“The Clint Eastwood’ Last One Standing, Qld
Rotary Rail Trail Run & Ride, Tas

‘The Clint Eastwood’ Last One Standing

The start of ‘The Clint Eastwood’ Last One Standing in Brisbane, Qld kicked off on Thursday, August 16 and it was AURA’s very own Kevin Muller from Wodonga, Vic who took the title of last one standing out of 74 participants.

The course consisted of 6.7km trail loops, run entirely on smooth minimal elevation and laps starting on the hour, every hour at the ring of a bell. The man or woman to be left the last one standing was required to complete another hour on their own to win, or they too would be marked as a DNF. 

Muller completed a whopping 41 laps, turning over a total of 274.95km.

Congratulations to all our AURA members who ran in AAA Racing’s event, including Shane Holstein (221.30km), Greg Ponych (181.06km), Kerrie Bremner (174.36km), Kris Ryan (167.65km), Barry Loveday (160.94km), Stephen Wright (154.24km), Mick Francis (140.83km), David Jones (140.83km), Jodie Oborne (140.83km), George Mihalakellis (127.41km), , Stephen Kiley (120.71km), Duc Do (80.47km), Hayley Farry (80.47km) and Susannah Harvey-Jamieson (53.65km).

You can find a full list of results here.

Rotary Rail Trail Run & Ride

The Rotary Rail Trail Run & Ride was held on Saturday, August 17 in Scottsdale, Tas in the picturesque North-East Trail Trail. Event distances ranged from 2km through to 54km with options to run, ride or do both, and was a race suited for participants of all experience levels.

In the 54km ultra event the top two podium finishes for the men’s race went to AURA’s David Bailey from Tolmans Hill, Tas who took 1st Male with a finish time of 3:41:52.

Not far behind him was another AURA member, Fergus Edwards from Launceston, Tas who claimed 2nd Male following his successful finish of 4:08:45.

Third Male went to Ben Jozefiak (4:25:05).

In the women’s division, 1st Female went to Judi Leale (5:10:18) whilst 2nd Female was won by Louise Evans (5:58:00); they were the only two women to compete in the 54km event out of 13 racers.

Click here for a full list of results of the Rotary Rail Trail & Ride race.

Pictured: Kevin Muller heading out on lap 39 of the Last One Standing event. Photograph – Supplied/Facebook.