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Membership expires on December 31, 2023.
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Joining us means you will be welcomed into a strong community of runners. We invite anyone with an interest in running, regardless of age, ability or running goals, to become a member and reap the benefits of an all-inclusive organisation.
Your AURA member benefits include:
  • Discounts on gear. Every Runner loves new gear, so we have some awesome new suppliers for all things running. Think shoes, clothing, packs, vests, bottles, poles, buffs, gloves… need we go on?
  • Discounts on health providers. As much as we hate it, runners get injured from time to time and we need to see a professional. Each state has access to local suppliers and allied health providers that will offer a discount on products or services to AURA members.
  • Ultramag online. Get access to Ultramag, AURA’s monthly magazine, to keep up to date on what’s happening in the running world, training tips and more!
  • Get recognition. Members are recognised in AURA’s weekly wrap-up online.
  • Race entry discounts. Receive discounts on most races appearing in the AURA race calendar – and we have PLENTY coming up!
  • AURA points competition. Participate in a friendly points competition with fantastic cash prizes for winners and just for taking part in AURA listed events! 
  • Community. Support an extraordinary sport and help build it’s growth in Australia. 
  • Hear from experienced runners and coaches. If you are beginning as a runner or you are more experienced, as an AURA member you will receive access to articles that will take your running to the next level!
  • Free webinars. Get free access to our upcoming webinars covering a wide range of topics, with well-known experienced panelists to discuss all things running! 


New Members

New members please note you will not be a full member of AURA until your membership application is formally approved by the AURA Committee. Please note that:

  • Approval normally takes 1-31 days, as Committee meetings are held monthly in normal circumstances.
  • You will accrue points and are able to take advantage of other membership benefits such as race discounts, while awaiting approval. However you cannot vote at the AGM.
  • Points are not allocated retrospectively to take into account races before you completed the membership application.

For any membership related questions or technical support for our membership system, please contact