IAU 100km Asia & Oceanic Championships, Jordan

It’s no surprise how many of us tuned in to the socials at the weekend as the Aussies ran in the 2019 IAU 100km Asia & Oceanic Championships in Aqaba, Jordan and we all cheered on the team as they represented our country in the green and gold – Brendan Davies from NSW, Amelia Griffith from Vic, Barbara Fieberg from WA and Corrina Black from the Gold Coast.

What amazing efforts by all four, and we are sure words cannot express how elated everyone who participated is.

Standings for the women’s team as individuals saw Mai Fujisawa from Japan as 1st Female with a time of 8:20:44 whilst our very own Amelia Griffith claimed 2nd Female after a whopping 8:57:02 time. Another Japanese runner, Konoka Azumi, took 3rd Female with 9:03:22.

Barbara Fieberg snagged herself 5th Female and finished with incredible determination despite admitting it was a tough day at the office post 50kms.

Corrina Black took 7th Female, but not without a fight.  

For the men’s individual results we saw Japan’s Hideaki Yamauchi take 1st Male after crossing the finish line in an astonishing 7:11:42 and our Aussie Brendan Davies sure was all smiles as he made his 2nd Male place secure with a time of 7:49:16. 

India’s Deepak Vasudev Bandbe took 3rd Male with 8:04:16.

With all three women on the Aussie team gaining a top 10 position, it’s no surprise that they stood on the podium to take 1st Women’s Team with a grand total time of 30:21:40, and they wore their gold medals proudly.

The Indian Women’s Team wasn’t far behind, claiming 2nd with 40:40:33.

For the men’s team results, India took top spot with 24:40:00 and Jordan held for 2nd (31:14:21).

Congratulations to the Australian team for their individual and combined successes at this year’s IAU 100km Asia and Oceanic Championships, and well done to team manager Rob McFarlane for holding the fort and being an immense support for the champions.

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