The “AURA Ultra Performance Of The Year Award” is now open for voting by AURA Members. Nominations were received by AURA Members from 1st to 7th of February, and these were shortlisted to the top five nominations as judged by the AURA Committee. The “AURA Ultra Performance Of The Year Award” will be announced on Thursday  17 February. Voting will close at 11:59pm Wednesday 16 February.

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Nomination 1: Tia Jones – Sri Chinmoy 12 hour Canberra

Tia Jones

Tia has had an amazing year competing in the Age group of W55. She has represented Australia Multiple times in the past in the 24 hour event and continues to run strong now in shorter events showing her commitment to running and maintaining an extremely high level of competitiveness.

Tia managed to break no fewer than 5 Australian Age Group records whilst competing at 2 events in 2021.

This year we believe that her performance at the Sri Chinmoy 12hr Ultra in March was an outstanding run with a 1st place female and a new W55 record – 12hrs with 124.211km

It is worth noting that later in the year Tia broke 4 more W55 records and missed a 5th by just one kilometre! A cracker of a year for her.

Nomination 2: Cheryl Symons – Sri Chinmoy 48 Hour Track

Cheryl Symons

Cheryl had a standout 48 hour run in Canberra in March.

She cracked the 200 mile mark, leading a strong women’s field and placing third overall.
Cheryl’s run was the world’s 5th best female 48 hour performance for 2021, according to the DUV yearly rankings.

Her results at this event also saw Cheryl take out the 48 Hour Australian National Championship for 2021. Cheryl was 1st woman and 3rd outright with a personal best of 322.352klms.

Nomination 3: Phil Gore – Birdy’s Backyard Ultra

Birdy’s Backyard Ultra

Phil has had another great year, placing 4th in the AURA points comp this year.

In August 2021 he toed the line at Birdy’s Backyard Ultra to be crowned the last one standing with 51 laps and a total of 342.210km

Also to note this year was his performance at Light Horse Ultra 24hr running 255.190km for 1st place (though not eligible for official records/qualifier, this is deserving of recognition).

Nomination 4: Jenny Morris – Southern Sydney 24 Hour Ultra

Jenny Morris

Jenny has been nominated for her performance at the Southern Sydney 24 Hour Ultra in June 2021.

Here Jenny competed in her first 24 hour Track event and placed 1st female, 5th overall with a total distance of 186.974km

Jenny is again lining up at this year’s event with the aim to improve on that total.


Nomination 5: Jennifer Millum – Delirious West

Jennifer Millum

Has run Delirious West 200miler twice, and in 2021 placed 3rd female and 6th Overall with a time of 76h57mins.

This year Jen placed 10th in the AURA Points Competition showing her consistent dedication to the sport.

Jen is also a volunteer at other events, has been a pacer and very involved in the sport in Western Australia.

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