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The very popular Adelaide 6 Day was held from 2-8 October at Thorndon Park in SA and we’ve gotten the official results for all events, including the 6 Day, 72hr, 48hr and 24hr.

In the Men’s 6 Day, Stephen Wright finished with 477 laps and a total distance of 680.948km. AURA member David Billett from Coromandel Valley, SA secured 2nd Male with a total distance of 607.921km (426 laps) whilst AURA’s Stephan Kent from Rosslyn Park, SA finished in 3rd Male with 604.412km (424 laps).

In the Women’s 6 Day, Sarah Barnett secured 1st Female (498.773km), Niboddhri Christie 2nd Female (471.962km) and Karen Chan 3rd Female (374.278km).

Congratlations to all our AURA members who competed in the extraordinary 6 day event, including Matthew Woodman(514.694km), Tamas Lorincz (503.050), Fee Salmons (326.462km), Benjamin Anchor (308.493km), Sandi Faddy(279.588km), Richard Crane (158.231km), Annabel Hepworth (136.848km) and Greg Wilson (136.848km).

There was 1 Male in the Men’s 72hr division, congratulations to AURA’s Phil Ryan from Sunbury, Vic who secured himself a whopping 331.214km (232 laps).

Three women took on the Women’s 72hr, with Hoang Ly 1st (293.193km), Tanya Caro 2nd (244.236km) and Emily Breakwell 3rd (164.035km).

There were 3 competitors in the 48hr, with 1 male and 2 females.

In the Women’s 48hr, it was Tammy Walters 1st (177.933km) and Lib Smith 2nd (176.676km). For the Men’s 48hr, it was Darren Corcoran in 1st (161.082km).

In the Men’s 24hr, there were 5 participants with AURA’s Geoffrey Langhans from Happy Valley, SA taking 1st Male in 161.251km (113 laps) and AURA member Colin Brooks from Semaphore Park, SA securing 2nd Male. Justin Brock took 3rd Male (72.700km).

In the Women’s 24hr, we saw AURA’s very own Dawn Parks from Marden, SA win 1st Female after finishing a total of 114.157km. Lisa Zrim took 2nd Female (101.210km) whilst AURA member Charlotte Rumney from Secret Harbour, ACT claimed 3rd Female following a finishing distance of 12.829km).

Congratulations to all our AURA members who ran in the 24hr, including Barry McBride (65.573km), John Nuttall(31.361km)

For the full list of results, click here.


The inaugural Lonely Mountain Ultra was held across the weekend of 15-16 October in Orange, NSW where there was a smorgasbord of distances on offer, including a 100km, 50mi, 50km, 30km, 22km, 11km, Kids 4km and Kids 2km.

There were 24 starters in the 100km, with 20 finishers crossing the finish line.

Kicking off with the Men’s 100km, Gerald Macpherson took 1st Male (10:46:29), Tim Altamore 2nd (12:03:30) and Matt Smith 3rd (12:25:13).

The 2 sweeps were female, and secured 1st and 2nd with Pamela Fullgrabe (21:41:59) and Renai Mcardle (21:41:59).

Congratulations to all our AURA members who ran in the 100km including David Campbell (14:58:55) and Mitchell Essex (15:52:08).

There was a total of 24 runners participating in the 50mi, with 21 males and 23 females.

In the Men’s 50mi, Grant Brisbin took 1st Male (8:08:37) and Llewellyn Mcmaster took 2nd (8:33:42). AURA member Cian Gray from Barton, ACT took home 3rd Male with a fantastic time of 10:01:44.

In the Women’s 50mi, Marijke Walshe took 1st Female (9:11:53) whilst AURA member Hannah Mcrae from NSW secured herself 2nd Female after a finishing time of 9:47:21. Jackie Mcrae took 3rd Female (9:59:31).

Congratulations to AURA members Matthew Harris (10:20:22) and Fran Boorer (16:39:13) who ran in the 50mi and completed their distance!

Seventy-four men and 72 women ran in the 50km.

In the Men’s 50km, top spots went to Hamish McMaster (4:21:25), David Januszkiewicz (4:48:42) and Luke Hockey (4:54:45).

In the Women’s 50km, AURA’s very own Louise Clifton from Mt Victoria, NSW secured herself 1st Female following a brilliant performance finishing the distance in 4:44:17. Alicia Hayes (5:25:03) and Tia Bool (5:38:07) took 2nd and 3rdrespectively.

Well done to AURA member Alexandra Noon who completed her 50km in 8:27:51.

For the full list of results, which include the 30km and 22km, click here.


The Australian Satellite Event (aka World Backyard Ultra Championships) had everyone on the edge of their seats over the past weekend (15-18 October) with a team of Aussies racing in the backyard format at Mirrim Wurnit in Vic.

Thirty-seven countries participated in the event, all with their very best backyard ultra runners, with Australia coming 3rdoverall in the world with a combined total of 744 yards! In terms of countries/teams, USA took 1st with a total of 860 yards and Belgium came 2nd with 788 yards.

Individually, the Belgiums – Merijn Geerts and Ivo Steyaert – claimed a new world record each with 101 total laps completed.

Within Australia’s incredible team, AURA’s Phil Gore from Darling Downs, WA took home a new Australian male record of 76 laps, taking top honours amongst the Aussies. Ryan Crawford proudly claimed the Assist with 75 laps.

The full Aussie team consisted of 12 incredible athletes (highlighted are AURA members) – Phil Gore, Ryan Crawford, Robert Parsons (73 laps), Ben Nicholls (56 laps), John Yoon (51 laps), Tim Kacprzak (50 laps), Ross McPhee (49 laps), Chris Murphy (48 laps), Aaron Young (48 laps), Margie Hadley (47 laps), Carl Douglas (41 laps), Ben Hirst (40 laps), Chris Martin (34 laps), Matthieu Dube (30 laps) and Jessica Smith (26 laps).

There was another record broken amongst the Aussie team with Margie Hadley from Henley Brook, WA putting on the crown for the new Australian female record in backyard ultras. Jessica Smith was the previous title holder after claiming the record at the 2022 Herdy’s Frontyard Ultra with 41 laps.


Heysen 105 kicks off this weekend in Victor Harbour, SA and will run from 22-23 October. Next weekend is Ultra-Trail Australia by UTMB in Katoomba, NSW due to be run from 27-30 October, and that same weekend will be the inaugural Old Mates Backyard Ultra in Upper Barron, Qld.

With November just around the corner, we’ve got on our AURA calendar of events the inaugural Janssen Bondi to Manly Ultra on 5 November in Bondi, NSW and the Feral Pig Ultra from 5-6 November in Kalamunda, WA.

The Great Southern Endurance Run will be held from 11-13 November in Harrietville, Vic and the Hysterical Carnage Backyard Ultra 11-13 November in Loxton, SA.

The Super Trail Mitchell River is due to kick off 18-20 November in Glenaladale, Vic, LOSER (Last One Standing Endurance Race) from 18-20 November in Glenaladale, Vic and the Stromlo Running Festival from 19-20 November in Stromlo, ACT.

The last event for the month is the Blue Goat Backyard Marathon from 26-27 November in Mt Victoria, NSW.

Pictured: The Australian team for the 2022 World Backyard Ultra Championships. Photograph – Supplied/Peter Clarke.