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The Australian 24 Hour Track Invitational was held across the weekend (2-3 July, 2022) at the AIS Track & Field Facility in Belconnen, ACT. The Invitational is an elite level event with a 400m track and participants are entered via invitation or qualification only. This year, not only did the event offer an Invitational 24hr, but there was also an Open 24hr category which ran separately in the outer track lanes at the same time – an ideal option for runners who didn’t quite meet the Invitational qualifying times but still wanted to reach their full 24hr distance potential in favoured race conditions.

All participants at the Australian 24 Hour Track Invitational are AURA members.

Phil Gore flew over from Darling Downs, WA for the event and took the lead, holding on to claim 1st Male with a total of 626 laps, equalling 250.762km. This was his first track race and he walked away with an Australian 24hr Male Team A standard qualifier.

John Yoon from Kensington, Vic proudly took home the 2nd Male trophy following an impressive 242.042km (605 laps), and also walked away with an Australian 24hr Male Team A standard qualifier. According to race director Matthew Eckford, Yoon came back with a vengeance after missing out on racing ‘here in person’ in the last two years due to the pandemic, and was thrilled to see him nut out a fantastic performance.

Local Luke Thompson, from Crace in the ACT put on a brilliant show, running a total of 226.835km (567 laps) and securing himself 3rd Male as well as a new 24hr PB (adding 26km+ to his previous best and first 24hr run in March this year) and Australian 24hr Male Team B standard qualifier.

Bernadette Benson, also from WA, secured the title of 2022 Female Invitational Race Champion.

In the Open Men’s category, Chris Wilder from Holder, ACT took 1st Male – and on his 24hr debut, no less! He completed a total of 201.750km (460 laps) whilst 2nd Male was won by Greg Wilson from Kyneton, Vic who finished 170.641km (389 laps) and managed quite a few new M70 (yet to be ratified) records along the way.

In the Open Women’s, Christy Lambert from Romsey, Vic took home the prize of 1st Female with a gutsy and well-earned new 24hr PB of 184.044km.

Congratulations also go to Mark Avery from Newington, NSW who landed with 555 laps and a total of 222.012km; Barry Keem from North Wollongong, NSW with 202.191km (505 laps); Chris Murphy from Strathdickie, Qld with 154km (385 laps); Elliot Cooper from Watson, ACT with 104.322km (238 laps); and Matt Lamont from Monash, ACT with 85.912km (196 laps).


The excitement continued over the weekend as the Australian 24hr team spent the week leading up to the IAU 24hr Asia & Oceania Championships in Bengalore, India tapering, fuelling and exploring the Sree Kantheerava Stadium.

Team members included for the men – Stephen Redfern, Joe Ward, Matthew Griggs and Dan Symonds; and for the women – Allicia Heron, Cassie Cohen and Nikki Wynd.

Needless to say, it was hot and sticky in India, but that didn’t stop the Aussies aka Team Emu from giving it their all and showing everyone just what they’re capable of.

In total, combining men and women, there were 31 athletes competing – 17 men and 14 women.

Getting started with the Women’s competition, 1st Female was awarded to Kuan-Ju Lin from Taipei who won with 216.880km. The 2nd Female position was proudly won by our own Cassie Cohen, who gave Lin a run for her money and took the podium position with 214.590km! The Aussies rounded off the winning blocks with Allicia Heron claiming 3rd Female after a total distance of 210.640km.

Nikki Wynd gloriously finished a total of 180.400km and claiming 8th Female. A stellar performance from our Women’s Team, congratulations!

Top 3 spots for the men’s race went to Amar Singh Devanda from India (257.620km), Saurav Kr Ranjan from India (242.160km) and Geeno Antony from India (238.580km).

Our strong team of male runners carried the Aussie flag high with their performances, and congratulations go out to Matthew Griggs who took 4th Male after completing a total of 234km; Joe Ward who walked away with 5th Male after finishing 220.920km; Dan Symonds who claimed 12th Male and 172.280km; and Stephen Redfern who received 13th Male and a total of 163.080km.

The Aussies received a Team Gold for the Women after a team total of 607.63km, and a Team Silver for the Men who secured a total of 628.405km: 

Women’s Team Totals:
1st   607.63km AUSTRALIA 
2nd  570.70km INDIA
3rd  529.082km CHINESE TAIPEI

Men’s Team Totals: 
1st   739.959km INDIA
2nd  628.405km AUSTRALIA
3rd  563.591km CHINESE TAIPEI

It’s exciting to note that in 2023, the next IAU 24hr Asia & Oceania Championships will be held in Canberra.


The Adelaide 6/12/24 Hour, also known as the Adelaide 24 Hour Festival, was also held at the weekend of 2-3 July, 2022. This event has a rich history, first under the stewardship of the Sri Chinmoy Team, then under URSA and Ben Hockings, and now under the race directorship of Dawn Parks.

