In the last few weeks, we have been actively reporting on weekend events that have been happening on the AURA calendar. Aiming for Monday morning reporting, we keep a close eye on the races that are listed with our association and make manual checks of all the results to see how our members fared.

All of our Weekly Reports can be found in the News tab of our website, and the link is always shared on our Facebook page where it’s easy for you to click through to, with a great image by one of the many local photographers.

And we want your feedback!

We want to hear from you, the members – are you enjoying the Weekly Reports? What would you like to see included in them? Perhaps a brief interview or two by those who participated in the events? Or maybe you’d like to see less information? Our Weekly Reports are based on the previous weekend’s races, so anything to do with those events that you would like to see more of, please let us know.

Email us at and tell us what you think.