Coast to Kosciuszko, NSW
Blue Goat Backyard Marathons, NSW
Fisiocrem GC50 Run Festival, Qld
Bruny Island 64km Ultra, Tas

Coast to Kosciuszko

One of Australia’s favourite ultra events, Coast to Kosciuszko was held the weekend of 26-28 November and it was a cracker of a 240km for everyone involved – from participants to crew members and volunteers to race directors.

Quite a few AURA members took on the annual race, and updates throughout the socials were abound.

AURA’s Joe Ward from Fairlight, NSW was the 1st Male to cross the finish line in some brutal conditions with inclement weather, after securing a time of 25:14:18. According to race directors, he brought high energy, determination and never-ending positivity throughout the entire course. Ward ran in the leading five runners for the first half of the race, officially taking the lead by the 148km mark in Dalgety.

AURA member Andrew McConnell from Watson, ACT claimed 2nd Male with his finish time of 25:33:48. This was McConnell’s first year giving the C2K a go after crewing for 2020 winner Morgan Lindqvist. McConnell found himself towards the front of the pack for the first 100km, and for a first timer it was a stellar effort.

Third Male was claimed by AURA’s very own long term member Kay Bretz from Prahran, Vic who finished in a total time of 27:09:36. Seven years ago, Bretz got excited by the thought of C2K and last year, after finally getting in, he withdrew at 222km – just 18km before the finish line. This year, he did it, through the pouring rain and freezing cold conditions.

First Female to cross the finish line was another AURA member, Maree Connor from Lambton, NSW who claimed her victory in a fantastic time of 28:45:45. This was Connor’s second time racing at C2K, finishing the 2020 event in a time of 33:24:02.

Second Female was won by AURA’s Donna Urquhart from Black Rock, Vic who secured a time of 31:18:45 whilst 3rdFemale was snapped up by AURA member Kristen Brace in 32:20:48).

What incredible performances from all finishers and those who gave it a red hot go, and we would like to congratulate each individual, including our AURA members Andy Heyden (29:17:33), AURA secretary Stephen Redfern (29:17:50), Gerard Riordan (29:54:42), Ben Nicholls (30:30:24), Rob Mason (30:46:36), Pam Muston (33:06:11), Greg Thomson(33:20:44), Beck Butler (34:48:38), Annabel Hepworth (35:15:38), Cassie Cohen (36:19:45), Renae Brock (37:26:30), Jane Trumper (39:46:39), Kevin Heaton and Shane Simpson.

Blue Goat Backyard Marathon

The Blue Goat Backyard Marathon was hosted by AAA Racing and held on the weekend of 26 November 2021. A last one standing format, the Blue Goat is staged at the property of Blue Mountains Fitness in Mt Victoria, near Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. This particular event is held on a measured 5.3km loop.

The last one standing was named Stephen Lomax, who completed a total of 16 laps (84.80km) whilst the assist was Robert Phillpott with a total of 15 laps (78.75km).

Well done to all our AURA members who ran in the Blue Goat, including Ben Berriman from Mount Riverview, NSW who finished a total of 6 laps.

Fisiocrem GC50 Run Festival

The Fisiocrem GC50 Run Festival was held the weekend of 27-28 November 2021 in the southern Gold Coast town of Coolangatta in Qld.

Podium finishers for the men’s 50km were Eddie Keogh (3:18:08), Daniel Buenen (3:24:22) and Ando Moquiuti (3:25:39) whilst top spots for the women went to Jessica Willis (3:39:29), Noo Bowker (3:44:09) and Shara Jones (3:45:17).

Well done to all our AURA members who ran in the 50km event, including Kieron O’Brien (3:46:51), Kyoko Miura(3:58:54), Kris Ryan (4:58:48), John Nuttall (5:10:23), Kelvin Marshall (5:37:10), Geoff Last (6:25:52) and Stephen Lewis (7:18:07).

Bruny Island 64km Ultra

We are still awaiting access to official results from the weekend’s Bruny Island 64km Ultra in Tas and will have these hopefully by the next edition of the Weekly News Report.

Upcoming Events

The last few events for 2021 include the Narrabeen Allnighter in Narrabeen, NSW from 11-12 December, GoodRunnings 6/12 in Glenelg North, SA on 12 December and the last event for the year the 6 Inch Trail Marathon on 19 December in North Dandalup, WA.

Pictured: First Female at the 2021 Coast to Kosciuszko, Maree Connor, with her crew at the finish line. Photograph – Nathan Damcevski/Facebook.