Feral Pig Ultra, WA

The weekend’s Feral Pig Ultra along the historic Bibbulman Track across the Darling Ranges in WA featured a plethora of AURA members taking on a range of distances – the 100 miler, 50 miler, and 50k.

Cool, balmy conditions saw the 100 milers kick start their campaign from midnight Friday/Saturday, with similar chills for the 50 milers who hit the start buttons at 6am Saturday. Perth’s spring heat popped its head out despite a forecast of storms and showers for the race, with temperatures reaching 26 degrees, which left the 50k runners (who began at 12pm Saturday) racing in the peak of warmth.

The later start allows for them to be on the course with those competing in the 100 miler and 50 miler for comradery and support.

Feral Pig is known for its elevation, stunning scenery, and toughness and yes, there were a number of DNFs throughout the day for a variety of reasons.

However performances by all runners were nothing short of inspirational, and each and every one of them deserve accolades for their achievements.

There were 13 starters in the 100 miler – three women, and 10 men.

On to our AURA members and starting with the women’s race, Jen Millum from Karnup (WA) took 1st Female with her time of 24:31:10 – this, coming straight out of having just recently run the 100 miler at WTF on Sept 23 (six weeks ago) in 20:44:23.

Beck Hefferon from South Fremantle (WA) claimed 2nd Female having crossed the finish line in 25:18:07.

In the men’s race, Mindarie runner Paul Hopwood (WA) took 4th Male in 24:18:33, and was closely followed by Perth’s Ian North (24:25:07).

Interstate entrant Duc Do from Ivanhoe, Vic teamed with another runner, Darlene Dale, for the majority of the race, and both ran through an arch of human arms as they crossed the finish line together in triumph, in 37:38:53, with loud cheers and hugs from volunteers, race directors, and those participating in Sunday’s 23kms event.

Special high fives to Richard Avery, Andrew ‘Felix’ Poli and Scott Mitchell who gave it their best, all making it to the 125kms mark.

The 50 miler saw a total of 28 participants – 11 women and 17 men.

In the women’s race, AURA’s Sarah Farrell from Applecross (WA) took 1st Female with a spectacular finish of 10:36:56. There were amazing performances by all those participating in the 50 miler, including Mick Francis (12:02:01), Mark Williams (14:49:38), Cheryl Tatterton (15:18:59), Tom Louden (16:19:59), and Sue Robertson (17:41:17).

Despite the later start for the 50k event, the race saw 39 starters – 14 women and 25 men.

Pam McCaskie took hold of her comeback race, finishing with a claim to the title of 2nd Female in 6:17:20, and congratulations goes out to all our AURA members who ran in the 50k, including Glen Smetherham (6:54:10), Alexis Oosterhoff (7:19:22), Nathan Facer (7:20:44), Katherine Ashfaq (9:15:49), Joanne Dean (9:18:51), Jutta Kober (9:19:45), Mark Keenan (9:38:53), Robert Colligan (9:58:16), Kelly-Lyn Fleming (10:21:39), and Mike Gibbon (12:06:45).

Incredible running by everyone!

The next AURA-listed event is the 24hr Asia and Oceania Championships in Taipei on December 1.

Pictured: AURA’s Jen Millum (centre) pictured with her pacer Chris Satherley on the left, and AURA member Mick Francis to the right. Photograph – Shannon Dale.