Birdy’s Backyard, WA
Track Ultra WA, WA
Berry Long Run, Vic
Upcoming Events/Cancellations

Birdy’s Backyard

Birdy’s Backyard (Last One Standing) kicked off on Friday, August 13 in Moddiarrup, WA for its third running.

With everyone keeping a close eye on the socials for updates, it was a battle between 2020 Birdy’s Backyard winner Michael Hooker (AURA member) from East Perth and Phil Gore (AURA member) from Darling Downs who claimed the assist in 2020 then went on to win the 2020 Herdy’s Frontyard last one standing event.

Smiles all around, Gore ended up taking the win with 51 laps finishing the final lap in just over 28 minutes; Hooker claimed title of Assist with 50 laps.

AURA’s Margie Hadley from Henley Brook finished out on the 39th lap, making her 38th lap the furthest by a female in Australia (yet to be ratified).

Congratulations to all AURA members who ran and DNFd at Birdy’s Backyard including Beck Hefferon, Jutta Kober, Jen Millum, Georgia Snowball, Sergio Gustinetti, Alexis Oosterhoff, Glen Smetherham, James Sawyer, Doug Bartlett, Timothy Bond, Bianca Harding, Chris Kirkwood, Adam Loughnan, Peta Moore, Jon Pendse, Sue Robertson, Heath Watkins, Jason Kell, Chris Martin, Jerry Peters and James Brook.

On Tuesday morning, race director Shaun Kaesler announced Gore had accepted an invitation to represent at Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra World Championships in October. Gore said he was incredibly grateful for the path his ultra running had taken him.

“I have been overwhelmed by the amount of support I’ve received over the last 24 hours,” he said.

“This is my number 1 dream race, and to compete on the international stage among some of the best ultra runners in the world will just be incredible. Thank you to all of you who are helping to make it a reality.”

Track Ultra WA

Set in the south west region of WA in Bunbury, the Track Ultra WA was held at the Bunbury Athletics Track over the weekend of 14-15 August (2021), a glorious two days of pristine weather over the Perth skies.

Offering a range of ‘time’ distances, participants could run laps of the track for 24 hours, 12 hours, 6 hours and 3 hours, and is generally held as the perfect event for those in WA who are unable to get to any track events over east.

Kicking off with the 24hr Run/Walk, there was one competitor with Justin Scholz taking out the title after completing 376 laps (161.692km).

In the 24hr Women’s event, it was an all-round AURA podium finish with AURA’s very own Kerriann Bresser from Lesmurdie taking out 1st Female after completing 381 laps with a total of 152.400km. AURA member Myra Keep from Perth held on for 2nd Female with 332 laps and 132.800km, whilst AURA’s Pamela Williams from Esperance took 3rdFemale after 332 laps and 132.800kms.

In the 24hr Men’s event, AURA’s David Kennedy from Silver Sands claimed 1st Male following his 505 laps and a total distance of 202.000kms. Another AURA member, Bryan Wright from Victoria Park, took 2nd Male with 419 laps and 167.600km, whilst Thomas Wieman took 3rd Male (163.600km).

Congratulations to all AURA members who took on the 24hr division including Graham Bell (154.000km), Glen Smetherham (121.200km), Alexis Oosterhoff (105.600km), Harmony Waite (84.800km), Charlotte Rumney(80.800km) and Cassie Hughes (49.200km),

In the 12hr Women’s event, podium spots went to Raquel Rae (99.528km), Emma Clack (80.452km) and Emma MacLennan (73.817km).

For the 12hr Men’s it was James Coffey (76.920km) and Steven Williams (46.032km).

Congratulations to all AURA members who raced in the 12hr including Louise Wallace (70.084km).

In the 6hr Women’s top spots were claimed by Cherie Savin (60.546km), Claire Slater (58.473km) and Belle Kennedy (50.593km).

In the 6hr Men’s competition 1st Male went to AURA member Nathan Fawkes from Waikiki who completed 184 laps for a total of 76.305km. Second Male was followed up with AURA’s well known ultra runner Mick Francis who clocked in 159 laps and a total of 65.937km. Third Male went to Ben Treasure with 59.630km.

Well done to AURA member Mark Caldwell who finished up with 113 laps for a total distance of 46.861km.

Berry Long Run/Week

It was with sadness that in the days leading up to the Berry Long Run in Victoria, race director Joe Lewis announced the event would be cancelled for a second year in a row. However, with an abundance of support from the running community, a Berry Long Week was created with participants encouraged to do their event distance between Saturday, 14 August and Friday, 20 August. Using no more than 2 consecutive hours per day, runners were encouraged to run as far as they could over the 7 days and would be rewarded for vertical gain, using the formula propounded by one Jason Koop – every 100m of vert was worth an extra 1km of distance.

Rules of course were followed with many in zoned areas requiring to stay within their 5kim radius.

Because the event is still continuing and due to finish tomorrow, results of our AURA members will be posted in the next race report.

Upcoming Events/Cancellations

Unfortunately with the current pandemic hitting states all across the country, the majority of events are being cancelled or postponed. If you have registered for any events in the coming months, it’s advised to keep an eye on their FB pages; alternatively, race directors will always communicate with their participants and volunteers on the next course of action.

The Cairns Port Douglas Trail Ultra scheduled for 21 August has been cancelled.

The BottleButt Bash Trail Run at this stage is still scheduled for this Saturday, 21 August however race directors will make the call whether or not it will go ahead by 11am on Friday, 20 August. Participants should have received an email on Tuesday, 17 August.

It was announced on August 10 that Rapid Ascent’s Run Larapinta Stage Race will not proceed 26-29 August and has been deferred to the provisional date of 28 April-1 May 2022. The decision was made due to the ongoing restrictions and recent changes to the NT border entry requirements.

AAA Racing’s The Clint Eastwood (last one standing) in Rocklea, Qld is still going ahead on 27-31 August as is the Great Trail Relay WA in Kalamunda, WA on 28 August but it’s encouraged everyone stay up to date with their relevant social media platforms.

Pictured – AURA members Michael Hooker and Phil Gore battling it out for last one standing at the 2021 Birdy’s Backyard. Photograph – Astrid Volzke.