Coburg 24hr Carnival

Coburg 24hr Carnival/AURA 100km Australian Road Championships

The Corburg 24hr Carnival was held across the weekend of 17-18 April (2021) at the Harold Stevens Athletic Track in Coburg North, Vic. This year, the event featured a 24hr, 12hr, 6hr, 100km and 42.2km distance. The Carnival also doubled up as AURA’s 100km Australian Track Championships.

Starting off with the women’s 24hr event, top spots went to AURA’s Karen Mickle from Newport, Vic who walked away with 190.308km and 1st Female, whilst AURA member Cheryl Symons from Murrumbeena, Vic took 2nd Female after a total of 188.449km on the track. Nikki Thomson held on for 3rd Female with 184.454km.

For the men’s podium finishes in the 24hr, AURA’s very own Daragh O’Loughlin from St Kilda, Vic claimed victory with 1st Male and a total of 232.470km. David Eadie claimed 2nd Male with 209.016 whilst AURA member Ben Nichollsfrom Timboon, Vic held on to take the final podium spot of 3rd Male with

Congratulations to all our podium finishers as well as all our AURA member who raced in the 24hr, including Kris Ryan(156.999kms), Duc Do (148.682), Mathew Schubert (144.563), Bill Bardsley (137.843km), Stephen Lewis(122.108km), Frank Palermo (106.008km), Darren Linney (100.000km), Richard North (99.200km), Stephan Kent(90.800km), Cassie Smith (88.971km), Annabel Hepworth (70.000km) Kerry Clapham (54.740km), Jevvan McPhee(50.000km) and Jody Daff (48.400km).

In the 12hr division for the women, AURA’s Kirsten Maplestone from Aspendale, Vic took 1st Female with a total distance of 81.268km. Lucy Stabb took 2nd Female (73.525km) and Connie Schroeder took 3rd (41.470km).

For the men’s 12hr race, 1st Male was won by Ross McLean (127.371km), 2nd Male by David Wilson (125.712km) whilst 3rd Male was proudly taken by AURA member Greg Ponych from Wishart, Qld after finishing his event with a total of 119.477km.

Well done to everyone who raced in the 12hr, including Ken Marsh (107.302km), John Yoon (106.556km) and Steven O’Connell (68.011km).

The 6hr women’s event featured four participants, and AURA’s Nikki Wynd from Lysterfield, Vic held on to take the victory as 1st Female with a total distance of 59.027km. Jeanine Edmonds took 2nd (57.360km) whilst 3rd Female was also taken by an AURA member, Nicola Wright from Altona, Vic who completed a distance of 51.072km.

In the 6hr men’s, Stuart Elliott won the race with 72.762km, Thomas Lumb 2nd (70.231km) and Damiano Ambrosini 3rd(64.365km).

All the events were considered run events, and each of those also had a walking division.

In the 24hr Walk, top spots went to Justin Scholz (165.756km), Pramesh Prasad (162.559km) and Sim Beow Lim (122.998km).

Only 1 woman entered the 24hr Walk event, Elise Hess with 49.823km.

12hr Walk male winners included Laurie Tinson (75.827km), Albin Hess (73.470km) and Patrick Stiles (55.404km) whilst no women entered the 12hr Walk in that category.

Congratulations to AURA member Ian Hoad who completed a total of 43.645km in the 12hr Walk division.

In the 6hr Walk for the men there were 2 competitors, Tony Wilms (29.012km) and Ken Carter (20.882km) whilst for the women there were 3 participants including Marnie Grace (45.421km), AURA’s Tracy Colbert (33.659km) and Donna-Marie Elms (20.041km).

Now onto AURA’s 100km Australian Track Championships!

Congratulations to Karen Chan who took 1st Female after finishing her 100km in 15:42:14. She was the only woman to enter the event so there were no 2nd or 3rd placings.

In the men’s 100km, podium standings and wins all went to AURA members!

Clay Dawson from Karalee, Qld took 1st Male with a total time of 7:07:33; Andrew Heyden from St Ives, NSW took 2ndMale with 7:46:15; and Anthony Boyle from Myocum, NSW took 3rd Male with 8:06:41.  

Congratulations to all those mentioned above as well as all our AURA members who had raced in the 100km and gave it a real crack, including Stuart Hughes (9:41:43), Phil Ryan (10:48:17) and George Mihalakellis (13:57:53).  

Upcoming Events

Run Larapinta is coming up 21-24 April. It’s a 4-day 4-stage trail running race along the iconic Larapinta Trail in the country’s Northern Territory. Day 1 = 11km/20km; Day 2 = 22km/41km; Day 3 = 22km/31km; Day 4 = 30km/45km.

The Gumby is new to the AURA calendar, with its inaugural event held this year on 24 April in the Coree District, ACT. A last one standing race in the Brindabella Ranges to the west of Canberra, this format of racing keeps everyone on their toes and is growing with popularity.

The Belair Marathon will also be finding its inaugural feet this year, and will held on 26 April in Belair, SA. Run in one of the country’s oldest national parks (established in 1891, in fact), racers will enjoy the trail marathon, half marathon, 10km or 5km thanks to their stunning environment.

Pictured: Athletes at this year’s 2021 Coburg 24hr Carnival. Photograph – Supplied/Andrew Meyenn/Coburg Race Organisers.