Great North Walk Ultra, NSW
Sri Chinmoy Canberra Centenary Trail Ultra, ACT
Run the Great Whitsunday Trail, Qld
Glasshouse 100
Phillip Island 50

Another cracking weekend took over the running calendar with a number of ultra events held in the country, mainly across the eastern states, so we’ll kick off the weekly report with the AURA-listed Great North Walk Ultra which was raced in Teralba, NSW on September 14 (Saturday) and provided entrants an option of a 100mi, 100km, 50mi and 50km trail race.

In the 100mi event AURA member Damian Smith from Nowra, NSW took control and held on to finish the distance in 24:32:28, grabbing 1st Male and being ahead of 2nd Male Peter Richardson with just 00:01:17 to spare before Richardson crossed the line (25:32:11). Jason Hosking took 3rd Male in 27:17:36 and unfortunately no women raced in the 100 miler.

edit*** apologies, there was an error when we processed the results — there were indeed several women who completed the 100miler — AURA member Melissa Robertson was 1st Woman in 31:12:36, AURA member Renae Brock in 32:15:34 and Julie Brock in 35:22:30

In the 100km division, Jeff Pond took 1st Male with 14:30:56, Jason Kirksmith grabbed 2nd Male with 14:58:04 and AURA’s very own Tom Joss from Hardy’s Bay, NSW held on for 3rd Male after crossing the finish in 15:24:12. For the women, podium positions went to Leia Widdowson (16:10:20), Joan Cleary (20:23:26) and Tracey Pass (23:01.37).

Congratulations to AURA’s David Campbell who finished his 100km in 20:23:18.

On to the Great North Walk’s 50mi, we saw Simone Harvey take 1st Female (13:36:05) and AURA member Sarah-Jane Marshall from Rochedale South, Qld take 2nd Female after completing the distance in 13:36:12 – just seven seconds behind, hot on Harvey’s heels. Ingrid Donald took 3rd Female (15:06:19).

Top podium spots for the men went to Brendan Green (10:42:39), Sam Hinchliffe (10:43:38) and Tim Yendell (11:41:50).

In the 50km event, AURA’s own Louise Clifton from Mount Victoria, NSW dominated over the women and claimed 1st Female with 5:51:44. Alae Brand crossed the finish in 6:02:40 whilst Monika Ludriks came 3rd Female (6:26:50). For the men top positions were won by Mark Lee (4:49:09), Viktor Holmberg (5:53:38) and Phill Dernee (6:02:01).

Sri Chinmoy Canberra Centenary Trail Ultra

The Sri Chinmoy Canberra Centenary Trail Run was also held on September 14 (Saturday) in Acton, ACT for a 100km trail event. Thirty-five participants crossed the finish line, including Nicholas Hamilton who took it home for the men in 11:01:40, AURA member Andrew Donaldson from Murrumbateman, NSW who claimed 2nd Male in 11:11:00 and Abhishek Tiwari who finished 3rd Male (12:06:52).

For the women, Patricia McKibbin claimed the top spot after finishing her race in 11:25:07 but AURA’s Pam Muston from Wamboin, NSW wasn’t too far behind, holding on to take 2nd Female with 13:07:17. AURA member Mallani Moloney from Moorooka, Qld took a podium finish too, completing her 100km in 13:11:29.

Congratulations also to AURA member Roylene Stanley who ran her race with a sub-16 (15:58:58).

Run the Great Whitsunday Trail

This spectacular event was held on September 15 (Sunday) on Airlie Beach, Qld with the 57km trail being the top option for ultra runners.

Sonja Scholfeldt-Ray took 1st Female (6:31:00) whilst AURA’s Alena Scurrah from sunny Cairns, Qld claimed 2nd Female with 6:56:48. Toni Spinks took 3rd Female (6:59:31).

Congratulations to all our AURA members who raced in this scenic event including David von Senden (6:56:48), John Kilkelly (7:55:29) and Matthew Salinovich (8:36:56).

Glasshouse 100 & Phillip Island Running Festival (non AURA-listed events)

Two other events (non AURA-listed) where held across the weekend and saw AURA members take part, including the Glasshouse 100 in Qld which offered 100mi, 100km and 52km options and the Phillip Island Running Festival 50km trail event in Vic.

In the Glasshouse 100mi congratulations goes to Malcolm Gamble from Mordialloc, Vic who finished 2nd Male in 21:00:56 (1st Male was Noelis Rheault in 20:13:16, 3rd Male went to David Vroom in 21:12:03). Nine finishes in total completed the distance and saw Cheryl Kiernan take 1st Female and Michelle Gilbert from Great Britain claim 2nd Female.

In the 100km, it was Jessie Quinlan who took full control of the race after finishing just one second ahead of Sandy Hampson following a field of 14 participants.

Quinlan took 1st Female in 13:59:09 and AURA’s very own Lisa Spink from Maroochydore, Qld claimed 2nd Female after crossing the finish line in 15:46:41. Erica Leota was 3rd Female (16:27:07).

Hampson took 1st Male in 13:59:10, whilst AURA member Steve Marton from Ashgrove, Qld held strong for 2nd Male with 14:58:10. Grant Ward claimed 3rd Male (17:23:44).

On to the 52km where there were 50 participants, congratulations goes to AURA’s Carmen Atkinson from Parrearra, Qld who took 2nd Female in 6:06:25 just behind Rebecca Philipp (5:52:57). Melissa Bensted took 3rd Female (6:24:17).

Well done to all our AURA members who finished the event including Andy Speakman (6:40:31), Kelvin Marshall (7:42:49) and Richard McCormick (8:18:29).

The Phillip Island Running Festival held on September 15 (Sunday) saw 53 participants in total. For the women, Tracy Denning took the top spot in 4:24:22 whilst AURA’s Nikki Wynd from Lysterfield, Vic claimed 2nd Female in 4:46:51. AURA member Nicole Vaughan from Brunswick, Vic held strong to take 3rd Female (4:59:38).

Congratulations to all our AURA members who entered and finished including Andrew Ross (4:42:55), Tony O’Connell (4:47:24), and Karen Mickle (6:01:16).

Upcoming AURA-listed events

The next AURA-listed events on the AURA calendar include Surf Coast Century (100km, 50km) in Anglesea, Vic on September 21; Yurrebilla Trail (56km) in Adelaide, SA on September 22; and the Launceston Marathon (100km) in Launceston, Tas on September 22.

Attention AURA members

If you are an AURA member, we would love to read your race reports. Contribute your experience, along with high resolution images, for our next edition of Ultramag to – deadline for the next edition is Wednesday, September 25. 

Send your contribution in a Word document and images attached to the email for easy extraction. 

Pictured: Participants take off for the start of the 2019 Sri Chinmoy Canberra Centenary Trail Ultra. Photograph – Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.