By Kate Dzienis

Author and distance runner Addie Bracy just recently released her latest publication, Mental Training for Ultrarunning, and it’s all about…well, can you take a wild guess from the title?

Bracy’s book is for ultra runners who are keen to improve their performance, for distance runners who are training or preparing for their first ultra, and for coaches and sport psychologists who support their athletes.

Brady has not only competed in endurance events, she’s also trained and educated in sport and performance psychology from the University of Denver, and her belief is that the psychological strain from ultramarathons is largely affected by the extreme duration of fatigue and exhaustion, and that her intention with this publication is to take her own experiences as an athlete and the observations of other ultrarunners, and provide a guide for enhancing the mental skills necessary to successfully tackle races.

Chapter topics in Mental Training for Ultrarunning include Why Psychological Breakdowns Happen in Ultrarunning, Managing Your Stress Response, Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable, and Emotionally Bouncing Back From Physical Setbacks.

In this publication, Bracy shows how belief is a complex skill that can be developed to anyone who wants to unleash the boss athlete within them, so get ready to get your sticky notes out to bookmark hundreds of relevant points you can refer back to, because Mental Training for Ultrarunning is a book you’ll want to keep handy over and over and over again.

Publisher: Human Kinetics
Availability: Booktopia
RRP: $32.40 (currently 20% off)

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