The AURA aggregate points competition is designed to encourage participation and quality of performance. It is conducted over the calendar year and points are awarded for starting (so many points per race, favouring longer races), distance achieved (2 points per accumulated 100 km), placing in race (double if championship), breaking Australian and/or World records and bonus points if achieving IAU qualifying status in certain races (50km, 100 km, 24 hour and trail WC). Points are also awarded to volunteers, including race directors. There is no distinction between male and female in the points competition, in the sense that there is just the one competition. However, points are awarded in each race to first male, first female and so on.

This competition relates only to races officially listed by AURA and included in the AURA race calendar.

If you have any queries on points awarded please read the FAQ below, and if the answer is not there, send an email to the Points Comp coordinator


I don’t seem to have any points for a certain event. Why not?

Work your way through this list for possible causes.

  • Is it an AURA listed event? Check the list on this here. And then check the event results list here , if you don’t see the current year (i.e. “2021”) in the PC column, then perhaps we’ve overlooked the listing status when publishing the results. Please send an email to the results coordinator
  • Is it an Ultra-distance event, and did you achieve 45km or better?
    • only performances 45km or greater are counted in the Points Competition (this is due to the tie-in to the DUV database, which only records 45km or better),
    • some AURA-listed events are not ultra-distance such as Belair Marathon, and Run Larapinta Apr ’21 (which did not include any stages of 45km or greater).
  • If the results have been published, and it is a listed event, is your name shown in the results?
  • If your name is not shown, please send us an email to the Points Comp coordinator so we can look into it. But first, please be aware that
    • we don’t include DNF’s (i.e. if you pull out at 50km in a 100km event, and the race director didn’t publish you as a finisher of the 50km, then it doesn’t count)
    • we don’t include results under 45km for 6/12/24h/48h events (sorry, this is a limit imposed by DUV, and we rely on their database in order to automate this process).
  • If your name is shown & you were a financial AURA member when the event was run & you don’t see an AURA classification alongside your name (i.e. M1/F3 etc), then please send an email to the results coordinator ; it could be that we have you listed under two different identifiers in the results database, or we’ve not matched you correctly in our membership database.

What about volunteer & race director points?

We’ve not added them at this stage, but will implement a process to allow you to register your volunteer efforts towards the end of 2021.

I set a world/national age/open group record. What about those points?

Points are only awarded once in Cat 3 (records) or Cat 4 (IAU benchmark achievement) for an event.  But, if it still appears you’re missing some points, please send an email to the Points Comp coordinator with the details.

My points total doesn’t seem correct!

Please check the Points Comp rules document, then send an email to the Points Comp coordinator outlining where you believe an error has been made.