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It was an incredible weekend (3-5 June) at the Southern Sydney 24 hour Ultra event, which doubled up as the 2022 Australian 24hr Championships at Barden Ridge Sporting Complex in Sutherland Shire, just south of Sydney.

There were some phenomenal performances by AURA members at the event, including some records that were broken (and yet to be ratified).

Kicking off with the 24hr event, the Championships are open to all Australians regardless if an official AURA member or not. However, 3rd Male winner Andrew McDowall is from NZ and so the 3rd Male placing within the Championships, not the overall event, went to John Yoon who came 4th Male in the overall event.

It also just so happened that all Championships winners are AURA members.

So, Australian 24hr Championship female podium finishers included Maree Connor from Newcastle, NSW who took 1st Female with a distance of 211.632km, Amanda Pavey from Heathwood, Qld who claimed 2nd Female with a total distance of 202.554km and Lisa Sherman from Hillsdale, NSW who won 3rd Female in 168.736km.

In the Australian 24hr Championship male podium finishers, 1st Male was Kevin Muller from Wodonga, Vic who completed a total of 240.122km, 2nd Male was won by Kay Bretz from Prahran, Vic who finished a distance of 236.267km, and 3rd Male was claimed by John Yoon from Kensington, Vic who slammed out 184.542km.

In the 24hr event as a non-Championship event, the podium finishers for the above remain the same, except 3rd Male was won by Andrew McDowall from NZ who managed a total of 222.225km.

Congratulations to every single individual who raced in the 24hour event at the Southern Sydney, including our AURA members Vice Hazdovac (152.565km), Leah Weeden (142.727km), Akira Suzuki (132.577km), Paul Gay(126.875km), Victor Correa (119.766km), Eddy Oba (100.358km) and Jenny Morris (30.688km).

This year was the first time the Southern Sydney 24hr Ultra hosted a 48hr option and it was a great turnout with 24 competitors taking to the track. In the Women’s 24hr, 1st Female went to Fiona Hayvice from NZ (303.607km), 2nd Female went to Emma-Leigh Heighway (262.210km) and 3rd Female was won by Leigh Hawkes (250.608km).

AURA’s John Pearson from Coolum Beach, Qld led the way, taking the title of 1st Male with a whopping distance total of 320km (that’s 800 laps!). Stephen Wright took 2nd Male (307.812km) and Stuart Wallace (272.224km) took 3rd.

A big congratulations to all 24 competitors who took on the 48hr, including our AURA members Mark Firth(264.515km), Colin Wiley (210km), John Nuttall (149.200km), Anna Pillinger (100.400km), Barry Keem (71.200km), Annabel Hepworth (58.400km), George Ziogas (53.600km) and Anthony Boyle (47.600km).

Thirty runners took on the 12hr, with winners in the Women’s 12hr being 1st Female Melissa Simpson (119.190km), 2ndFemale Claire Northrop (112.901km) and 3rd Female Darna Hedges (110.945km).

Winners in the Men’s 12hr were 1st Male Grant Brisbin (140.899km), 2nd Male Thomaz Moscardini (132.422km) and 3rdMale Wayne Botha (NZ) 124.122km.

Congratulations to everyone in the 12hr, including AURA members Adam Keighran (120.659km), Jeremy Rankin(107.284km), Tia Jones (100.358km), Rod Rainey (85.607km), Bernadette Benson (82.525km) and Karen Hale(62.731km).

In the Women’s 6hr, podium spots went to Jennifer White (66.658km), Ivana Iloski (65.802km) and Alessandra Martines (57.202km).

For the Men’s 6hr, AURA’s very own Young Male Ultra Runner of the Year for 2021 Dom Bullock, from Linley Point, NSW secured himself the win with a total distance of 85.702km. In 2nd Place came AURA’s Lucas Cheng from Hurstville, NSW with a final tally of 73.168km whilst 3rd Male went to Baden Reynolds (66.665km)

Well done to everyone who smashed goals and took on the track in the 6hr event, including our AURA members Greg Wilson (65.23km), Masanoria Chiba (61.056km), Scott Marden (52.902km), Fran Boorer (45.165km) and Simone Hayes (21.071km).

In the Women’s 3hr, 1st Female went to Gillian Scandurra (33.187km), 2nd Female to Joan Cleary (32.635km) and 3rd Female to Georgia Sachr (31.106km)

In the Men’s 3hr event, AURA’s Doug Richardson from Wollstonecraft, NSW took home the top gong with a total distance of 35.300km for 1st Male. Second Male went to Tom Hacon (34.182km) and 3rd to Thomas Jukes (32.177km).

Congratulations to the field of 22 runners who ran in the 3hr, including our AURA members Rebekah Markey(25.122km) and Bob Fickel (24.838km).

Twenty-four participants ran in the marathon event, with Women’s Marathon winners named Lindsay Hamilton (3:22:00), Nadya Caminer (3:48:58) and Tracie Scarlett-Arundell (4:21:48). In the Men’s Marathon, it was Geoffrey Barnes (3:11:34), Caio Peculis (3:18:55) and Darren McClellan (3:39:48).


