A World Trophy 50km final has taken place in most years since 2005. The exceptions were 2008 and 2013 when no event was held. Australia has been involved in some World 50km Trophy Finals, however results are sketchy because this has not always been an event controlled under the auspices of AURA. Similarly, the IAU only started to conduct a formal World Championship 50km event from 2016. With the IAU now better controlling the 50km World Championships, and AURA responsible for Australia team selection it is hoped that representation will continue to improve in future years.

AURA will continued to select teams to represent Australia at future 50km World Championships. AURA has a desire to send both a large team and a strong team. Details of future championships and the selection process will be available from this page via documents linked below.

To be considered for selection in general, qualifying standard must be met.  Standards may vary for each event.  Historically, the primary standard has been sub 3:00 for men (B and C qualifiers are 3:05 and 3:10) and sub 3:30 for women (B and C qualifiers are 3:40 and 3:50). Athletes who have achieved performances close to these standards are encouraged to apply.

There are numerous events on the AURA race calendar that can be used for qualifying. Some non-AURA events can be considered for qualifying, including some overseas events. Those seeking to qualify for the team at a non AURA listed event are encouraged to seek approval from AURA first, to ensure that their result will be considered. The IAU status of the event and formality of measurement and timing are paramount in any case where a non AURA listed event may be considered for qualifying.  Immediately past World Championship events are always valid for qualifying purposes.

IAU World 50km Championships, Hyderabad, India, 5th November 2023

Information/IAU Announcement

Applications open 8th August, 2023

Applications close 15th August, 2023

Selections announced 22nd August, 2023



Team Selection Criteria

Past events:

Photo below is the 2015 team that competed in Doha.

Brasov, Romania
Team & results TBATeam & results TBA
Doha (QAT)
No Australian Representation.

There were 50 finishers in this event.
Male winner was Anthony Migliozzi USA 02:54:02.
Female winner was Risper Kimaiyo KEN 03:22:45

Mens team winners were USA
Female team winners were GBR.

For full results, TBA.
Doha (QAT)
56 finishers (32 M, 24 F)

John Dutton, 3:11:43 - 16th
Craig McCredie, 3:12:52 - 18th
Brendan Davies, 3:13:16 - 19th
Darren Purcell, 3:23:02 - 25th

Teams: Kenya (8:49:09), USA (8:57:52), Australia (9:37:51).

For full results, TBA.
Natasha Fraser, 3:48:46 - 13F
Kelly-Ann Varey, 3:50:34 - 15F
Tina Major, 3:52:20 - 16F

Teams: Croatia (10:50:08), Canada (11:10:41), Australia (11:31:40).
Doha (QAT)
32 finishers (17 M, 15 F)

Todd Ingraham, 3:32:52 - 11th
Scott Brittain, DNF

For full results, click HERE
Tina Major, 4:05:25 - 13F
Natasha Fraser, 4:41:39 - 15F
Julie Norney, DNF
No event.
Vallecrosia (ITA)
40 finishers (28M, 12F)

No male finishers

For full results, see here

50 km Lungo Il Mare
Natasha Fraser, 4:02:39 - 8F
Melissa Selby, 4:05:00 - 9F
Assen (NED)
101 finishers (81 M, 20 F). No Australians.

There were 101 finishers in this event.
1M - Eliot Kiplagat Biwott KEN 02:54:53.
1F - Emma Gooderham GBR 03:17:30.

For full results, click HERE
Galway (IRL)
35 finishers (24 M, 11 F)

Malcolm Gamble, 3:47:08 - 19M

For full results, click HERE
June Petrie, 3:42:19 - 7F
Tressa Lindenberg, 3:55:16, 10F
Gibraltar, GBR
29 finishers (22 M, 7 F).

No male Australian finishers.

For full Winschoten results, click HERE
June Petrie, 3:44:35 - 4F
Verity Tolhurst, 4:06:54 - 7F
2008No event.
Winschoten (NED)
8-9-2007, and
Palermo (ITA)
Winschoten (NED) - 52 finishers (44 M, 8 F). No Australians.
Palermo (ITA - 68 finishers (53 M, 15 F).

Palermo - Bert Pelgrim, 3:46:32 - 8M

For full Winschoten results, click HERE

For full Palermo results, click HERE
Palermo - June Petrie, 3:35:38 - 2F
Winschoten (NED)
44 finishers (32 M, 12 F)

Jo Blake, 3:22:35 - 5th

For full results, click HERE
Susan Kelly, 4:07:38 - 7F
Siri Terjesen, 3:39:21 - 4F but noted as USA

Palermo (ITA)
50 finishers (41 M, 9 F). No Australian representation.

1M - 3:02:01 h Kharitonov, Oleg (RUS)
1F - 3:44:55 h Foundling-Hawker, Heather (GBR)

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