Matthew Eckford, Qld

Vice President

Queenslander Matthew Eckford has an abundance of experience when it comes to ultra running and being an active member of AURA, and was on April 28 newly elected as Vice President of AURA.

He has represented Australia not just once, but three times at the World Championships and twice at the Asian Championships. Now wanting to play a larger role in the growth and promotion of the sport, Matthew will apply his strategic skills, passion and knowledge in his new role.

With a contagiously positive attitude, Matthew inspires athletes to be their performance best. With recent cancellations of races, he continued to participate in ‘isolation runs’ at home, in particular completing a 6-hour run he would have normally done at the Sri Chinmoy 48-hour Track Festival in late March.

“I am truly looking forward to helping grow the profile of AURA and the sport of ultra running in Australia,” he said.

To reach out to Matthew you can email him at