Two Bays Trail Run, Vic

So many eyes and ears were locked onto the weekend’s Two Bays Trail Run, which was held on Sunday (January 14) in the Mornington Peninsula, Vic. The 56kms event was also AURA’s National Trail Championships for the Short Course, so before we get into the official results of Two Bays, we’d like to congratulate our members who claimed podium finishes as part of the Nationals.

The Championship (Short Course) event for the women was won by Lucy Bartholomew, however as those awarded champion-status are required to have current AURA membership, the trophy and title was awarded to Natasha Fraser from Ballarat, Vic.

Second and third placings went to Amelia Griffith and Bronwyn Young (5:29:56).

For the men, the winning title for the Championship (Short Course) went to Red Hill South, Vic runner Majell Backhausen, while second and third was given to Ashley Bennett and Kay Bretz.

Overall for the men’s it was the same result as AURA’s National Trail Championship (Short Course) with Backhausen claiming top spot in his time of 4:15:56, Bennett second with 4:30:27 and Bretz third in 4:36:55.

Fraser claimed second overall for the women with a speedy time of 4:49:14 and Griffith third overall in 5:10:15.

Congratulations goes out to all our members who took on the Two Bays ultra including Kevin Muller (4:38:01), Andrew Selby (4:45:05), Matthew Crehan (4:45:57), Garth Calder (4:49:52), Simon Neale (5:05:25), Dan Beard (5:06:35), Justin Scholz (5:30:10), Stuart Hughes (5:31:05), David Sutherland (5:50:12), Tony O’Connell (5:58:39), Sharon Scholz (6:12:57), Rob Sutton (6:24:40), Bill Bardsley (6:29:30), Ingrid Morrison (6:42:27), Gayle Cowling (6:54:55), Nicholas Egan (7:06:32), Richard McCormick (7:10:26), Mark Barger (7:17:14), Oliver Mestdagh (7:32:51), and Melanie Macfarlane (7:46:00).

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Pictured: Majell Backhausen leading at the 3hr mark (40kms+) near Browns Road. Photograph – Cassandra Gash.

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