Here are the top three results for the Wilson’s Prom Ultra events held on 4 June 2016.

First Surname Time Place
David Overend 11.01.54 1st M
Christopher Roberts 11.38.40 2nd M
Dan Beard 11.50.19 3rd M
Susan Keith 14.49.13 1st F
Cathy Roberts 16.49.50 2nd F
Stuart Wyithe 10.27.03 1st M
Oliver Mestdagh 12.37.53 2nd M
Nicole Paton 9.45.17 1st F
Simon Angus 6.19.50 1st M
Stephen Rennick 6.27.03 2M
Dylan Perera 6.48.55 3M
Jacqui Hansen 8.09.35 1F
Cassandra Gash 8.27.18 2F
Ingrid Donald 8.37.54 3F
Garth Calder 4.17.20 1M
Mitch Lorkin 4.19.14 2M
Klay Hopgood 4.27.09 3M
Britta Weller 4.58.51 1F
Madeleine Oldfield 5.05.15 2F
Nathalie Pulvermacher 5.50.50 3F

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