AURA is pleased to announce the members selected for the 2022 Australian 24hr Team. Here is what some of them had to say about being chosen to represent Australia…congratulations to all of you! 

This is Stephen Redfern’s 3rd time representing Australia in 24hr racing, and brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge. He has been named Captain for the men’s team.

“Receiving the call on the Thursday evening from AURA President Ewan was such a great surprise and excitement as well. I was very humbled and proud to be told that I was successful in being selected for my 3rd representation to run for Australia, and also felt very privileged when told that I had been selected to be the Team Captain alongside Nikki Wynd for the Emu’s India 24Hr race. It is such a proud feeling to be able to put on the Aussie colours and team uniform and be able to run in a sport that I’m so passionate about alongside such a great selection of runners, both new to the team and ones who have represented before. I look forward to be able to give it my all for Australia and to be able to pass on the knowledge and encouragement to all the other team mates.”


This will be Matthew Griggs’ first time representing Australia and comes into the team with an ’A’ Qualifier after running 244.087km in last year’s Canberra 48hr.

“I first dreamed of representing Australia watching the Olympics in 1988 at age nine. I started training right away running around concrete blocks I set up in my backyard. When I started running at Little Athletics I soon realised I wasn’t going to represent Australia in the 100m. I thought, perhaps I will need to run a bit further. Being selected to wear the Green and Gold in the longest international running event has proved that the nine-year-old me was right! This is a lifelong dream and something that means the world to me, my family. It is huge for ultra running in our community to have three national representatives in the team from Canberra. It is even bigger for the best little mediocre running club in Australia, that these three athletes are all a part of the ULTRA Mediocre Runners of Canberra.”

Joe Ward is also a first timer to represent Australia in the 24hr team, and comes in with an ’A’ Qualifier running 242.600km and winning the Southern Sydney 24hr Ultra last June (2021).

“I’m so thrilled to be a part of this super talented Aussie team! It’s been a dream for many years to represent my country and to finally get in the Australian team is absolute magic. I can’t wait to travel to India and show the Asia and Oceania champs what the emus can do! Let’s do this!”

This will be Dan Symonds’ 2nd time on the Aussie 24hr team, securing his spot thanks to a ’B’ Qualifier last June (2021) at the Southern Sydney 24hr Ultra with a 2nd Place distance of 237km.

“I’m honoured to have been selected to represent Australia at the upcoming Oceania and Asia Championships. It has always been a goal of mine to run for Australia in ultra running. I was given my first opportunity to do so in 2019 at the World Championships and am just as excited to be part of the Australian team again for this event. It takes a lot of time and sacrifice from both my family and myself so to be selected for this team is the cherry on top for that hard work. It’s great to see international races making a return and I’m looking forward to sharing the course with my team and other competitors in July.”

The captain for the women’s team is Nikki Wynd, who will be embarking on her 7th 24hr track championships and is well placed to be an incredible leader. She has won a number of events including the Badwater Ultra and Coast 2 Kosci (twice).

“I am so excited to be representing Australia for my 7th time at a 24 hour event. It’s an absolute honour and privilege to be named captain for the women’s team alongside good friend Stephen Redfern. I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and supporting and mentoring the new runners of the team.”

 This will be Cassie Cohen’s first time representing Australia after gaining a ’C’ Qualifier in her 24hr debut in Canberra last March (2022) with 204.923km.

“In my primary school year book, I wrote that when I grew up, I wanted to represent Australia in the marathon at the Olympics. I remember a classmate reading that and laughing. It wasn’t until I discovered ultras that I realised what I lacked in speed I made up for in endurance. It turned out that if I kept plodding, eventually everyone else would just stop. Now, here I am, being selected to run for Australia. It might not be the Olympics, but I reckon primary school would be pretty happy with this one – current day me is also pretty chuffed. I’d like to say a big thanks to everyone at AURA for the opportunity. I can’t wait to get out there and give it my absolute best.”

Allicia Heron also gained a ’C’ Qualifier at Canberra in March (2022) but was running in the 48hr event. She clocked 204.909km and proceeded to run 329.392km in the 48hr.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamt of wearing the Green and Gold of my country. I never thought it would be for ultra running! I was always a sprinter, but here we are! I remember the day I decided I was going to be a distance runner, it was whilst my family and I were travelling Australia, and I looked at my Dad and said, I’m going to run around this block as many times as I can. He looked at me thinking I was insane, but, said ‘off you go’. That day, I caught the endurance bug. I just truly love the challenge, and what comes with it. Running is such a big part of my life, and I have not been able to wipe the smile off my face since the night I received the call from AURA saying I was selected for the team headed for India in July! I am about to tick off a goal that I have only dreamt of, now it’s a reality and I cannot be more proud to share this dream with the other selected team members, coach, manager and crew.”