The AURA aggregate points competition is designed to encourage participation and quality of performance. It is conducted over the calendar year and points are awarded for starting (so many points per race, favouring longer races), distance achieved (2 points per accumulated 100 km), placing in race (double if championship), breaking Australian and/or World records and bonus points if achieving IAU qualifying status in certain races (50km, 100 km, 24 hour and trail WC). Points are also awarded to volunteers, including race directors. There is no distinction between male and female in the points competition, in the sense that there is just the one competition. However, points are awarded in each race to first male, first female and so on.

This competition relates only to races officially sanctioned by AURA and included in the AURA race calendar.

The following prizes have been set for 2017 as follows:

1st – $1500 cash
2nd – $800 cash
3rd – $500 cash
4th – $400 cash
5th – $300 cash
6th – $200 cash
7th – $100 cash
8th – $50 AURA store credit.
9th – $50 AURA store credit.
10th – $50 AURA store credit.


Rules and explanation
If you have any queries on points awarded please contact the Points Comp coordinator