position went to Thomas Allen who held on for 216.052km (520 laps). Ashley Colquhoun claimed 2nd Male with 204.043kms (492 laps) and Scott Connolly took 3rd Male with 202.805km (489 laps).

Congratulations to every AURA member who participated and ran in the 24hr event, including Nathan Queripel (167.885km), Paul Gay (125.053km), Vice Hazdovac (107.822km) and Luke Mulley (97.455km).  

There was a total of 19 finishers in the 24hr.

Onto the 12hr event, of which there was a total of 22 finishers.

In the men’s 12hr, AURA’s very own Joe Ward from Fairlight, NSW took the top spot to secure 1st Male after completing 316 laps for a grand total distance of 126.623km. Second Male went to Andrew Leigh for 267 laps and 3rd Male was claimed by AURA member Greg Ponych from Wishart, Qld who secured himself 236 laps for a total of 94.412km.

In the women’s 12hr, AURA’s Tia Jones stepped up for 1st Female after finishing on 277 laps, which saw her complete 110.801kms. Second Female went to Susan Marshall (104.205km) and 3rd Female went to Niboddhri Christie (101.317km).

Congratulations to all our AURA members who competed in the 12hr, including Leah Weeden (81.609km), Chloe Skewes-Weir (81.200km) and Michael Thompson (77.057km).

In the men’s 6hr event, top spots were awarded to Baden Reynolds who took 1st Male with 68.795km and AURA member Ben Grimshaw from Chifley, ACT who secured himself 2nd Male after a run of 163 laps, equalling 67.900km. Third Male went to Tim Altamore (66.352km.

In the women’s 6hr, podium finishes were claimed by Gemma Worland (49.423km), Rosie Reynolds (48.286km) and Lib Smith (41.199km).

There were 15 finishers in total in the 6hr. Well done and congratulations to all our AURA members who ran in the 6hr, including Gregory Jenkins (64.658km), Richard Crane (45.220km) and Joel Anderson (43.958km).

For a full list of results of the Sri Chinmoy 48 Hour Festival, click here.


The 12th running of the Washpool World Heritage Trails was held on 27 March through the Gibraltar Range National Parks, and was organised by Coffs Trail Runners.

A 50km distance was on offer for long distance runners, and the event saw a field of 35 finishers take to the course.

In the women’s 50km, AURA’s very own Clare Palmer from Glenreagh, NSW took the lead with a stunning win of 5:00:38. Second Female Annabelle Swainston came across the finish 5:59:32 whilst 3rd Female Claire Burley clocked in at 6:17:49.

For the men’s 50km, the top 3 finishers were Daniel Stein (4:00:52), Troy Longeran (4:29:47) and David Waugh (4:32:28).

Well done and congratulations to AURA member Matt Newhouse who finished his event in 7:35:10.

For the full list of results for the Washpool World Heritage Trails event, click here.


Coming up in the next few weeks (and as always, keep an eye on your respective races re COVID cancellations, postponements or changes) we have some cracking events lined up on the AURA calendar. The Irrational SOUTH featuring a 200 miler from Murray Bridge in SA will kick off on 6 April and finish 10 April. This is the sister event to the ever-popular Delirious WEST in WA.

The Sandy Running Festival, new to the AURA calendar of events, will be held on 9 April in Osborne, SA and offers runners spectacular coastal landscape, with its purpose to raise money and provide life saving help and development to African children. The ultra distance is 68km and starts at Selllicks Beach.

The Coburg 24 Hour is due to kick off the weekend of 9-10 April in Coburg East, Vic at the Harold Stevens Athletics Track. A highly anticipated track event, the Coburg 24 Hour offers a 24hr, 12hr, 6hr and marathon distance.

It’s a busy weekend with three more events to be held on 10 April (that weekly news report is going to be huge!). The Bailey Centre Great Ocean Run in Red Rock, NSW with a 45km trail course, the Tamworth Trailblazer in Tamworth, NSW with 45km and 60km options, and the inaugural Cairns 50 Ultra in Brinsmead, Qld providing a 50km run through the Redlynch Valley Rainforest and cane fields.

The Dead Cow Gully Backyard Ultra will kick off 16-18 April in Runnymede, Qld and that’s always a cracker of an event so stay watching their socials to keep up to date on their Last One Standing race. The Sydney International 100km, to be held in Castlereagh, NSW on 23 April, will double as the Australian 100km Championships, and the last two events of the month will be held the weekend of 23-25 April – the Lighthorse Ultra in Woodvale, WA and the GUMBY (Great Ultra Mediocre Back Yarder) in Coree, ACT, another Last One Standing event held with stunning landscaping.


We also want your race reports and story ideas for our monthly Ultramag digital magazine. Without your tips and leads, there wouldn’t be an Ultramag, and there would be nothing for you to read, so please consider contributing at least once in the new year where you get a chance to share your ultra running experiences with other members! Email kate.dzienis@aura.asn.au or ultramag@aura.asn.au with either your race report or a story lead.

The men’s and women’s podium finishers at this year’s Sri Chinmoy 48hr Track Festival. Photograph: Stephen Redfern.