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A one day traverse of Tasmania’s famous Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair Overland track, runners got a chance to race through wild alpine areas and take in the beauty of this World Heritage location, on Saturday (4 February).

On offer was an 80km trail run limited to only 60 runners – a very special experience indeed – with all participants needing to provide evidence of their suitability to tackle the event.

Top of the game in the Men’s 80km, was AURA’s very own Matthew Crehan from Northcote, Vic who sped through the trails and crossed the finish line at Cynthia Bay in 8:15.

Coming in to round the podium for 2nd and 3rd Male placings were Gareth Hinds (8:45) and Andrew Gaskell (8:58).

In the Women’s 80km, winners were Amy Lamprecht (9:51), Jasmine Vollmer (10:18) and Georgina Beech (10:30).

Congratulations to all our AURA members who raced in the Cradle Mountain Run, including John Claridge (9:37) and Ingo Ernst (11:01).

For the full list of results, click here.


The GoodRunnngs’ City Run in Adelaide, SA was held on Sunday (5 February), celebrating its’ 5th race year! Starting and finishing at Pinky Flat, runners followed the 7.5km Weir Loop along the River Torrens, with ultra distances doing continuous loops for the 50km and 60km.

There was 1 competitor in the Women’s 50km, Ashley Reddy (5:31:18) and 1 in the Men’s 50km, David Parfitt (5:18:41).  

The Women’s 60km saw 2 participants with Debra Pelgrave taking 1st Female (7:29:17) and Jessica Chester winning 2ndFemale (7:44:03).

The Men’s 60km had 3 runners, with Jackson Morgan taking 1st Male (5:46:57) whilst AURA’s very own Geoffrey Langhans from Happy Valley, SA taking out 2nd Male in a fantastic time of 6:02:16. Congratulations Geoffrey.

Daniel Milovanovic took 3rd male (7:44:04).


It was a different kind of Delirious WEST 200 & 100 miler this year (8-12 February). The event still had the two distances, with participants running from Northcliffe to Albany in WA along the world famous Bibbulmun Track.

Before we get onto the results, here is race director Shaun Kaesler’s explanation of how this year’s 200 miler was conducted by all involved with a tracker linked to Jeff Hansen.

“For those of you who don’t know the full story, our beautiful mate Jeff Hansen was supposed to be running Delirious 200 Miler himself this year. After being on the event team for the first 4 years, with the last 3 as race director, 2023 was to be his year to conquer the beast.

“Sadly in the middle of 2022, another beast in the form of leukaemia and an associated infection, took Jeff’s life in 12 short days from diagnosis. It devastated so many of us, none more than his beautiful wife, partner in life and crew chief in waiting, Jodie.

“But with Jodie’s support, we are honouring Jeff’s desire to tackle Delirious, with his pair of trail shoes currently making their way from Northcliffe to Albany.

“You see, each runner is taking it in turns to carry his shoes for at least 5km along the track, before placing them on course for the next runner behind to pick up, and take for the next 5km. Every single runner is playing their part in helping Jeff’s legacy see every 340+ kilometres of this course.

“We can’t wait to bring Jeff’s memory home to the Delirious finish line.”

At the time of posting his message on Facebook, Shaun indicated that people could follow Jeff’s journey by watching his tracker online and incidentally leave messages of memories, support and love so that Jodie could read them all – Jodie was also down at the race supporting Jeff’s journey.

And if you look closely in the event photos popping up on the Delirious WEST FB page, you’d see that every runner’s bib name is Jeff Hansen – with their own name as the ‘middle’ name.

A more fitting tribute could not be had.

Onto the results.

There were 63 starters in the 200mi (26 Women, 37 Men).

In the Men’s 200mi, the top 2 spots were taken out by AURA members. It was well worth the flight over to WA for John Yoon from Kensington, Vic who claimed 1st Male in a time of 68:48:15. He was followed closely by Kevin Matthewsfrom Perth, WA who crossed the finish line in 71:53:15. Oliver Maass took hold of 3rd Male (77:17:55).

In the Women’s 200mi, AURA’s very own Melissa Robertson from Long Jetty, NSW took the crown in a fantastic time of 73:09:07. Second and 3rd placings were won by Julie Sager (74:06:04) and Julie Gibson (76:37:50).

A big congratulations to all AURA members who ran in the 200mi – it’s absolutely no easy feat! Sarah Niven (79:20:05), Tristan Cameron (79:51:46), Glen Smetherham (79:51:46), Matthew Woodman (88:19:35), Nicola Walters(88:28:43), Jutta Kober (89:40:00), Heath Watkins (97:50:03), Eve Knudson (100:18:30), Georgia Snowball(100:18:30) and Kirsten Mapleston (103:54:16).

Well done to all those who tried their hardest to get to the finish line too, including Kerrie Bremner, Sue Robertson, Scott Black, Kay Bretz, Frank Chauveau, John Cooke, Jonathan Ennis-King and David Bennie.  

In the 100mi event, there were 15 starters in total (4 Women, 11 Men).

In the Men’s 100mi event, AURA’s very own Phil Gore from Darling Downs, WA took the 1st Male title with an astonishing time of 21:21:35. Rama Wieland took 2nd Male (26:07:39) whilst AURA member Robert Parsons from Somerville, WA finished on the podium with 3rd Male after crossing the finish line in 28:12:50.

In the Women’s 100mi, there was one finisher. Tas Sekulic secured 1st Female with 39:09:59.

Well done to our AURA members who finished their incredible 100mi – not easy either! David White (28:53:13) and Alexis Oosterhoff (38:05:55). High fives to those who tried their hardest too, Ian North and Fee Salmons.

Frank Chauveau won the Jeff Hansen Award this year, awarded to an individual or team who does something extraordinary in the spirit of the Delirious WEST. Turning 70 during Delirious week, Frank was stripped back, vulnerable, and incredibly grateful and honoured to be in the moment, running and giving it his all. Although he didn’t get to the 340km finish line, pulling up stumps just shy of the 300km mark, to have him say to race directors and organisers that he got everything he wanted already out of Delirious, and even more, epitomises what the event was about.


One of the calendar’s newest events, the Potato Hopper & Snake Plains, was held on Sunday, February 19 in Fern Tree, Tas.

Starting with results in the Men’s Enduro (21km), top spots went to David Bailey (1:36:12), Marc Iseli (1:38:15) and Joe Dickinson (1:42:57).

In the Women’s Enduro (21km) it was Annabel De Jong first (2:06:13), Becca Lunnon 2nd (2:20:44) and Jessie Poke 3rd(2:21:56).

In the Men’s Sport 13km, positions went to Mark Hinder (1:04:25), Nick Beeton (1:10:20) and Marcus Lennon (1:11:53). For the Women’s Sport 13km, podium spots were won by Ruth Whitaker (1:25:31), Lucy Donnan (1:26:26) and Courtney Plapp (1:31:12).

For the full list of results, click here.


The 24-26 February will host the Twilight Series by GoodRunnings, with the Cosmos Run on 24 February, the Star Runon 25 February, and the Moon Run on 26 February. All in SA and offering up to 50km (with $5 from every registration going to Northern Adelaide Domestic Violence Services, a subdivision of Women’s Safety Services SA).

Pictured: Frank Chauveau at the start of Delirious WEST week. Photograph – Astrid Volzke.