Yaberoo Trail Ultra, WA

Ultra Series WA started its new round of events with the first in its series, Yaberoo Trail Ultra, at the weekend in the Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail through Neerabup National Park in WA.

There were three distances to choose from – 15k, 25k, and a 50k, and there was a plethora of AURA members hitting the trails in conditions considered perfect for racing, albeit cold at the start.

For the women’s 50k, 100k World Championship team member Margaret Hadley claimed a course record for her division with her first placing podium finish, completing the arduous course in a speedy 4:07:21.

Female AURA members took complete control of the podium, and it was a superset of wonder women who accompanied Hadley – Jacqueline Kellerman held on to second with a time of 4:12:00 and Jennifer Millum took victory with third in 4:26:05.

For the men, AURA’s Richard Avery was back with a vengeance and claimed second in the men’s 50k with a time of 4:12:51, while Andrew ‘Felix’ Poli showed everyone yet again why he’s so well adapted to the trails as he took third in 4:29:07.

Congratulations to a massive list of AURA members who conquered the Yaberoo 50k – Ben Treasure (4:32:33), Mick Francis (4:37:45), Nick Swallow (4:38:37), Beck Hefferon (5:03:06), Glenn Monaghan (5:08:08), Andrew Mcleish (5:09:26), Jacqui Gooderham (5:29:54), Lee-Maree Gallo (5:40:10), Mark Caldwell (6:06:18), Shon Fry (6:18:35), Sue Robertson (6:34:20), Katherine Ashfaq (6:37:40), Joanne Dean (6:51:22), and Emma Luscombe (7:15:25).

The next AURA listed events on the calendar are in two weeks’ time – the Bunbury Track Ultra in Bunbury, WA (3/6/12/24hr) on August 11 and 12, and the Berry Long Run in Bacchus Marsh, Vic (70kms) on August 11.

Pictured: Andrew ‘Felix’ Poli heading to the finish at the Yaberoo Trail Ultra. Photograph – Suzanne Poli.