The Clint Eastwood (LOS), Qld
The Great Trail Relay, WA
Wonderland Run, Vic

The Clint Eastwood

AAA Racing’s The Clint Eastwood last one standing event kicked off on Friday, 27 August with an astounding finish between racers on the night of Saturday, 28 August/morning of Sunday, 29 August.

Friday started with cold temperatures, with predictions it hit 2 degrees early Saturday morning, but by the afternoon it got up to about 25 degrees on both days and with no shade, runners can certainly feel the heat.

Winner of the Last One Standing title went to AURA’s Kevin Muller from Wodonga, Vic who completed a whopping 42 laps – resulting in 281.7km (175 miles) whilst the assist came from Jamie Hunter at 41 laps (274.9km/170.8 miles).

Congratulations to all our AURA members who raced at The Clint Eastwood including Sarah Christmas (6 laps) and Kris Ryan (16 laps).

The Great Trail Relay

The Great Trail Relay was held on Saturday, 18 August in Kalamunda, WA and presented a different, and new, format to racing. Teams of 2 or 4 worked together to collectively complete 100km on trails; teams ran with a baton in a relay format and exchanged team members in a consistent order every single lap.

We are still awaiting official results for the event.

Wonderland Run

Unfortunately the Wonderland Run, which was due to be held on Sunday, 29 August did not go ahead due to ongoing lockdowns and restrictions in Vic. The next event is planned for 27-28 August 2022.

Upcoming Events

Unfortunately with the current pandemic hitting states all across the country, the majority of events are being cancelled or postponed. If you have registered for any events in the coming months, it’s advised to keep an eye on their FB pages; alternatively, race directors will always communicate with their participants and volunteers on the next course of action.

The Glasshouse Series, Glasshouse 100 is scheduled for 11-12 September in Beerburrum, Qld. That same weekend, the Sri Chinmoy Canberra 100km is set to kick off in Acton, ACT on 12 September.

24-26 September sees the BUTTER 24/48 in Boondall, Qld which will also double up as the 2021 AURA 24hr Australian Championships. Over in WA in Dwellingup, the annual WTF will kick off on 25-26 September offering a 100 miler and 50 miler.

The Adelaide 6 Day in Thorndon Park, SA will begin on 26 September and will see runners tackle a 6 day, 72hr, 48hr or 24hr.

Events are scheduled to go ahead as of Sunday, 29 August however this can be changed at any given time.

Pictured: AURA’s Kevin Muller leading the way on lap 37 in the 2021 Clint Eastwood last one standing event. Photograph – Supplied/Facebook.