With the 2022 Southern Sydney 24hr Ultra being sanctioned, IAU labelled and run on a certified track, this means that runners have the ability to set targets and goals in a bid to break and aim for new records.

At the weekend at this year’s event, there were no fewer than 14 records broken – all pending ratification and approval.

Bernadette Benson (AURA)

CAN W50 6hr
Old: 70.953km
New: 71.737km

AUS W50 50 mile
Old: 6:49:44
New: 6:45:17

John Nuttall (AURA)

6hr M70
Old: 55.723km
New: 58.531km

100km M70
Old: 11:53:13
New: 11:42:29

12hr M70
Old: 100.634km
New: 102.000km

Dom Bullock (AURA)

6hr M25
Old: 85.037km
New: 85.702km

Kevin Muller (AURA)

100 miles M50
Old: 14:43:22
New: 14:29:36

200km M50
Old: 18:45:37
New: 18:42:36

Rod Rainey (AURA)

50 miles M75
Old: 11:35:51
New: 11:15:13

12hr M75
Old: 83.229km
New: 85.607km

Wayne Botha

NZ M50 12hr
New: 124.122km (Ratified)

NZ M50 6hr
New: 66.352km (Ratified)

Andrew McDowall

NZ M40 6hr
New: 66.352km (Ratified)

NZ M40 100 Miles
New: 15:58:34 (Ratified)

A big congratulations also to AURA’s Anna Pillinger from Fairlight, NSW who ran in the 48hr event and secured herself an A Qualifying time for the 100km World Championships. 

She secured her 100km in 8:29:39 – not only was it Anna’s first time giving the 100km distance a crack, but it was also her first time doing a track run!


AAA Racing’s annual BUTTER 24 was held at the weekend (4-5 June) on the Gold Coast, Qld. This too was a track event, but held at the Griffith University Gold Coast on its international standard athletics track and offering favourable endurance goals. On offer were a number of events, including a 24hr, 12hr, 6hr, Marathon and Kids Race.

In the Men’s 24hr, AURA’s very own Luke Mulley from Wagga Wagga, NSW claimed 1st Male after securing himself a total of 471 laps which saw him finish 190.80kms. Ben Wilson took 2nd (183.90km) and Mark Stennett took 3rd Male (161.18km).

In the Women’s 24hr, AURA member Kathryn Austin from Greenbank, Qld also took home the top gong, claiming 1stFemale after finishing 458 laps for a total of 185.68km. Sheree Barnes took 2nd Female (170.35km) and Natalie Goodwin took 3rd (169.65km).

Eight participants ran in the 12hr event, and featured 7 men and 1 woman.

Sally Teiniker finished the 12hr with 82km in the bank, taking home 1st Female.

In the Men’s 12hr, it was Scott George 1st (119.49km), Kevin McCann 2nd (115.60km) and Trevor Allen 3rd (109.73km).

In the Women’s 6hr, winners were named Shelly Marie (64.80km), Bridget Smith (53.91km) and Michelle Healy (50.26km). In the Men’s 6hr, spots went to Brad Glover (78.33km), Brad Aird (75.66km) and Matthew Burt (66.60km).

Well done to AURA member Melanie McClave who finished her 6hrs with a total of 34.40km.

In the Marathon event, there were 5 competitors (4 Male, 1 Female)

1st Male went to Jake Malby (3:02:12), 2nd to David Cannings (6:50:43) and 3rd to Paul Crouch-Chivers (7:01:30).

1st Female went to Jane Sturzaker (5:23:54).

Well done to AURA’s Stephen Lewis who came home with 7:30:20.


New to the AURA calendar is the Western Branch Ultra, held from 11-12 June 2022 in the the Stanley region of country Qld. Runners will race along remote country backroads and secluded forest tracks in either a 100km distance or 44km. The best part? You’ll be completely off the grid – meaning no mobile phone service, no traffick, no Google Maps listing.

The Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon Weekend is one for the bucket list. Due to take place 17-19 June 2022 in Wolgan Valley, NSW this has got to be the most unique running experience ever. Participants do one race, or choose to do the lot across three days and get to go through the amazing Glow Worm Tunnel.

So many people are waiting in anticipation for the Unreasonable E.A.S.T, kicking off 21 June and seeing a cut off on the 26th. The Blue Mountains are calling for everyone entered to finish this 200 miler – who’s on your list to take the crown?

Another new event to the AURA calendar is the Red Dirt (12hr) Backyard Ultra, held in country Karratha, WA on 25 June. It’s the only year it will be limited to 12 hours to give the Pilbara region a taste of the backyard ultra without ‘scaring people away’. The first 6 hours will be on the hour, every hour but to get to the last one standing title, there will be a 5 minute time limitation added each hour after the 6 hour mark, so the course will get faster as the evening goes on.

Last but not the very least, one of Australia’s most technical trail events will be held on 26 June – the Transcend Ultra. With a 65km solo or relay option, this particular race allows entrants to run through private properties which are generally shut off to the public throughout the year (so it’s very hard to recce the whole course).


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Pictured: Mariee Connor on the track at the 2022 Southern Sydney 24hr Ultra. Photograph – Paul Anderson.