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The Brisbane Trail Ultra was held from Friday, 8 July all the way through to Sunday, 10 July (2022) and this year it was also host to the Spartan Trail World Championships. The BTU is known for offering an incredibly wide range of distances to cater for all runners’ levels, including a 100mi, 110km, 60km, 30km, 20km and a 10km.

Kicking off results with the BTU100mi, Vladimir Shatrov secured himself top honours in the men’s category, completing the distance in 20:21:08. He was closely followed by Drew Beswick (20:48:54) and David Vroom (22:29:11). In the women’s division, AURA member Maree Connor from Newcastle, NSW took the win after she finished the miler in 27:51:20.

In the Men’s BTU110, AURA’s Mike Carroll from Ainslie, ACT showed his competitors that he was at the top of his game by taking 1st Male in a time of 11:09:31 – an incredible lead of 2:16:11! Gore Matthews claimed 2nd (13:25:42) and Alexi Hastings claimed 3rd (15:29:26)

In the Women’s BTU110, another AURA member, Jen Millum from Karnup, WA took top honours with 1st Female and a brilliant finish time of 16:00:13. Second Female went to Ursula Adams (16:43:00) and 3rd went to Katrina Baker (16:44:48).

A big job well done by AURA’s Simon Ford from Mortdale, NSW who finished the BTU110 in 20:08:07.   

In the Men’s BTU60, podium spots went to Iain Best (6:15:40), Marcos Pascual Martin (6:20:18) and Lachlan Jamieson (6:20:57). In the Women’s BTU60, winners were named Gillian Fowler (7:21:02), Carol Robertson (7:46:09) and AURA’s very own Ellen Bradley from Canberra, ACT who secured herself a well-deserved 3rd Female following a finish time of 7:48:13.  

Congratulations to all the AURA members who raced in the BTU60 and completed their event, including Mark Taylor(8:01:04), Andrea Rabellino (10:39:22), Andrew Duffus (10:48:32) and Joel Anderson (11:45:46).


The 3 Marathons in 3 Days event was held the same weekend, from Friday, 8 July through to Sunday, 10 July (2022) in tropical north Queensland.

With events run consecutively across 3 days, there is an opportunity for runners to participate in the ever-popular category of Grand Slam, which we’ll get to shortly.

Marathon 1 of 3 was run on Friday, with top spots in the men’s going to Joe Buck (4:56:33), Travis Boyle (5:23:07) and Mick Apana (5:23:07). For the women, podium finishes went to Jos Middleton (6:21:05), Kalyra Thompson (6:23:54) and Jenni Jefferis (6:37:13).

Congratulations to the AURA members who ran in Marathon 1 of 3, including David Von Senden (5:31:01), Clifford Jones (7:53:16) and Stephen Lewis (9:02:43).

Marathon 2 of 3, held on the Saturday, was won again by Joe Buck (4:35:52) with 2nd Male going to Andrew Smith (5:08:53) and 3rd Male to Travis Boyle (5:13:05). The tables turned for the women in this event, with Kalyra Thompson this time claiming 1st Female (5:54:16), Jos Middleton 2nd (6:01:12) and Jenni Jefferis 3rd (6:16:26).

Clifford Jones finished in a time of 6:58:20 and Stephen Lewis in 8:20:17. By the end of Marathon 2 of 3, Jones was in 14th Place within the Grand Slam and Lewis in 22nd.

In Marathon 3 of 3, held on Sunday, it was back to the same placings for the men as back at Marathon 1 – Joe Buck (4:03:30), Travis Boyle (4:14:14) and Mick Apana (4:14:14), and Andrew Smith (4:18:44). For the women’s the top spots remained the same as they were with Marathon 2 of 3 – Kalyra Thompson (5:03:02), Jos Middleton (5:05:13) and Jenni Jefferis (5:11:05).

Stellar efforts by Jones who finished Marathon 3 of 3 in 5:34:01 and Lewis in 6:37:29. Jones completed his Grand Slam in 14th Place and Lewis moved up to 21st. Congratulations to you both!

For the full list of results, click here.


Ultra Adelaide, hosted by Ultra Series SA, was held the weekend of 9-10 July, 2022 and offered a 100km, 50km, 34km and 19km event to choose from in its inaugural year.

Let’s take a look at the Women’s 100km, where Holly Ranson took 1st (11:06:17) and Jennifer Ritossa 2nd (12:53:52). AURA’s Amanda Meggison from South Melbourne, Vic ran strong throughout her race, claiming the title of 3rd Female in a great time of 13:19:42.

In the Men’s 100km, Mathew Hooper took 1st (10:07:21), Samuel Loy 2nd (10:29:48) and AURA member Darren Linney from Paradise, SA finished in 11:16:10 to take home 3rd Male.

Congratulations to AURA members David Campbell (13:38:06), Ronnette Davies (15:13:21) and Dawn Parks(21:50:02) who finished their 100km.

In the Women’s 50km, top spots went to Rebecca Beumer (5:42:56), Valerie Matena (6:13:47) and Wendy Millar (6:36:15) whilst in the Men’s 50km it was Andrew Hill (5:22:13), Clayton Reeves (5:25:54) and Peter Doggett (5:43:54).

Well done to AURA’s Ron Tait who finished the 50km in 7:01:20.  

For the full list of results, click here.


The Yaberoo Trail Ultra was held on Sunday, 24 July on the Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail in Neerabup National Park near Joondalup in WA. Offering 3 distance opportunities of 15km, 25km and 50km, the event is highly looked forward to by the running community and is hosted by Ultra Series WA.

There was a total of 40 finishers in the 50km with 12 women and 28 men.

In the Women’s 50km, it was a top podium finish for AURA’s very own Jessica Smith from Perth, WA who claimed 1stFemale in a speedy time of 4:53:37. Second Female went to Clare Rice (5:14:40) and 3rd Female went to Nerissa Waite (5:16:05).

In the Men’s 50km event, top podium spots went to Simon Bennett (3:6:16), Michael Smart (4:03:56) and Justin Mulhair from Ireland (4:42:30).

Congratuations to all our AURA members who raced in the 50km event, including Andrew Jackson (5:03:56), Stephen Rowles (5:06:50) and James Sawyer (7:05:43).

For a full list of results, including for the 25km and 15km events, click here.


Goodness, August is already almost upon us! With that being said. The FENACLNG Run Festival is on this weekend in Karratha, WA offering a half marathon, 10km and 5km.

Next up from 5-7 August is the ever popular Birdy’s Backyard Ultra at Lake Towerrinning in Moodiarrup, WA (hosted by Ultra Series WA) as well as Rumble In The Jungle on 7 August in Ulong, NSW (hosted by Coffs Trail Runners) where runners get an opportunity to race along the dense rainforest trails of Bindarri National Park.

The Kuranda to Port Douglas Ultra will also be on 7 August in far north Queensland offering a 60km event while the Berry Long Run (BLR70) will run its race on 13 August through Lerderderg State Park.

Sink or Survive is another new race on the AURA calendar, with its inaugural event to be held from 20-28 August in SA (hosted by Ultra Series SA) and offering a 500km stage race – the excitement is building on this one!

August 20 will see the Lithgow Ridgy-Didge Trail Running Festival kick off thanks to Blue Mountains Fitness in Lithgow, NSW and the Wonderland Run will be held across the weekend of 27-28 August with all events based from Halls Gap in the Grampians – well known race director Rohan Day brings another brilliant event to the calendar!

Pictured: Jessica Smith at the 50km Yaberoo Ultra Trail, where she won 1st Female. Photograph – Shannon Dale.