Australia Day Ultra, WA

As we settle in to the latter part of January, we have already seen some amazing performances by AURA members just this month alone. It really gives everyone an idea of what sort of a year 2020 will be.

Australia Day Ultra

What a showstopping race that was at the weekend! The ADU, held in Australind, south of Perth in WA kicked off on Saturday – a flat, fast course that is a favourite amongst long distance runners with options of a 100km, 75km, 50km and 25km.

AURA member Michael Hooker from East Perth secured a 1st Male finish with his speedster 100km race, having finished the distance in an unbelievable 7:27:02 – a new course record in the men’s division and an Aussie C-Qualifying time.  

Second place for the men was Matt Maguire with 8:16:07 and 3rd went to Justin Kelly (8:37:50).

In the women’s 100km event, recurring podium finisher Margie Hadley from Henley Brook secured 1st with her finish time of 9:08:23.

She said it was a hard day at the office, but was thoroughly happy with her achievements.

“I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty, it wasn’t going to be the time I was aiming for (sub 8:40:00), but I just had to get it done,” she said.

“I’m so grateful for the amazing supporters, volunteers, runners and my amazing coach Jenny with their smiles, cheers and kind words – they all kept me going.”

AURA members Tia Jones from Springfield Lakes, Qld and Barbara Fieberg from Boulder also seeded top spots with Jones taking 2nd Female with a time of 9:17:57 and Fieberg holding on for 3rd with 9:46:48.

AURA’s Jen Millum closed off the Top 4 spot with a time of 10:11:02.

Congratulations to all our AURA members who ran in the 100km including Mick Francis (8:59:24), Glenn Monaghan(11:10:40), Sergio Gustinetti (12:14:27), Sue Robertson (13:02:30), Pamela Williams (13:16:15) and Richard Avery.

It was a smaller crowd in the 75km event, but still some fantastic results from all participants.

AURA’s Daniel O’Brien from Maylands took top spot for the men with a time of 6:50:18.

Second place went to Peter Jones (10:56:48) and there was no official 3rd place finish.  

Two women competed in the 75km and it was Emma Willard 1st (8:38:09) and Susan Littlefair 2nd (9:07:54).

On to the 50km event and Wayne Spies, who claimed 1st Male with a time of 3:13:48, also took home title of new 50km course record for the men. Second place went to Keeton Hardwick (3:25:55) whilst 3rd was taken by Tony Smith (3:32:43).

In the women’s 50km, podium finishes went to Jacqueline Kellerman who secured 1st Female (3:36:12) and a new 50km course record for the ladies (also an Australian B-Qualifying time).

Second went to Julia Kets (4:04:47) and 3rd to Katie Seghini (4:30:13).

Congratulations to all our AURA members who ran in the 50km including Joshua Kuhn (4:22:53), Beck Hefferon(4:50:42), Bob Colligan (5:27:30) and Louise Wallace (7:03:38).  

Coming Up

Heading the line-up this weekend on Saturday (January 25) is the SA 100km Track Championships which will be held in Adelaide, SA and offering a 100km and 50km event. It is also the National 100km Championship, providing an amazing track experience for all participants at the SA Athletics Stadium in Mile End South.

Also on the calendar coming up is the Cradle Mountain Run on February 1 (Saturday) in Tasmania.

Pictured: Margie Hadley on course for the 100km Australia Day Ultra on Saturday, January 18. Photograph – Shannon Dale.