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Narrabeen All Nighter

This year, the Narrabeen All Nighter in Narrabeen, NSW was super lucky to go ahead; there was a fire at the event’s hub (the Narrabeen Lakes Sailing Club) in late November, which caused extensive damage. As a result, at the time of the fire, the event had lost its electricity source as well as access to hot water, toilets and showers.

With the community banding together though, and some slight changes made, the Narrabeen All Nighter was able to go ahead over the weekend (11-12 December 2021) with some fantastic results in the 12hr looped event (each loop being 5.275km) and a marathon.

AURA’s Matthew Griggs from Torrens, ACT claimed 1st Male in the 12hr, completing a total of 23.5 laps (equalling 123.907km) in 11:35:12. Joel Ingram took 2nd Male after he finished 23 laps, but was timed at 11:59:03. Nicholas Roth held on for 3rd Male with 22.5 laps (118.632km).

Another AURA member took to the podium in the women’s 12hr, with Allicia Heron from Theodore, ACT taking the crown after 19.5 laps (102.809km) in a total time of 11:37:42. Lindsay Hamilton claimed 2nd Female also at 19 laps but taking just 100.213km, and Zuzana Smart took 3rd Female with 18.5 laps (97.535km) in 11:28:57.

In the team event, AURA members Chris Warren from Connells Point, NSW and Adam Keighran from Helensburgh, NSW (pictured right) took 1st Place for the men’s division, with each individual distance at 73.841km (total team distance of 147.683) equalling 28 full laps (14 laps each). 

Congratulations to all our AURA members who ran in the Narrabeen All Nighter, including Peter Orenstein (20 laps, 105.488km), Amanda Spackman (18.5 laps, 97.535km in 11:32:44), Gregory Jenkins (18 laps, 94.939km in 11:48:08), Akira Suzuki (18 laps, 94.939km in 11:55:05), Scott Heckmann (16 laps, 84.390 in 10:35:36), Vice Hazdovac (16 laps, 84.390km in 11:44:13), Leah Weeden (16 laps, 84.390km in 11:49:11), Nicole Kruse (15 laps, 81.712km in 11:21:21),Cian Gray (15 laps, 81.712km in 11:37:42), Tracy Watson (14 laps, 73.841km in 11:45:55), Renae Brock (13 laps, 71.163km in 11:13:55), Damian Smith (12 laps, 63.293km in 7:05:00), Paul Gay (12 laps, 63.293km in 10:32:13), Masanoria Chiba (10 laps, 52.744km in 6:39:48), Sabina Hamaty (9 laps, 47.469km in 5:54:40), Kevin Heaton (6 laps, 31.646km in 4:30:02), Annabel Hepworth (5 laps, 26.372km in 3:07:17) and Sal Robson (5 laps, 26.372km in 3:18:34).

GoodRunnings 6/12

We are still awaiting official results for the GoodRunning’s 6/12 which was held the weekend of 11-12 December 2021.

Upcoming Events

The last event for the year on the AURA listed calendar of events is the 6 Inch Trail Marathon on 19 December in North Dandalup, WA – this will mean one more race report before the year finishes! We also have our 2022 calendar already up on the website, check it out here to start planning your races. 


We love making mention of AURA members when they achieve incredible results at other races across the country and around the world, so if you or someone you know is an AURA member and they’ve had an amazing event that isn’t AURA-listed, email and keep us in the loop!

We also want your race reports and story ideas for our monthly Ultramag digital magazine. Without your tips and leads, there wouldn’t be an Ultramag, so please consider contributing at least once in the new year where you get a chance to share your ultra running experiences with other members!

Wishing you all a very safe and merry Christmas as well as a prosperous, happy and healthy new year for 2022!

Pictured: Matthew Griggs and Allicia Heron at the 2021 Narrabeen All Nighter. Photograph – Supplied.