Each loop is 2200m AIMS-measured and held at the so-called ‘uni loop’ on a dirt path.

In the Men’s 24 Hour, it was an all-round AURA member podium with all three runners being members. Tamas Lorinczfrom Windsor Gardens, SA claimed 1st Male after finishing a total of 79 laps which equalled 174.790km; David Billettfrom Coromandel Valley, SA took 2nd Male with 75 laps and a total of 165.593kms; and Michael Smail from Lobethal, SA took 3rd Male when he completed his race in 72 laps, equalling 158.459km.

In the Women’s 24 Hour there were two top podium finishers – Kay Parkin with 54 laps (118.803km) and Karen Bentley with 52 laps (114.405km).

Also a stellar effort, and congratulations, to AURA’s Colin Brooks from Semaphore Park who came 4th Male with a total of 153.637km (69 laps).

Onto the Men’s 12 Hour, where Johan Botha took 1st Male (120.247km) and AURA’s very own Dave Brown from Modbury Heights, SA claimed 2nd Male with a total of 44 laps, equalling 97.037km. In for 3rd Male was Peter Bice (93.172km).

In the Women’s 12 Hour, Nadene Gillett took 1st Female (103.874km), Michelle Salerno took 2nd Female (91.140km) and Tanya Caro took 3rd Female (87.999km).

In the Men’s 6 Hour, Justin Brock won 1st Male (61.648km), Timothy Irvin 2nd Male (57.483km) and David Costie 3rdMale (55.962km).

In the Women’s 6 Hour, Kirsty Wilson took 1st Female (61.648km) whilst AURA’s Nadya Caminer from Watsons Bay, NSW held on for a very close 2nd Female after completing a total of 58.999km, a total of 26 laps. Third Female went to Natalie Blacker (50.623km).

Well done to AURA’s Tracy Watson from Bonner, ACT who finished her 6 Hour event with 26.400km.


The Lakes Trail Festival kicked off on Saturday (2-3 July, 2022) and offered runners an opportunity to complete either a 100km, 75km, 50km or 25km. There was also an option to do the 100km as part of a relay team.

In the 100km category 17 women, 26 men and two teams competed.

Starting things off with the Men’s Solo 100km, 1st Male was claimed by Jamis Turner who finished in 9:56:54. AURA’s Rob Mason from NSW took top honours with 2nd Male after he completed the course in 10:08:46. Mark Bailey took 3rdMale with 11:15:30.

In the Women’s Solo 100km, podium finishes went to Jenny Friend (12:29:48), Merlene Dilger (12:39:57) and Jessica Garner (13:09:06).

Congratulations to everyone who ran in the 100km event, including Chris Perritt from Menai, NSW (14:40:54) and Fran Boorer from Botany, NSW (20:31:09).

The 75km distance had a total of 10 finishers. In the Men’s 75km, top three spots were won by Jethro Geier (8:06:37), Jay Doyle (8:39:14) and John Yeomans (8:46:28). For the Women’s 75km, the race saw two official finishers – Linda Minter in 1st Female (13:09:28) and Eva Petalio (15:46:08).

A big congratulations to AURA’s Matthew Harris from Charlestown, NSW who finished in 8:49:05 equalling 4th Male.

Onto the Men’s 50km, which saw winners named Brendan Hancox (4:40:49), Dave Gwyther-Marchant (4:56:38) and Geoffrey Barnes (5:19:30). In the Women’s 50km, it was Monika Ludriks (4:51:45), Anne Moss (5:47:53) and Melanie Holbrook (6:16:21).

Congratulations to our AURA members who ran in the 50km, including Gregory Brown from Umina Beach, NSW who finished his 50km in 7:42:55, Nicole Kruse from Tascott, NSW who ran her race in 7:52:19 and Mellita Bingley from Wamboin, NSW who finished the distance in 9:41:41.


The GOLD Coastal was postponed and will now be held this Sunday, 10 July, offering a 50km AURA-listed race in Semaphore.


This month is jam packed full of races. The GOLD Coastal, as mentioned above, will be held this Sunday in Semaphore, SA.

The Brisbane Trail Ultra in Kangaroo Point, Qld on 8-10 July offers a miler, a 110km and a 60km for ultras, 3 Marathons in 3 Days in Kuranda, Qld from 8-10 July provides 126.6km across 3 days, and Ultra Adelaide in Adelaide from 9-10 July offers a 100km and 50km distance for those on the hunt for an endurance event.

To finish off the month of July, we have Antsy for Anstey in Tea Tree Gully, SA on 23 July and Yaberoo Trail Ultra in Neerabup, WA on 24 July.


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Pictured: ‘Team Emu’ in Bengalore, India pre-race in the lead up to the 2022 IAU 24hr Asia & Oceania Championships. Photograph – Supplied.