AURA member Alexis Oosterhoff has entered into an agreement with the German Ultramarathon Association (DUV) to act as the Australian & NZL representative to DUV, and will be responsible for the entry of Australian ultra marathon event results into the DUV Ultra Marathon Statistics database.

The DUV database was first established in 2004, and stores results for more than 4,000 international events every year with over 1.6 million individual runner profiles. As part of this collaboration, the DUV team has provided AURA with direct access to its database, which AURA will use for automating the national ranking and points competition details.

This data-entry service will be provided to all ultra marathon events in Australia, regardless of their affiliation with AURA. Over the past few years, Alexis has added results for 1600+ Australian events going back as far as 1896. As of December 2021, the DUV database results for over 3200 Australian events. 

The committee considers record-keeping an essential part of the service offered by AURA, and as such are keeping a copy of all Australian results in our own system. This will ensure the preservation of records should anything happen to DUV, and it also allows us to modify the presentation of that data to suit our own needs.

Members are encouraged to check their own results at the DUV Ultra Marathon Statistics website. We aim to results within four weeks of an event’s running.  If you identify any discrepencies, or have additional results to add, please contact Alexis via email at or

To access AURA’s online results visit