Adelaide 6/12/24 Hour, SA

One of the most anticipated races of the year, the Adelaide 6/12/24 Hour, was held over the weekend in North Adelaide, SA (July 13-14). The course was a 2200m gravel loop with tech support and an amazing atmosphere.

24 Hour

In the 24-hour event, it was an AURA podium finish for 1st, 2nd and 3rd male placings with Matthew Eckford from Wights Mountain, Qld taking out the top spot after completing a total distance of 252.982kms; Kay Bretz from Cremorne, NSW right behind in 2nd with 240.341kms; and Darren Linney from Paradise, SA holding on to 3rd after finishing 207.622kms.

In the women’s division, 1st Female went to Jane Luke (186.552kms) while AURA’s Sabina Hamaty from Cambewarra, NSW secured 2nd Female with a total distance of 173.959kms. Third Female went to Jacqueline Cresp (165.314kms).

Congratulations to all AURA members who ran in the 24-hour event including David Billett (192.674kms), Colin Brooks (163.285kms), Annabel Hepworth (144.025kms), Dawn Parks (132.173kms), Yorkie Rounding (127.600kms), Merle Carter (103.400kms) and Tony Wilms (101.500kms).

12 Hour

In the 12-hour event, AURA’s very own Amelia Griffith from Moonee Ponds, Vic took 1st for the women with a total distance of 118.122kms.

Second and 3rd Female placings went to Debra Pelgrave (96.178kms) and Gill Jordan (90.952kms) respectively.

For the men it was Mathew Goodrich in 1st with 119.404kms, Randell Taylor 2nd (116.127kms) and AURA member Mick Thwaites from Banyo, Qld took it home with 3rd after a successful 114.646kms.

Congratulations to all our AURA members who took on the 12-hour event including Tim O’Brien (101.015kms), Cathie Wiltshire (60.004kms) and Ian Hoad (44.000kms).

6 Hour

On to the 6-hour, and it was AURA’s Tia Jones from Ipswich, Qld who claimed the title of 1st Female with a completed distance of 68.200kms. Second and 3rd places for the women went to Kate Savage (64.887kms) and Cassie Tonkin (56.654kms) respectively.

In the men’s race it was Matthew Hooper taking 1st (69.186kms), Kent Baraglia 2nd (67.867kms) and Neil Scrimgeour (66.782kms) taking 3rd.

Congratulations also goes to AURA members Graham Tottey (61.159kms) and Cherie Rothery (55.261kms) for finishing the 6-hour event.

The next AURA-listed events on our calendar are the Elephant Trail Race (160kms, 108kms and 54kms trail) in Port Macquarie, NSW on July 19 and the Yaberoo Trail Ultra (50kms trail) in Joondalup, WA on July 28.

Pictured: Tia Jones in the 6-hour event at the Adelaide 24 Hour at the weekend. Photograph – Ultra Runners South Australia.