3 Marathons in 3 Days, Qld
Adelaide 6/12/24 hr, SA

There were two big races held across the weekend, and both heralded amazing results from our AURA members who participated.

To the 3 Marathons in 3 Days event held in tropical north Queensland, runners were invited to enter the Grand Slam – a ticket to all three marathons from Friday through to Sunday. This was its seventh year, and the Grand Slam bling went only to those who completed all three, although participants could run in only one or two of the marathons.

A big congratulations goes to our members who finished the Grand Slam, including David Von Senden, who not only took out fourth male and first AURA member to cross the finish line (12:54:34) but also claimed first in his age category of M60-69, Morgan Sheehy (13:58:10), Stephen Lewis (17:08:08), Jane Trumper (17:49:36) who came first in her age category F50-59, Sarah-Jane Marshall (17:58:13), Greg Brown (18:24:21), and Lorraine Lawson (24:18:20).

The Adelaide 6/12/24hr was also held over the weekend, with the 24hr starting on Saturday at the Adelaide University Sports Field. There was an abundance of strong competitors, and although not an AURA member, first overall position went to overseas runner Felix Webber who put down an amazing distance of 260.017, which would be one of the all-time top 10 distances on Australian soil.

The 24-hour was a National Championship race, and winners for podium finishes (men) in the NC were John Yoon from Kensington, Vic who took second overall but first in the NC with a total distance of 245.603kms; Brendan Davies from NSW who was third overall but second in the NC thanks to an effort of 224.814kms; and Darren Linney who secured fourth overall and third in the NC with a distance of 214.665kms.

In the women’s division for the NC, first female overall Heather Hawkins from Coogee, NSW took first on the NC podium with 171.615kms clocked on the watch; 2017 Australian Female Ultra Runner of the Year Tia Jones claimed second overall and for the NC thanks to a 134.200kms effort; and third placing for the NC went to Cherie Rothery with 103.400kms completed.

Big congratulations goes to all our members who logged phenomenal distances in Adelaide, including David Billett (176.320), Colin Brooks (171.542), Barry McBride (165.000), Phil Ryan (163.377), Adrian Mannix (151.800), Luca Turrini (143.000), Merle Carter (128.177), Duc Do (127.338), Tony Wilms (121.430), Joe Ward (66.00), Kevin Muller (61.600), Richard Avery (39.600) and Graham Tottey (who completed 56.415kms in the 6-hour event, finishing 9th out of 40 participants).

In the 12-hour event, AURA member Kerrie Bremner from the ACT claimed first female and third overall with a total distance of 111.442kms, whilst 66-year-old Queenslander John Nuttall took in a total of 47 laps on the track to claim sixth overall but first in his age category with 105.096kms. Cheryl Symons finished 102.057kms landing her third female, and big congratulations also to Cathie Wiltshire (66.661), Robert Boyce (61.600) and Ian Hoad (50.600).

Next on the calendar for AURA-listed events is Yaberoo in WA, to be held on Sunday, July 29.

Pictured: Heather Hawkins, Darren Linney, Brendan Davies and John Yoon. Photograph – Supplied.