Every year at its AGM in May, AURA asks for its members to put their hands up to represent the organisation in their respective states. This year, from May 2023 to May 2024, we have a plethora of amazing talent to showcase AURA across the country and we wanted you all to get to know who your State Representatives are. State-by-state, please welcome your new reps for the 2023-24 ultra season.

Julia Mackay

Anna Pillinger
Gary Mullins

Chris Glacken
Dawn Parks

Paul Wood
Corrina Black

Martin Fryer
Allicia Heron

John Claridge

Isobel Tait
Nikki Wynd


I want WA to be represented. I love ultra running and I want to be part of decision making with AURA. I believe that AURA does a great job of providing ultra runners and ‘would be’ ultra runners with a platform to learn about this incredible sport, to have a voice about the sport and to have a central body to go to for advice. AURA is also a central point for this fantastic community of runners. 

I’m relatively new to ultra running and AURA, but have already learnt so much and love the support network that AURA provides. I wanted to take the opportunity to give something back and play a part in promoting and growing AURA – a great group of people with so many great ideas and so much passion for ultra running.

My desire to serve as a State Representative for AURA stems from a profound passion for the sport, a commitment to its growth and development, and a strong belief in the transformative power of ultra running. With a focus on community engagement, collaboration, health promotion and effective representation, I’m excited to contribute positively to the advancement of ultra running in our state and create an environment that inspires and supports all runners.

I’ve run Coastal Fun Runs, where I’ve raised over $200,000 for charity and personally have run 270 official marathons and 10 ultras, coached footy at the community and volunteered at PAFC. I’ve already represented SA as a state rep before for AURA and am doing my best to promote the ultra distance in Australia. The trick is to have exciting trail courses and not the usual road marathon course; I ran all my early marathons, including many back-to-back events with no rest in between in Vic. Today, I have 15 years of serious running behind me, but being a state rep isn’t about me – it’s about what I can do to assist AURA in SA.

I’ve run three marathons in a day (on three separate occasions). I’ve run 10 marathons in 10 days. I signed up for my first 100km on the day, having never run more than 50km in one go (and even the 50km had only been once, years prior). I spent the night right before my citizenship ceremony running 100km. I’m known as ‘Blister Girl’ by people I’ve never even met due to an unfortunate attempt of running a 200 miler on improperly cared for blisters.

Running is my passion. In the early days, my passion was merely to see what my body could achieve. Now, the passion is in helping others achieve. I have an organisation – GoodRunnings – that hosts affordable running events around South Australia and I’m part of AURA.

There’s magic in running. There’s just as much magic in watching a person struggle through their first 5km, not knowing if they’ll be able to take enough steps to get to the finish, as there is in watching someone sign up for a 12 hour race on a whim and accidentally setting a new national record – both feats of which I’ve experienced watching.

Since running my first marathon in 2014, and being 30kg heavier, I’ve had a great time achieving many personal goals that I have set myself and made many friends on the way. These include completing my first 50 miler last year and my goals this year, which were to complete my first 100km run and reach 50 marathons by the end of the calendar year.

I’m an accredited Athletics Australia club and running coach, which includes Level 1-community athletics coach, Level 2 club coach and
many other qualifications. I’m in the process of upskilling other qualifications.

I’m based in Brisbane, so send me a message if you require any
assistance. You can achieve anything if put your mind to it.

I’m passionate about ultra running and helping others find and participate in our sport. Due to my own involvement and representation over the years, I’ve developed a deeper interest in the direction and future of our ultra running association and running community.

I very much enjoy encouraging and motivating runners to explore new distances that they may not have previously considered.

I believe that being a State Rep will give me more opportunity to help raise the awareness of ultra running as well as the profile of AURA in Queensland, not to mention broadcasting the rewarding benefits of being a member.

Not only am I passionate and knowledgeable about most aspects of ultra running after more than 25 years in the sport, but I’m already intimately involved with most of the track, trail and road running events in the ACT in many roles including competitor, race timer, race director, course designer and volunteer helper.

I’ve been a member of AURA for almost 25 years now having been inspired in the mid 1990s by the incredible stories of ultra endurance achievements that I read in AURA magazine. This led me to my first ultra at 6 Foot Track in 1997 and a subsequent ‘slippery slope’ journey of completing more than 100 ultras since then for events ranging from 4 hours to 43 days in duration and from 45km to 2800km in distance. Membership of AURA to me means being part of a team of like-minded individuals that have been fortunate enough to see the profound effects that training for, and completing an ultramarathon, have on people’s physical, mental and spiritual health – I have seen so many people’s lives changed positively by participation in this sport and that alone is the perfect motivation to give back to the sport that I love.

I first experienced the vibe of AURA during a 48hr run in Canberra early in 2021 and decided right then and there I wanted to be a part of it all, so for the second year running I’ve put my hand up as a state representative to get more involved and encourage others to get into ultra running. I’ve always loved to run, and my favourite distance is the 100km where it’s long enough to question why on earth you’re doing it but also long enough to feel that runner’s high when you cross the finish line. I’m very much looking forward to what the next 12 months can bring for AURA!

After two decades of running ultras I wanted to give back to the sport and community that has given me so much. If I can help others to find ultras, I know they will find themselves!


I love being involved in the community of ultra running in many ways i.e. running and volunteering at races. However, not all work is needed at races, there is so much of ultra running to celebrate and promote. As a state rep, I get to celebrate what the people in my home state of Victoria are achieving. It’s great to also promote this amazing sport so even more people can be involved!

I am volunteering as an Aura state rep as it’s a great opportunity for me to give back to the sport. I also love trying to strengthen the ultra running community while helping to share my knowledge and experience.