Lighthorse Ultra, WA
Convicts and Wenches, Tas

It was a tough day at the office on Saturday for those running in the Lighthorse 3/6/12 Hour Ultra in Woodvale, WA.

With the 12-hour starting at midnight Friday-Saturday and the six hour at 6am Saturday, temperatures were below freezing in the open air space where the race was held, at Yellagonga National Park, as participants raced a 2.5kms loop course.

Kingsley runner Jon Pendse completed 57 laps, totalling 142.22kms to take 1st male – not a bad effort for someone who ran the Bunbury Marathon (in 2:56:02) three weeks earlier and the WA Marathon Club’s 40 Miler (in 4:48:36) four days earlier.

Pendse said Lighthorse’s loop format was just the ticket for him to reach his 130kms end goal.

“The good thing on a 2.5kms lap is the amount of times you pass a person; every time it’s slightly less scary knowing that I’m not alone (I’m afraid of the dark),” he said.

“The last two hours were the hardest but I had great support at the aid station keeping me hydrated and cool, and no time wastage which meant I could focus on running each lap.”

Visiting from Murrumbateman, NSW was Andrew Donaldson who secured 3rd male after finishing 49 laps and totalling 121.53kms.

For the women’s podium places, it was an AURA ladies club with Henley Brook’s Margie Hadley taking out 1st female/3rd overall after securing 50 laps and totalling 123.49kms, Karnup’s Jen Millum in 2nd place with 110.47kms (47 laps) and Sophee Gregory from Nollamara taking out third place with 99.70kms (40 laps).

Congratulations to all AURA members who ran in the 12 hour event including Mick Francis (113.49kms), Sergio Gustinetti (107.50kms), Graham Bell (99.03kms), Sarah Farrell (95.84kms), Darlene Dale (92.81kms), Pete Shinnick (92.43kms), Nick Swallow (87.56kms), Matthew Byles (87.22kms), Andrew Poli (82.63kms), Wayne McMurtrie (81.47kms), Bob Colligan (79.07kms), Tony Smith (65.00kms), Glen Smetherham (65.83kms), Kevin Matthews (37.81kms) and Andre Pienaar (32.50kms).

And more high fives to the AURA members who ran in the six hour including Andrew McLeish (61.45kms), Beck Hefferon (57.00kms), Mark Caldwell (48.57kms), Aimee Brown (47.31kms), Louise Wallace (41.96kms), Julia Mackay (40.87kms) and Kate Dzienis (40.43kms).

Sunday saw the Convicts and Wenches Beach Run (50k) held from Greens Beach, Tas.

David Bailey from Tolmans Hill secured his sixth straight win, claiming 1st male with his time of 4:06:42.

The next AURA listed events on the calendar are Down Under 135 (135mi) in Vic on May 3, the Margaret River Ultra (80kms) held this Saturday on May 4 in WA, and then the Great Ocean Road Running Festival (60kms) in Vic on May 18.

Pictured: First Male winner Jon Pendse in the weekend’s Lighthorse Ultra 12-hour event and First Female winner Margie Hadley. Photograph – Shannon Dale.