Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon, NSW
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Transcend Ultra, WA
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Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon

The Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon Weekend was held on Saturday and Sunday (19-20 June, 2021) taking runners on a journey that took in the best sights of Newnes and the Wolgan Valley in NSW.

There were a number of distances on offer for everyone, including a full marathon, half marathon and 6km on Saturday, then a half marathon and a ‘Mountain Mile’ on Sunday. Event organisers also offered combination events – The Grand Slam (marathon and 6km on Saturday, the half marathon and 1500m climb on Sunday), The Triple Crown (marathon and 6km on Saturday, then the half marathon on Sunday) and The Double (marathon on Saturday, half marathon on Sunday).

Starting with the combination events, AURA member Kelly Glanville from Kurrajong Heights, NSW secured 1st Female in The Grand Slam with Stage 1 completed in 5:38:06, Stage 2 in 45:49, Stage 3 in 2:50:49 and Stage 4 in 15:21. Second Female was Alexandra Kong.

For the men in The Grand Slam winners were Leigh Shakespeare, Ken Schack-Evans and Matthew Williamson.

One person took on The Triple Crown and it was Govindaran Manogaran.

In The Double combination event, podium spots for the women went to Laura Vilcek in 1st and Leanne Herrett in 2nd. For the men, winners were named as Jeff Powell, Andrew Fuller and Brad Innes.

Onto the single distances, half marathon winners on Saturday were AURA member Brendan Davies from Woodford, NSW who came in with a speedy 1:42:12 across the finish line. Stellar effort, well done! 2nd Male went to Brian Smith (1:47:02) and 3rd Wesley Harrison (1:58:50).

For the women, it was Helena Hayes 1st (1:51:53), Claire Rayner 2nd (1:53:32) and Alae Brand 3rd (1:54:55).

286 runners participated in the half marathon, congratulations to everyone who ran.

In Saturday’s marathon, which saw 108 finishers cross the finish line, winners were Luke Taylor in 1st (3:35:13) and AURA member Andrew Lee from Warrimoo, NSW who claimed 2nd Male in a time of 3:59:26. Third Male went to James Howatson (4:11:42).

For the women’s marathon on Saturday, it was Marijke Walshe in 1st (4:24:49), Faye Southcombe 2nd (4:41:27) and Becky House 3rd (4:53:27).

In Sunday’s half marathon, podium finishers for the men included Jack Roth (1:37:40), Lewis Squadrito 2nd (1:41:20) and James Watson 3rd (1:45:47). For the women it was Melinda Vernon (1:50:19), Georgina Beech (1:59:25) and Saskia Grootemaat (2:02:54).

River Run

GoodRunnings’ River Run event was held on Sunday (20 June) and featured two ultra distances – a 50km and a 60km. Only one runner raced in the ultra distances, Rhys Dix who finished the 60km in a time of 6:46:37.

Transcend Ultra

The Transcend Ultra 65km kicked off in WA on Sunday (20 June) at Walyunga National Park just outside the Swan Valley, and finished at Cobblers Pool near the historic town of Toodyay. Weather on the day wasn’t ideal, but that didn’t stop the trail runners shivering at the start line at 7am. Rain soaked everyone, getting heavy for a few hours and seeing all runners drenched from head to toe – it was certainly an incentive to get everyone moving and stay warm, with a chill factor hitting the Perth hills. Eventually the sun made its appearance, and the rain stopped but that didn’t stop muddy puddles along all the trails as well as slippery ups and downs, lots of hills, rock hopping, river crossings, fire trails and spectacular views at every turn.

First to cross the finish line for the women was Isabel Traill (7:21:48) followed by Jessica Smith (7:32:10) and Anna Bamber (7:43:44).

For the men it was AURA’s very own Joshua Chugg from Hamilton Hill who took 1st Male in a time of 5:55:25 soon followed by Justin Scarvaci (6:32:21). AURA member Joshua Kuhn from South Bunbury also took a podium finish, taking 3rd Male when he crossed the finish line in 6:47:17.

Congratulations to all our AURA members who took on the solo division in the 65km including Beck Hefferon (9:18:11), Sarah Niven (10:34:46), Wayne McMurtrie (11:49:28), James Sawyer (11:58:15) and Kathryn Hookham (13:22:57).

A multitude of teams also ran in the 65km, allowing for teams of 2-4 with either female, male or mixed groups – amazing efforts by everyone who ran on the day in trying conditions!

Transcend Ultra race director Shane Johnstone said on the shortest, coldest and wettest day of the year, more than 300 runners (solo and teams) took part in the event through the Avon Valley.

“The beautifully brutal course took many by surprise,” he said.

“Despite being on Perth’s doorstep not many had ventured through this region, largely because of how much is privately managed land.

“It was great to see everyone embrace the wet weather and it turned on all the water features, which is what the Avon Valley is really about, you could hear the river raging below through the rapids.

“Friends and family followed their runner trackers along to the finish line at Cobbler Pool near the historic town of Toodyay; the paddock had been transformed to an after party where they cheered on the first team and then then our first solo athletes.

“It was a fairytale finish with the last runner Tim Branco crossing the line at the 9pm cut off with the two race directors, myself and Mitchell Craig, MC Rob Goyen and the two sweeps Martha and Peter Byatt by his side for the final kilometre.

“For the event’s first year it was a huge success and there is already so much excitement for the 2022 edition.”

Upcoming Events

The Wild Goose Chase Running Festival kicks off this weekend on Friday (25 June) and runs through to 27 June, with both Saturday and Sunday offering distances for all abilities from the 5km to the 100 miler.

Come July and we’ve got the Australian 24 Hour Track Invitational from 3-4 July at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, and the Lakes100 across the same weekend in Hawks Nest, NSW.

Pictured: Joshua Chugg taking the lead into aid station 5 at the weekend Transcend Ultra. Photograph – Bilbo Betts.