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Ultra Trail Gold Coast (formerly the Nerang Ultra)

Kicking off last Tuesday was the 500km race at the Ultra Trail Gold Coast. With twenty laps of a very hilly 25km course (895m per lap), the finishers climbed (and descended) roughly 17,900m on their way to the finish line.

The five amazing finishers deserve a massive round of applause! Todd Hazlegrove took the honors in 98:08:49, with Sam Weir 2nd male in 99:33:08, and Paul Shard third male in 102:27:45.  AURA member Karen Barrett was 1st female in 107:34:53 and Anne Bennett 2nd female in 140:21:49. 

There were no finishers in the 200mi event.

Saturday saw the start of the 175km and 100km events.

In the 175km event, there were five finishers, with Mark Taylor winning in 26:47:55, followed by Tim Cooke in 28:00:14 and Simon Byrne in 35:37:52

In the 100km event, Trent Harding won the men’s event in 13:26:12, with Craig Bibby 2nd in 15:14:38 and Guy Roberts 17:21:37.  In the women’s event, Jillian Clifford won in 13:50:58 and Shona Burton was 2nd in 18:59:49.

Finally, in the 50km event held on Sunday, in the women’s race it was Seabastion Toast winning in 5:50:35, Carrie Stander in 2nd place with 5:50:35 and in 3rd place was Renee Dikeni in 6:40:58.  In the men’s race, Joe Murphy won in a cracking 4:36:14, Adam Gordon taking 2nd in 4:28:19 and Brett Thomas was 4rd in 5:09:38. 

Congrats to AURA member Rob Bele who compeleted the 50km in 6:09:34.

Waterous Trail on Foot, WA

Saturday saw the running of the the 50mi and 100mi events at the Waterous Trail on Foot aka WTF in Dwellingup, WA in great conditions – with a new course this year centred around the Nanga Bush Camp, south of Dwellingup.

In the men’s 100mi, AURA’s Sergio Gustinetti from Tuart Hill, WA set a course record on the new course, completing the distance in 19:31. Second male to arrive at the finish, just three minutes behind, was Ally Willcox  in 19:34 whilst 3rd went to AURA member Andre Pienaar from Perth, WA in 22:15

In the women’s 100mi, recurring name and AURA’s own Jen Millum from Karnup, WA took control of the race with her 1st place finish in a time of 22:48.  In 2nd place was Michelle Lane in 28:39, and in 3rd was AURA member Cheryl Tatterton in 30:14

Over to the 50mi race, in in the women’s event AURA member Sarah Dawson from Augusta, WA took 1st place with 10:31. Not far behind was Raquel Rae (10:51) to take 2nd and Kate Janour with 3rd (10:53).

In the men’s 50mi, AURA’s very own Mick Francis from Secret Harbour completed the newly designed trail course in a speedy 8:37 claiming top spot for the men. Second went to Matt Yearsley (9:40) and 3rd was claimed by Owen De Snoo (9:54) who clearly wasn’t far from Yearsley’s heels.

Congratulations to our AURA members who completed in the 100mi: Tim Bond in 28:14, Jonathan Smith in 29:00, Pamela Williams in 32:44 and Sue Robertson in 34:04, along with 50mi finishers John Cooke in 13:00, Emma Luscombe in 15:41, Shon Fry in 15:57, Louise Wallace in 15:57 and Julia Mackay-Koelen in 16:19.

Sunshine Coast BUTTER 24

Saturday also saw the running of the Sunshine Coast BUTTER 24 which provided options of a 6hr, 12hr and 24hr track (Qld 24hr State Championships).  There are no results online so far for the event, and we’ll provide more details in next week’s report.

Kuranda to Port Douglas Trail Race

The rescheduled K2PD race was held on Sunday, a 64km trail race from the highs of Kuranda to the beach in Port Douglas.  

In the women’s event, AURA member Alena Scurrah took 1st place in 6:23:53, followed by Kylie Whitley in 7:48:19 and Jenni Jefferis in 7:53:55. In the men’s event, it was Troy Ireland winning in 6:04:48, AURA’s David von Senden in 6:07:48 and Luke Raffles rounding out the podium taking 3rd place in 6:18:05.

Congratulations to AURA members who completed the event, with John  Kilkelly in 7:30:55,  Lorraine Lawson in 8:39:26 and Stuart Corbett in 8:58:08

Hounslow Classic (non AURA-listed events)

The  Hounslow Classic Ultra SkyMarathon 68km was held on Sunday in Blackheath, NSW.  

In the women’s event, it was Beth Cardelli taking the podium in a time of 9:59:04, followed by Jordan Maki-Richards of the USA in 11:56:28 and Karen McMorrow from IRL in 12:23:56.  In the men’s event, AURA-member Ryan Lowe took overall honors in 9:27:52, followed by Baden Chapple in 10:05:24 and Alex Ramsey in 10:40:47

Congratulations to AURA finishers Andrew Bainbridge (11:37:04), Michael Douglas (11:47:53), Megan Sims (12:43:31), David Campbell (13:23:41) & Lincoln Quilliam (13:30:00)

New Age-group records

Some postings over the weekend to indicate (provisionally) two new age group records have been set:

  • Kyle Weise at the BUTTER24 with a M20-24 50km time 3:29:21 (beating his previous best of 3:34:48 set at Gold Coast 50k last year).  
  • Marie Boyd at the Adelaide 6 day event passing the 200km mark at just over 56 hours (2D:08:xx:xx) breaking the Australian Record for W70-74 (beating her own record of 2D:15:22:23 set in December 2018).

2020 Event Calendar

The 2020 Event Calendar is starting to take shape and can be found here (or via Events -> 2020 Events List at the top of our website).

Coming Up

The Adelaide 6 Day kicked off on Sunday Sept 29 in SA and runs through to Saturday. Some great 

The Haunted Pines Ultra event (50km) starts at 7:30 at night this Friday and runs through the dark, creepy pine plantations of Carabooda, 45 minutes North of Perth.

Please send your race reports for the next edition of Ultramag to ultramag@aura.asn.au 

Pictured: Sub-24h buckle recipients at the 2019 WTF 100miler. Photograph – Colette Simms/Facebook.