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As reported in our last Weekly News Report, the Irrational SOUTH 200 & 100 Miler was cancelled three days in due to unforeseen circumstances regarding torrential weather.

Results listed are weather conditional.

In the Men’s 200 Miler, AURA President Ewan Horsburgh from NSW took 1st Male after successfully completing 285km whilst 2nd Male went to Jared Webb (275km). AURA’s Douglas Bartlett from Willetton, WA took 3rd Male after finishing with 270km.

In the Women’s 200 Miler, AURA member Sarah Niven from WA took 1st Female following a distance of 275km. Second and 3rd Females were won by Sarah Dyer (270km) and Jaci Richards (254km) respectively.

Congratulations to all our AURA members who ran in the 200 miler, including Adam Darwin (256km), Harmony Waite(239km), Alexis Oosterhoff (238km) and Sue Robertson (218km).

In the Men’s 100 Miler, top spots were awarded to John Csongei (90km), Cam Bryson (80km) and Robert Maliphant (80km). In the Women’s 100 Miler, winners were named Emma Burgess (78km), Camille Nicholls (76km) and Mindy Durdin (76km).

Congratulations to each AURA member who ran in the 100 miler, including Peter Goss who completed a total of 63km.  


The infamous Down Under 135 was held 28-30 April, and is known (if you don’t know it by now!) to be one of the most demanding and extreme events in the country when it comes to endurance racing. Covering 135 miles, or 220km, the single stage non-stop from start—to-finish sees athletes hit the single trails of the Lerderderg and Wombat State Forests in Vic.

Known to see a high rate of DNFs, even those who don’t get to cross the ‘finish line’ still see big kilometres (110km) and gains of about 6000m+ in vertical if they get to the halfway mark.

This year, there were 29 registered, and 5 finished under the 55hr cutoff.

AURA’s Thomas Dade, from Mount Martha (Vic) took home with him the win – his 3rd at Down Under 135. It makes him the only 3-time finisher! Tom finished in 52:18:00.

Revealing on socials that DU135 pushed him to the absolute limits, Tom says he challenged himself in a tough race, but felt he was in safe hands throughout the entire event.

Ryan Crawford took 2nd (52:50:00) whilst AURA member Tim Kacprzak from Bannockburn, Vic took 3rd with a fantastic 52:50:00.

Forth finisher was Matt Russell (54:20:00) and 5th was Grant Ward (54:57:20) with minutes to spare.

Congratulations to every single runner who ran in DU135.


The Light Horse Ultra in WA is always held on a weekend on either side of Anzac Day, and this year it was hosted 29 April – 30 April at its usual Perry Paddock in Woodvale, WA. On offer was a 24hr, 12hr, 6hr, 3hr and 1hr (dog race and kids’ race).

Kicking off with the Women’s 24hr, AURA’s Jessica Smith from Perth took 1st Female with a finishing total distance of 192.410km. She was closely followed by AURA member Jen Millum, from Karnup, who completed 176.550km. Congratulations to you both for stellar runs at this year’s 24hr! Third Female went to Emma Clack (149.560km).

In the Men’s 24hr, it was also a ‘top two’ for AURA members, with AURA’s Michael Hooker from East Perth claiming 1st Male with 250.100km and AURA’s very own Kevin Matthews from Perth with 206.170km. Incredible runs! Tom Radonic took 3rd Male with 100.030km.

Well done to all our AURA members who ran in the 24hr, including Brad Halls (132.750km), Pamela Williams(132.220km), Louise Wallace (125.680km), Andy Thompson (120.960km), Mark Sewell (104.820km) and Glen Smetherham (45km).

In the Women’s 12hr event, podium finishes were awarded to Kara Dougan (119.130km), Catherine Williams (100.100km) and Tammy Lovett (95.650km).

In the Men’s 12hr, AURA’s Phil Gore from Darling Downs took the winning spot, completing a total of 141.860km. Second and 3rd were won by Carl Harrison (121.310km) and Reegan Koopman (103.700km) respectively.

AURA members who did spectacularly in the 12hr include Jagpawan Dhillon, who finished with a total of 89.300km.  

In the Women’s 6hr, winners were named Jennifer Ritossa (62.930km), Bianca Harding (55.820km) and Jacki Catania (51.140km). In the Men’s 6hr, top spots went to Nathan Borland (66.330km), Lee Smales (61.190km) and Brendan Ashmore (60.580km). Congratulations to AURA members Bob Colligan who finished his 6hr with 47.650km and John Fisher with 43.850km.

For the full list of results, including the 3hr and 1hr events, click here.


The Rapid Ascent Margaret River Ultra Marathon was held on 6 May in the coastal town of Margaret River, 270km south of Perth. On offer was an 80km event, which could be done solo or as part of a relay team with leg breakdowns of 11.5km, 16km, 19.5km, 18.5km and 13km; 278 individuals crossed the finish line.

AURA’s very own Joshua Chugg from Hamilton Hill secured top spot in the Men’s Solo 80km with a finishing time of 6:36:17 (average pace 5:04 min/km) – the event’s new course record! In 2nd for the Men was Richardt Schwalb (7:24:00) whilst 3rd went to Sjoerd Algera (7:44:15).

