Halloween Dusk 2 Dawn Trail Run, NSW
Feral Pig Ultra, WA
Maritime Run, SA
Stromlo Running Festival, ACT
Races Coming Up

There have been a few AURA-listed events over the last couple weekends, so let’s catch up on the results and how all our AURA members did in the long distance disciplines.

Halloween Dusk 2 Dawn Trail Run
We are still awaiting official results to be available to reference our AURA members’ participation.

Feral Pig Ultra
Yet again, the Feral Pig Ultra hosted by Ultra Series WA was held on a hot 7-8 November and offered a variety of distances including a 100mi, 100km, 50mi and 50km. Raced in the hills of Perth, it was well-known podium finisher and AURA member Michael Hooker from East Perth who secured top spot for the men in the 100mi with a time of 18:28:42, averaging a pace of 6:48.  

Second Male in the Feral Pig 100mi was claimed by AURA’s Sergio Gustinetti from Tuart Hill after he crossed the finish line in 23:18:04 whilst Ian North from Perth, also an AURA member, took 3rd Male with 24:02:21.

For the women’s 100mi, AURA’s very own Jen Millum from Karnup held on for 1st Female with a time of 24:44:03. Second and 3rd females were claimed by Sandra Wharerau (30:46:46) and Veronika Kretzer (32:29:15) respectively.

Congratulations to those AURA members who took on the 100mi and finished, including Nick Swallow (33:49:04), Harmony Waite (37:00:30) and Emma Luscombe (38:41:22).

On to the Wild Swine 100km and for the women, AURA’s Shaye Pett from Stoneville claimed 1st Female following a 1hr 28min lead over second place getter Linda Kilpatrick (16:56:26) with a time of 15:28:04. Third Female was taken by Ilza Roux (17:22:35).

For the men’s 100km it was Simon Schubert 1st (13:54:07), Giovanni De Vita 2nd (14:18:25) and Glenn Ross 3rd (15:07:21).

Well done to all our AURA members who completed the 100km distance, including Nick O’Neill (17:57:26) and Sue Robertson (22:30:58).

The Boar 50mi saw more great performances by AURA members with Beck Hefferon from South Fremantle taking the title of 1st Female in 10:55:00, averaging a pace of 7:42. Second and 3rd Female spots went to Milly Young (12:38:00) and Leanne Duckworth (13:30:00). For the men’s division, podium finishes went to Sam Colvin (9:44:00), Graham Dixon (10:06:00) and Nathan Reeves (10:51:00).

Well done to all AURA members who ran and finished in the Boar 50, including Bryan Wright (12:54:00), Peta Moore (15:14:00) and Myra Keep (15:45:00).

The final distance, the Sow 50km, saw non-AURA members take all the top spots. For the men it was Tim Pullin 1st(5:50:00), Steve Righton 2nd (5:53:00) and Tom Grunnill 3rd (6:02:00) whilst for the women top finishes went to Sarah Dyer 1st (6:27:00), Seranica Aldous 2nd (6:43:00) and Martina Tairea 3rd (6:45:00).

Congratulations to the AURA members who finished the 50km, including Glen Smetherham (7:00:00), Kate Ashfaq (8:41:00) and AURA Secretary Julia Mackay-Koelen (13:42:00).

Maritime Run
The Maritime Run was held on 14 November, last weekend, and offered distances of 2.5km, 5km, 7.5km, 10km, 15km, 21.1km and a 42.2km. In the marathon it was Martin Alexander who took 1st place with a time of 4:35:06.

Stromlo Running Festival
The Stromlo Running Festival was held on the weekend of 21-22 November at Stromlo Forest Park in Canberra, and offered a 50km course for long distance runners. Features of this particular event including wide open trails with sweeping views of Canberra, Black Mountain Tower, the National Arboretum and the Brindabella Ranges.

Top podium finishes for the men were Travis Haslam in 1st (3:42:49), Mike Carroll in 2nd (3:46:30) and Matt Gore in 3rd(3:50:21). For the women it was Kath Carty 1st (4:16:53), Gemma Jenkins 2nd (4:16:57) and Marijke Walshe 3rd(4:42:37).

Well done to all our AURA members who entered and raced in the Stromlo 50km, including David Hosking (4:54:48), Ingo Ernst (5:22:09), Paul Mahoney (6:53:04) and Leah Weeden (6:56:04).

Coming up
Here soon enough will be the highly anticipated Coast to Kosciuszko from 4-6 December, one of Australia’s most challenging ultramarathons as will be the Narrabeen All Nighter in NSW from 5-6 December.

That weekend is especially busy with AURA-listed events abound! The Surf Coast Century will be held on 5 December, as will the Bruny Island 64km Ultra in Tas.

In WA the Yaberoo Trail Ultra will be held on 6 December whilst the Fisiocrem GC50 Run Festival will take place that same day in Coolangatta, Qld. There is still time to sign up to some of these events, so head on over to their respective websites and get cracking for those December races.

Pictured: Runners at the Feral Pig Ultra. Photograph – Jo Malcolm/Facebook.