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The Brisbane Trail Ultra, renowned for being beautiful and brutal, was held from 7-9 July through the Brisbane Hinterland and offered an eclectic variety of distances for trail runners – BTU100mi, BTU110, BTU60, BTU30, BTU20 and BTU10.

In the Men’s BTU100mi, Piotr Babis took 1st Male with 18:59:58 whilst AURA’s very own Noelis Rheault from Carindale, Qld claimed 2nd Male with a PB by 30 minutes in a time of 20:15:47. New Zealander Benji Patterson took 3rdMale in 20:25:45.

In the Women’s BTU100mi, Swiss-born runner Cecilia Mattas took the win with 22:23:25 (taking AURA’s Maree Connor’s BTU100mi record of 23:29:50). AURA member and previous BTU100mi winner Jessica Schluter from Keperra, Qld took 2nd Female with 23:30:04, just a few seconds off that previous record time. Third went to Robyn Koszta with 13:05:03.

In the Men’s BTU100, newcomer Kiwi Jordan Nuks was awarded 1st Male following a time of 13:08:17. Second Male was won by Giles Penfold (13:41:31) whilst 3rd Male went to Brendan Verrier (13:45:14). These top three men were within 45 minutes of each other.

In the Women’s BTU100, Chantelle Smith won 1st Female with a solid time of 14:28:32. IN second place was Buha Bali in 16:09:19 whilst Sarah Ryan took out 3rd Female just 3 minutes behind Bali.

The BTU60 is the perfect stepping stone to make the leap to the 100 distance, with enough climbing to be harder than most 100km and enough technical trails to keep it fun. This year in the Men’s BTU60, French runner Eric Conce won 1stMale with 5:28:17, Lachlan Jamieson took 2nd Male (5:50:54) and Liam Mackenzie claimed 3rd Male (5:56:09).

In the Women’s BTU60, top spots were awarded to Montana McAvoy (7:11:46), Ursula Adams (7:53:40) and Annabelle Carey (8:10:23).

AURA’s very own Ben Duffus from Indooroopilly, Qld took out the Men’s BTU30 in a time of 2:36:11, setting a new course record – the course this year was 4km longer with more trails and it being much more challenging.

Please note we are still awaiting a full list of results to see which AURA members raced in the long distance events.


The 3 Marathons In 3 Days was held from 7-9 July in Kuranda, Qld and offered three days of running across one weekend. Entrants could opt to enter the Grand Slam, meaning a marathon per day, or simply one or two events across the three days.

The Men’s 3M3D Grand Slam was won by AURA member Joshua Duff from Bentley Park, Qld who finished Marathon 1 in 4:40:42, Marathon 2 in 4:21:03 and Marathon 3 in 3:45:12 with a cumulative time of 12:46:57. Joe Buck took 2nd Male with a cumulative time of 13:04:25 and Daniel Hannaford 3rd Male with 13:40:04.

In the Women’s 3M3D Grand Slam, the winner was Peta Travers-Jones who saw a cumulative time of 15:36:20; Eleanor Doyle with 2nd (18:48:58) and Kalyra Thompson with 3rd (19:45:16).

Congratulations to all our AURA members who entered the Grand Slam, including Clifford Jones from Palm Cove (Marathon 1 in 7:37:49, Marathon 2 in 7:35:29 and Marathon 3 in 5:58:02 with a cumulative time of 21:11:20), Stephen Lewis from Stanthorpe, Qld (Marathon 1 in 9:32:36, Marathon 2 in 8:53:06 and Marathon 3 in 7:09:49 with a cumulative time of 26:05:31), Lorraine Lawson from Whitfield Qld (Marathon 1 in 10:41:39, Marathon 2 in 10:26:58 and Marathon 3 in 6:57:42 with a cumulative time of 28:06:19) and Pamela Williams from Esperance, WA (Marathon 1 in 11:06:40, Marathon 2 in 10:26:56 and Marathon 3 in 6:37:44 with a cumulative time of 28:11:20).

For the full list of results, click here.


Ultra Adelaide by ioMerino was held from 8-9 July in Adelaide, SA where participants headed from the start line in the mountains and made their way to the heart of the city. On offer for ultra runners was a 100km and 50km, as well as a 34km, 21km and 10km.

In the Men’s 100km, the top spot was awarded to Sam Loy (10:18:38) and 2nd Male to Lachlan McDonard (10:43:32). AURA’s Scott Cameron from Modbury, SA took 3rd Male with a fantastic time of 10:58:35.

In the Women’s 100km, AURA member Amanda Meggison from Uraidla, SA won 1st Female at Ultra Adelaide with a time of 14:06:19. Second and 3rd Female were awarded to Briony Weckert (14:13:57) and Kate Savage (15:05:36).

Well done to all our AURA members who ran in the 100km, including Isobel Tait (15:08:12 and 4th Female), Peter Goss (16:42:12) and Ronnette Davies (16:48:03).

In the Men’s 50km, winners were named David Gomez (5:13:47), Jordan Hanna (5:27:25) and Obed Rosenzweig (5:48:00). In the Women’s 50km, top spots were awarded to Annelou Jansen (6:25:03), Emma Tanzer (6:55:03) and Jasmin Mallon (7:12:33).

Congratulations to every AURA member who raced in the 50km, including Geoffrey Langhans (6:47:46), Justin Brock(7:59:58), Geoff Quinton (8:25:24) and Joel Williams (8:58:15).

For the full list of results, including the 34km, 21.1km and 10km, click here.


The Elephant Trail Race was held in Port Macquarie, NSW from 14-16 July and is a lap course (25-27km with about 1455m of elevation). On offer is a 217km, 160km, 100km and 50km for ultra runners, as well as a 25km, 13km, 5km and 2.5km kids race.

Please note we are still awaiting official results, but will have those available in the next Weekly News Report.


WA’s Yaberoo Trail Ultra in Neerabup begins on 23 July whilst the Kuranda to Port Douglas Ultra on 30 July in Kuranda, Qld kicks off 30 July, the last AURA listed event on the AURA calendar for the month.

August sees Birdy’s Backyard Ultra from 4-6 August in Moodiarrup, WA and the kunanyi Trail Series – Tolosa Half & Tolosa Quarter in Glenorchy, Tas on 6 August. Also on 6 August is Rumble in the Jungle in Ulong, NSW whilst on 12 August the Berry Long Run will be held in Blackwood, Vic.

The Unreasonable EAST kicks off 22-27 August from Cairns, Qld and the long awaited Run Larapinta covers four days from 24-27 August in Alice Springs, NT.

Pictured: Amanda Meggison (centre) on the podium after her 100km win at Ultra Adelaide. Photograph – Supplied/Facebook.