For the Women’s Solo 80km, Jayme Bergman took the lead with 7:49:01 (3rd fastest time ever) whilst 2nd and 3rd were awarded to Petra Jerejian (7:55:29) and Kirsten Buist (8:12:52).

Well done to every AURA member who ran at the Margaret River Ultra Marathon, including Colin Moulden (8:20:51), Zachary Beasley (8:44:03), Ian North (9:33:09), Jenny Morris (10:13:28), Alan Wheat (10:23:15), Robert Flury(12:55:34) and Paola Flury (12:55:37).

For the full list of results, click here.


The kunanyi Trail Series Tolosa Knights race, providing two events of 6km and 14km, was held on May 7 in Tas.

Top spots in the Men’s 14km were David Bailey (1:04:51), Marc Iseli (1:07:34) and Connor Ryan (1:11:01), whilst in the Women’s 14km winners were named Melanie Daniels (1:16:05), Maggie Lennox (1:19:57) and Annabel De Jong (1:23:10).

For the full list of results, including the 6km, click here.


It’s always a big weekend when it comes to Ultra-Trail Australia by UTMB, which this year was held last weekend from 11-14 May in Katoomba, NSW and provided a number of awesome distances, including the UTA100, UTA50, UTA22, UTA11 and 1km for kids.

In the Men’s UTA100, George Murray took 1st Male (9:32:59) whilst AURA’s very own Mike Carroll from Aisnlie, ACT held on for 2nd Male with an astonishing time of 9:44:51. A big congratulations to you Mike for a stellar race! Third went to Piotr Babis (10:01:44).

In the Women’s UTA100, Emily Gilmour-Walsh won 1st (11:33:28) whilst Lucy Bartholomew claimed 2nd (11:52:41). AURA member Louise Clifton walked away with a fantastic 3rd Female, crossing the finsh line in 12:05:03.

There were 834 finishers in the UTA100, with big congratulations to all AURA members who ran! Well done to the following individuals who finished in the top 100, including Gerard Riordan (11:59:43), Michel Haenggi (12:00:50), Aaron Dower (12:14:29), Ben Wilson (12:49:15), Mark Taylor (13:03:13) and Anne-Marie Cook (13:12:14).

There were 1,861 finishers who succeeded in the UTA50.

In the Men’s UTA50, top spots were awarded to Blake Turner (4:20:13), Charles Hamilton (4:24:53) and AURA’s very own Ben Duffus from Indooroopilly, Qld claimed 3rd Male with a great time of 4:37:20.

In the Women’s UTA50, winners were named Hau Ha (4:47:41), Stephanie Auston (4:54:07) and Renee Cardinaals (4:54:55).

Well done to all our AURA members who ran in the UA50km! Congratulations to members Iain Best (6th Male, 4:52:16) and Emma Grey (05:44:33) who finished in the distance’s top 100!

For the full list of 2023 results, click here.


The second Ultra Perth was held last weekend on 13 May in South Perth, WA. Known as a flat and fast course along the Swan River, PBs for the event’s 50km are high on the agenda for this event, hosted by Ultra Series Australia.

In the Women’s 50km, top spot was won by AURA’s Jacqueline Kellerman from Burns Beach who finished the distance in 3:43:52. She was closely followed by AURA member Lee Anne Flugel from Applecross who followed closely behind with a final time of 4:10:38. Third went to Caitlin Hindmarsh (4:24:28).

In the Men’s 50km, Dean Menzies took the win with 2:59:07 (according to race director Shaun Kaesler, Menzies ran the 11th fastest 50km time in Australian history, and the fastest 50km by a West Aussie breaking Todd Ingraham’s record), with AURA’s Phil Gore from Darling Downs not far behind, closing in with a time of 3:13:40. Matthew Di Masi won 3rdMale with 3:30:21.

Congratulations to all our AURA members who ran at the weekend’s Ultra Perth, including Michael Hooker (who was the event’s 4hr pacer, coming in 5th at 3:59:14), David White (pacer, 5:07:46) and Graham Tottey (5:07:56) and Simon Johnson (pacer, 5:32:01).


This weekend 21 May sees the Great Ocean Road Running Festival in Apollo Bay, Vic whilst next weekend has the Western Branch Ultra Marathon in Mt Stanley, Qld on 27 May and Run narawntapu in Greens Beach, Tas on 28 May.

June sees the BUTTER 24/48 in Southport, Qld from 2-4 June, the Red Dirt Backyard Ultra in Karratha, WA from 10-11 June, the Southern Sydney 24hr Ultra in Leumeah, NSW from 10-12 June, and the Adelaide 24hr Festival in Glen Davis, NSW from 10-11 June.

The Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon Weekend will be held from 16-17 June in Glen Davis, NSW and the Kennards Hire BVRT100s – which is doubling up as the 100 Mile Australian Championships – will be held in Ipswich, Qld from 17-19 June.

Antsy for Anstey is due on 17 June in Tea Tree Gully, SA whilst the Australian Backyard Masters kicks off another year in Runnymede, Qld from 17-20 June. Transcend will be held on 25 June at Walyunga National Park, WA.

Pictured: The Top 10 female and male finishers at the 2023 Perth Ultra 50km. Image – Supplied.