Elephant Trail Race, NSW
3 Marathons in 3 Days, Qld
Wild Goose Chase Running Festival, WA

Elephant Trail Race, NSW

July 19 saw the start of the Elephant Trail Race in Port Macquarie, NSW with the 200km and 160km events, while the remaining ultra distances of 100km and 50km kicked off on the Saturday (July 20). The race is held in the Cairncross State Forest, and runners travel through not only forest but crown lands and lands of the traditional people, the Birpai.

Only three entrants took on the 200km distance but the race saw just two finishers; Markus Vainsaar finishing 1st Male (42:55:11) and Adrian Nicholson 2nd Male (42:55:11, same as Vainsaar according to official results).

In the 160km (100mi) event AURA members Melissa Robertson from Long Jetty, NSW and Renae Brock from Shortland, NSW took the top two spots on the podium.

With six starters for the women, they were the only two to finish.

Robertson completed her race to take 1st Female with a time of 36:06:56 and Brock successfully held on 2nd Female finishing close behind in 37:49:47.

The distance saw similar finish numbers for the men, with eight starters and two completing the distance – 1st Male David Chiew (29:55:25) and 2nd Male Mark Hope (34:14:01).

In the 100km race podium places went to Wenchie Richelle Santome for 1st Female (17:11:30), Alison Mclachlan for 2nd (18:01:21) and Rachel Van Middeldyk for 3rd (21:55:31).

In the men’s it was Gregory Bassam 1st (16:32:27), David Bromhead 2nd (18:51:47) and Philip Bigmore 3rd (19:22:14).

On to the 50km Hayley Teale claimed 1st Female (5:45:29), Chantelle Smith took 2nd Female (6:25:47) and Cloe Reece held on to 3rd Female (7:06:06).

Congratulations to AURA member Leah Weeden who finished her race in 9:52:29.

For the men James Watson took the top spot with 5:18:53 followed by Benn Coubrough for 2nd Male (5:37:51) and Mathew Collin for 3rd Male (5:44:20).

3 Marathons in 3 Days, Qld

The 3 Marathons in 3 Days event was held earlier in the month from Friday, July 12 to Sunday, July 14 from Kurunda to Cedar Park to Cairns in tropical north Queensland.

There is a Grand Slam title for those who successfully complete all three marathons across the weekend and this year the top three overall positions went to Anthony Ralph with a cumulative time of 11:45:30, AURA member David Von Senden from Edge Hill, Queensland with a cumulative time of 12:40:00 to secure 2nd overall, and Derek Mcdonagh (13:16:35).

Congratulations to AURA members who claimed titles of Grand Slam including Alena Scurrah from Cairns, Qld who was the top female after her cumulative time of 13:16:50. Well done to Morgan Sheehy (16:00:41), Lorraine Lawson (19:38:33), Stephan Lewis (21:32:35) and Pamela Williams (22:36:33).

On to the results for individual events that make up the Grand Slam, and Marathon 1 on July 12 saw Anthony Ralph claim 1st Male with 4:17:09, Sam Heames with 2nd Male in 4:29:10 and AURA’s David Von Senden claim 3rd Male after finishing his race in 4:29:57.

AURA member Alena Scurrah secured 1st Female after successfully completing the distance in 4:46:27 whilst Mariam Mete got 2nd Female (5:17:02) and Jenni Jefferis 3rd Female (5:45:44).

Well done to AURA members who raced in Marathon 1 including Morgan Sheehy (5:46:11), Lorraine Lawson (7:21:58), Stephen Lewis (8:07:24) and Pamela Williams (8:25:19).

Marathon 2, held on July 13, saw top female Scurrah yet again secure 1st Female with 4:33:50 whilst Meite and Jefferis both took the same positions as the previous day with 5:05:22 and 5:16:24 respectively.

Von Senden finished amongst the top three again for the men with Anthony Ralph again claiming 1st Male (3:57:41), Von Senden climbing to 2nd Male with a time of 4:15:24 and Derek Mcdonagh taking 3rd (4:33:46).

Times for our AURA members in Marathon 2 were Sheehy (5:29:57), Lawson (6:47:53), Lewis (7:42:15) and Willliams (8:29:09).

Marathon 3 was held on July 14 and for the women, top podium placings were held the exact same with AURA’s triple threat runner Scurrah closing in for a 3:56:33 time, Meite with 4:25:12 and Jefferis with 4:26:54.

For the men Ralph took 1st male with 3:30:40, Heames held on to 2nd with 3:45:40 whilst AURA’s Von Senden continued to impress in 3rd with 3:54:39.

Times for our AURA members in Marathon 3 were Sheehy (4:44:33), Lawson (5:28:42), Williams (5:42:05) and Lewis (5:42:56).

A stellar effort by everyone who took on the entire weekend!

Wild Goose Chase Running Festival, WA

Official results for the Wild Goose Chase Running Festival in the Avon Valley, held the weekend of Friday, June 20 to Sunday, June 30 are out.

With a number of distances to choose from, it’s an exciting weekend for runners in the state.

In the 45km men’s division Nathan Reeves took 1st Male with 5:26:49. AURA’s very own Daniel Chidlow from Rockingham, WA held on to take 2nd Male after finishing the distance in 5:27:27 whilst Richard Wooding claimed 3rd Male (6:00:20).

In the women’s race top honours went to Shaye Pett (5:50:41), Kate Jenour (6:31:17) and Kate Burton (6:37:48).

Congratulations to AURA members who completed the 45km including Sue Robertson (7:48:08), Caroline Ludemann (7:57:54), Kelly-Lyn Fleming (9:31:42) and Julia Mackay-Koelen (9:52:31).

On to the 53k and AURA’s Beck Hefferon from South Fremantle secured 1st Female with a finish time of 7:43:50. She was closely followed by fellow AURA member Jen Millum from Karnup who claimed 2nd Female after completing the distance in 7:43:55. Kelli O’Neill finished 3rd (10:12:54).

For the men it was Craig Weller 1st (5:25:17), Craig Wilson 2nd (5:46:07) and Gavin Storey 3rd (6:02:17).

Congratulations to AURA members Sergio Gustinetti (7:36:43), Wayne McMurtrie (7:43:01), James Sawyer (8:29:48), Glenn Monaghan (9:03:28) and Darlene Dale (11:34:04) who finished their 53km race.

In the 106km event, AURA’s Gustinetti from Tuart Hill took top position for the men, taking out 1st Male with a total time of 13:54:10. Matt Korten took 2nd (14:44:00) whilst AURA member McMurtrie from Qld held on to claim 3rd Male with his finish line crossing of 15:37:10.

Millum looked strong throughout the weekend and ended on a high note, finishing top woman in a total time of 14:50:04. Veronika Kretzer took 2nd Female (18:01:19) and Dale from Quinns Rock claimed 3rd in 19:21:12.

Congratulations to all our AURA members who raced in the 106km including Monaghan (15:53:56), Andre Pienaar (16:19:26), Tim Bond (17:46:40), Nick Swallow (18:57:30), Sawyer (18:57:30) and Harmony Waite (20:20:38).

The next events on the AURA-listed calendar include Yaberoo Trail Ultra this Sunday in Joondalup, WA (50km trail) and HerberTONNE in the Atherton Tablelands, Qld (100km, 50km trail).

Pictured: David Von Senden racing in the 3 Marathons in 3 Days event. Photograph – Facebook.