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Hysterical Carnage Backyard Ultra, SA
Great North Walk Ultras, NSW
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Great Southern Endurance Run

Always an event runners in Victoria look forward to, the Great Southern Endurance Run was held earlier in the month from 12-14 November, 2021 and offered participants a 100 mile, 50 mile and 28km option.

Kicking off with the men’s 100 mile, AURA’s very own Thomas Dade from Mount Martha, Vic completed the course and took home 1st Male with a finish time of 28:05:22. Second Male was taken out by Joel Read (30:38:57) whilst 2ndwent to Ross McPhee (31:49:34).

In the women’s 100 mile there was 1 finisher according to the event’s race results and it was Elizabeth Woodgate with a total time of 44:15:03.

Congratulations to all our AURA members who raced in the Great Southern Endurance Run, including Simon Neale(41:19:49) and Jonathan Ennis-King (44:50:39).

The men’s 50 mile also saw an AURA podium top spot finish, with member Justin Hiatt from Weston Creek, ACT taking 1st Male in a speedy time of 11:07:46. Second Male went to George Morton-Ramwell (11:42:51) and 3rd to Marcus Brownlie (12:03:55).

Not to be outdone, the women’s 50 mile was another event to see an AURA member complete the course and claim the title of winner. Gill Fowler from Rozelle, NSW took complete control of the women’s division and took a massive lead over 2nd Female Claire Healy (12:50:12) after crossing the finish line in 12:28:49. The 3rd Female win had two equal finishers, claimed by Leeah Cooper (13:59:36) and Leah Alexander (13:59:36).

Well done to all our AURA members in the 50 mile who gave it a go, including Andrew Bainbridge (13:28:57), Isabella Basaglia, Geoff Markley, and Jody Daff.

Hysterical Carnage Backyard Ultra

Gaining in popularity, another backyard ultra was held the weekend of 19-21 November, with a repeat of the battle of last one standing at Herdy’s Frontyard Ultra earlier in the year. The Hysterical Carnage Backyard Ultra saw participants from varying states arrive in Loxton, SA to take on the format, and it was an edge-of-your-seat weekend for everyone – from volunteers and participants, to those watching on the socials.

West Aussie and AURA member Phil Gore from Darling Downs, who won the 2021 Herdy’s, was the last one standing (and 1st Male) at Hysterical Carnage after a total of 38 laps (254.98km). Kevin Matthews, who took the Assist at Herdy’s, kept Gore on his toes as they went hell for leather, and ended up pulling out at 37 laps (248.27km).

Nancy Williams was given the title of 1st Female following a successful 25 laps (167.75km).

Congratulations to every AURA member who ran a lap, or two, or perhaps even a few more, at Hysterical Carnage, including West Aussie Chetan Sadhana (3rd Male, 36 laps or 241.56km), Tasmanian Ben Hirst (34 laps or 228.14km), the NT’s Simon Duke (27 laps or 181.17km) and South Aussie Tim O’Brien (10 laps or 67.10km).

Great North Walk Ultras

The Great North Walk Ultras was held last weekend from 20-21 November, 2021 in Patonga, NSW and offered participants a variety of distances to choose from, including a 100 miler, 100km, 50 miler, 50km and the newly introduced 25km.

The course is known to be almost entirely single track and along fire trail, and is a favourite amongst NSW runners.

Starting with the results from the men’s 100 miler, the lead was taken by Zac O’Neil who took 1st Male (24:41:52) whilst 2nd Male went to Mark Firth (25:05:16). AURA member Damian Smith from Nowra, NSW held on to claim 3rd Male with a successful race campaign, finishing the course in 25:12:18.

In the women’s 100 miler, 1st Female went to Monika Georgieva (30:48:53) and 2nd went to Tatiana Nicholson (32:33:21).

Congratulations to all our AURA members who ran in the 100 miler and gave it their all, including Jeremy Rankin(29:35:10), Bernhard Freisler (34:33:11) and Akira Suzuki.

Onto the men’s 100km, and 1st male was won by Grant Brisbin (11:43:17) whilst 2nd was claimed by Tommy Morton (12:57:35). AURA’s very own David Campbell from Sydney, NSW took 3rd Male when he crossed the finish line in 14:23:55.

In the women’s 100km, Emma Brown took 1st Female (19:21:29), Sophie Shawdon claimed 2nd (20:32:55) whilst AURA member Diana Williams from East Lindfield, NSW finished her race in 22:41:30.

In the men’s 50 miler, top spots went to Michael Lough (9:08:43), Ryan O’Mara (9:26:22) and Ryan Degan (10:08:20) whilst in the women’s 50 miler AURA’s very own Stephanie Auston from Merimbula, NSW made a sensational run, claiming 1st Female in a time of 10:43:20 just ahead of AURA’s Melissa Robertson from Long Jetty, NSW who claimed 2nd right behind her in 10:54:07. Third Female went to Ursula Adams (11:17:55).

Well done to all AURA members who dug in deep for the 50 miler, including Tim Yendell (12:57:52).

In the men’s 50km, top spots were won by Josef McGrath (4:46:25), Zac Bissett (4:57:29) and Craig Simpson (5:13:26) while in the women’s 50km it was Monika Ludriks (5:59:11), Georgina Beech (6:28:48) and Alexandra Miller (6:29:30).

Congratulations to all who raced in the 50km, including Hayden Pohio (7:13:17), Scott Marden (7:28:28) and Taras Mencinsky.

Upcoming Events

The Coast to Kosciuszko kicks off tomorrow (26-28 November, 2021) and will see participants traverse 240km from Boydtown Beach in Eden, NSW to Charlotte Pass, NSW. We have a number of AURA members entered to cover the distance as well as crewing and assisting.

Also this weekend, the Fisiocrem GC50 Run Festival will take runners 50km along the Gold Coast (27-28 November). The first race in the last month of the year will be the Bruny Island 64km Ultra due to be held 4 December in Bruny Island, Tas followed by the Narrabeen Allnighter in Narrabeen, NSW from 11-12 December, GoodRunnings 6/12 in Glenelg North, SA on 12 December and the last event for the year the 6 Inch Trail Marathon on 19 December in North Dandalup, WA.

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Pictured: West Aussie Phil Gore taking on the tough conditions at Hysterical Carnage Backyard Ultra in SA. Photograph – Ian Lilburn.