SA 100k Track Championships, SA (AURA National 100k Championships)

There’s been another round of spectacular performances in the AURA world with the SA 100k Track Championships held at the weekend in Adelaide. Offering a 100km and 50km event, it also doubled as the National 100km Championships.

The National Championships are now inclusive of all runners (AURA members and non AURA-members), so top podium finishers for the event are also the podium finishers for the championships.

In 1st position for the women in the National 100km Championships was AURA member Amelia Griffith, who secured the top spot with 8:42:45. In 2nd was Jacqueline Cresp with 11:36:06 whilst 3rd Female went to Dawn Parks (11:58:24).

For the men’s rankings in the National 100km Championships, Ben Watt claimed 1st in 9:18:16 with Douglas Weatherill taking 2nd in 9:39:06 and AURA’s very own Daragh O’Loughlin claiming 3rd Male in a time of 9:52:50.

Yet to be ratified/confirmed is the new Men’s M65 Australian record, run by AURA member Barry McBride from Seaview Downs, SA in 9:58:12 (surpassing John Nuttall’s time of 11:20:35).

Congratulations to all AURA members who ran in the 100km event including David Billett (11:25:13).

In the 50km event for the women it was Kate Savage in 1st with 4:39:42, Cassie Tonkin in 2nd with 6:06:40 and Tracey Newman in 3rd with 6:37:41.

For the men we saw Jonathan Gibb 1st Male with 4:25:47, Zac Savage 2nd with 4:47:03 and Darren Clark 3rd with 5:00:46.

Well done to all AURA members who raced in the 50km event including Colin Brooks (5:42:34) and Ganesh Vengadasalam (7:39:17).

Coming Up

Heading the line-up this weekend on the AURA calendar is the Cradle Mountain Run on February 1 (Saturday) in Tasmania where runners traverse stunning tracks. The run is 80km and participants take between eight hours and 15 hours to complete the distance.

Also on the cards is the Trail of Kings and Queens, to be held for the first time this Saturday. A new addition to the short course series by Ultra Series WA, participants will run through entirely through the Linga Longa Bike Farm in Southhampton, WA with the options of a 12.5km, 25km and 50km.

Pictured: Amelia Griffith participating in the SA 100km Track Championships, taking 1st Female. Photograph – Ultra Runners SA/Lachlan Miller.