BUTTER 24/48 (2021 AURA 24hr Australian Championships), Qld
Waterous Trail on Foot, WA
BottleButt Bash Trail Run, NSW
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BUTTER 24/48 (2021 AURA 24hr Australian Championships

It was a tough but amazing weekend at St Joseph’s Nudgee College in Boondall, Qld with the Butter 24/48 kicking off on Friday, September 24 and offering a range of timed events, including the 48hr, 24hr (which also doubled as the 2021 24hr Australian Championships), 12hr and 6hr.

According to race directors, a national age group record was set (yet to be ratified) so we’ll keep an eye on that one as it comes.

24hr Championships: Firstly, congratulations to AURA’s Amanda Pavey from Heathwood, Qld who took out the winning title for 1st Female in the 2021 AURA 24hr Australian Championships, with a PB no less after completing a total of 406 laps or a distance of 162.507km.

Big congratulations also to long time AURA member Kevin Muller from Wodonga, Vic who won 1st Male in the 2021 AURA 24hr Australian Championships, claiming 509 laps or a total distance of 203.970kms – what’s more, is that he won The Clint Eastwood LOS standing event just four weeks earlier, and shared the win at the Glasshouse 100km a fortnight ago.

Second placed positions (male and female) in the Championships were claimed by Tracey Hind (non-AURA member) who finished with 292 laps and Bradley Prior (non-AURA member) with 383 laps. To finish off the podium spots, AURA’s very own Tia Jones from Springfield Lakes, Qld held on to take 3rd Female with 250 laps or 100.000km, whilst Joshua Braam (non-AURA member) took 3rd Male with 346 laps.

48hr: Top spots in the men’s 48hr category were claimed by well-known podium finisher Ryan Crawford (725 laps or 290.001km), Stephen Wright (663 laps or 265.324km) and Chris Harbinson (424 laps or 169.724km). Congratulations to AURA’s Greg Ponych from Wishart, Qld who took 4th with his 303 lap total – or 121.200km.

For the women, it was a battle between AURA members Kris Ryan and Cassie Smith; Ryan, from Pacific Pines in Qld, took out 1st Female after finishing 537 laps or 215.135km, and Smith from Clayfield, NSW held on for 2nd totalling 299 laps or 119.619km.

AAA Racing and Coaching is currently in the process of finalising all distances, however lap counts are complete (*29-09-2021).

12hr: AURA’s Cora Lau from Fitzgibbon, Qld took 1st Female in the women’s 12hr after she completed a total of 229 laps or 91.821km. According to the results listing, no other females are listed.

In the men’s 12hr race, Matt Gore took 1st (315 laps or 126.247km), Robert Chapman claimed 2nd (289 laps or 115.852km) and Zac Frampton held for 3rd (257 laps or 102.854km).

6hr: In the 6hr division, AURA member Charlotte Long from Noosaville, Qld took control of the women’s event and won 1st Female after a total of 159 laps, or 63.979km. Michelle Healy claimed 2nd with 125 laps, whilst AURA’s Sarah Christmas from the Gold Coast in Qld held on for 3rd after completing a total of 120 laps, or 48.057km.  

In the men’s event, Dan Camac took 1st with 205 laps (82.303km), Emmet Matthews got 2nd (147 laps or 58.914km) and Simon Foster held on for 3rd with 146 laps (58.612km).

Waterous Trail on Foot (WTF)

WA’s Waterous Trail on Foot, affectionately known as the WTF by West Aussies, started on Saturday, 25 September in the south west of the state at Dwellingup. The 50mi and 100mi runners all start at the same time, early in the morning, and share the trail for the first 50mi.

100mi: 1st Female for the 100mi in 2021 was AURA’s very own Beck Hefferon from South Fremantle, WA who completed her race in 24:30:59. Second Female went to Kellie Whitfield (29:13:06). Kellie Whitfield took 2nd Female with 25:11:00.

1st Male in the 100mi was claimed by Edgar Cepeda Colin (26:46:25),  2nd by Tex Webster (26:51:50) and 3rd went to Tristan Cameron (27:23:36).

50mi: 1st Female in the 50mi went to Casey Edlington (9:57:42) whilst 2nd was claimed by Cherie Pettit (10:41:16). Third Female went to Maryanne Pemberton (12:08:30).

Well done to our AURA members who ran in the WTF 100mi including Tim Bond, John Cooke, Pamela Williams and Mick Francis.

In the men’s event, AURA member Nathan Fawkes from Waikiki, WA finished his distance in 8:51:56. Fawkes is no stranger to the course, having claimed 1st Male before in the same event back in 2015, when it was a slightly different course; Tim Pullin claimed 2nd Male in 9:54:24 and Nathan Reeves took 3rd (10:19:39).

Congratulations to all our AURA members who ran in the WTF 50mi including Alexis Oosterhoff (11:35:14), Chetan Sadhana (11:41:40), Shaun Kaesler (11:53:13), Doug Bartlett (12:08:30), Sue Robertson (15:24:10), Diane Breant (15:56:30), Greg Benn (18:34:10), Frank Chauveau (19:22:12), Sergio Gustinetti (19:22:12), Colette Sims (29:33:48) and Matthew Edwards (32:26:12).

BottleButt Bash Trail Run

The BottleButt Bash Trial Run was held on the weekend as well, offering a 42km, 21km and 10km; to note, there will be a BottleButt Bash Trail Run 2.0 due to be held on 10 October for all those who were unable to make it to the weekend event.

In the marathon distance of 42km, men’s podium wins went to Jason Williamson (3:43:47), Jamis Turner (3:49:00) and Alistair Eldred (4:00:34). In the women’s, 1st Female was claimed by Kate Drury (5:04:09), 2nd went to Michelle Love (7:12:08) and 3rd went to Karen Woollard (7:12:08).

Congratulations to AURA member Rob Lloyd (5:48:53) who completed the event also. The BottleButt Bash Trail Run.

Upcoming Events

With the current pandemic still hitting states all across the country, it’s advised to keep an eye on events’ FB pages or websites if you have entered a race; alternatively, race directors will always communicate with their participants and volunteers on the next course of action.

3 October sees the Kuranda to Port Douglas Trail Race kick off in Kuranda, Qld offering ultra runners a 64km trail option, whilst the Delirious W.E.S.T 200miler will be held from 6-10 October, runners beginning their long journey in Northcliffe, WA.

On 10 October, a 64km race is due to be held in Semaphore, SA – the Western Coastal Running Festival, and the Sri Chinmoy Canberra 100km will finally be held that same day in Acton, ACT after a postponement.

Also too, the BottleButt Bash Trail Run will be holding another race on 10 October for those people who missed out at the weekend due to restrictions – the BottleButt Bash Trail Run 2.0.

At the end of the month, we see the Heysen 105 Ultra kick off on 23 October from Rocky Creek to Victor Harbour in SA and on Halloween weekend (30-31 October) we’ll see the Halloween Dusk 2 Dawn scare runners in Telegraph Point, NSW and the Lakes100 in Hawkes Nest, NSW.

Pictured: AURA Vice President Matt Eckford with Amanda Pavey and Tracey Hind. Photograph – Supplied/Facebook.