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AAA Racing hosted the BUTTER 24/48 which was held from 2-4 June at Griffith University Gold Coast, which boasts an international standard athletics track offering the SPURTAN BV Sandwich System – one that offers cushioning and rebound, both of which favour endurance events.

On offer was a 48hr, 24hr, 12hr, 6hr/marathon and a kids race.

In the 48hr, there were 8 competitors (5 men, 3 women).

In the Women’s 48hr, AURA’s Cassie Smith from Clayfield, NSW took the claim for 1st Female with a total of 385 laps. AURA member extraordinaire Nikki Wynd from Lysterfield, Vic finished with 255 laps to take 2nd Female whilst Challise Curgenven took 3rd (199 laps).

In the Men’s 48hr, Blaine Bourke claimed 1st Male with a total of 843 laps whilst AURA’s Greg Ponych from Wishart, Qld took 2nd Male following 676 laps; Stephen Wright took 3rd (670 laps).

There were 18 participants in the 24hr (8 men, 10 women).

In the Women’s 24hr, Carol Robertson won 1st Female with 502 laps whilst AURA’s Kathryn Austin from Greenbank, Qld took 2nd Female following a total of 423 laps. Donna Davis claimed 3rd Female with 399 laps.

In the Men’s 24hr, Michael Griffin won 1st Male (506 laps) and AURA member Adrian Polidano from Pacific Paradise, Qld took home 2nd Male following a total of 423 laps. Matthew Burfield won 3rd Male with 362 laps.

There were four runners in the 12hr, all male.

In the Men’s 12hr, 1st Male went to Michael Lindeback with 258 laps; AURA’s Ben Wilson from The Gap, Qld secured himself 2nd Male following a total of 243 laps. Third Male went to Trent Harding with 220 laps.

There were 11 participants in the 6hr (7 men, 4 women).

In the Women’s 6hr, top spots went to Suzanne Chatterton (140 laps), Shona Burton (122 laps) and Kristi Mcgrail (121 laps). In the Men’s 6hr it was Brad Aird (153 laps), Travis Boyle (141 laps) and Harris Franzmann (130 laps).

For the full list of results click here.


The Red Dirt Backyard Ultra was held the weekend of 10-11 June in Karratha, WA.

Winner of this Last One Standing format was Ethan Stirrat who finished with 161km; and a big congratulations to AURA member Matthew Edwards from Tom Price, WA who completed 8 laps.


The Southern Sydney 24 Hour Ultra was held last weekend from 10-12 June at the Campbelltown Athletics Centre, south of Sydney. There were 18 entrants in the 48hr (15 finishers), 10 in the 24hr Lap 1 division (9 finishers), 35 in the 24hr Lap 3 division (32 finishers), 28 people entered in the 12hr (21 finishers), 29 in the 6hr (24 finishers) and 37 in the 3hr evening race (31 finishers). There were also 23 participants in the marathon distance.

In the Women’s 48hr, 1st Female was claimed by Simone Bordin (275.400km) whilst AURA’s Sabina Hamaty from Cambewarra, NSW secured herself 2nd Female following a total distance of 250.820km. AURA member Amelia Griffithfrom Watsonia, Vic took home 3rd Female with a spectacular finish of 208.000km.

In the Men’s 48hr, there were two 1st Male placings with Dale Paul and Perry Newburn both securing 270.600km. Thomas Young claimed 3rd Male with 241.220km.  

Congratulations to all our AURA members who ran in the 48hr including Zed Zlotnick (184.20km), Amanda Callaghan(106.820km) and Anna Pillinger (100.400km).

In the Men’s 24hr Race Lap 1, AURA’s very own Matthew Griggs from Torrens, ACT took 1st Male with a total distance of 250.333km. AURA member Grant Brisbin from Woy Woy, NSW claimed 2nd Male following a finish of 242.849km whilst AURA’s Mark Avery from Newington, NSW took 3rd Male after completing 218.763km.

In the Women’s 24hr Race Lap 1, AURA member Jennifer White from Helensburgh, NSW won 1st Female with 208.601km whilst Jaime Stevenson took 2nd Female (174.440km). There was no 3rd Female placing.

Well done to all our AURA members who raced in the 24hr Lap 1 divison including Adam Keighran (213.521km) and John Pearson (50km).

In the Men’s 24hr Race Lap 3, 1st Male was awarded to Jeff Robinson (180.371km) whilst AURA’s Akira Suzuki from Chatswood, NSW took 2nd Male after finishing with a total 177.386km.Sze Ho Alfair Lee took 3rd Male (173.178km).

In the Women’s 24hr Race Lap 3, Lai Ting Milk Li won 1st Female (164.232km) and Sue Hunter took 2nd Female (162.299km). AURA’s Cathy Perri from Rossmore, NSW won 3rd Female after a total of 148.163km).

Well done to all our AURA members who ran in the 24hr Lap 3 division including John Foster (137.650km), Kayden Penhall (117.021km), David Chiew (88.810km) and Michael Wakefield (77.605km).

In the Men’s 12hr, top spots were awarded to Murray Smith (120.350km), Aaron Flower (109.704km) and Ben Bailey 103.192km). In the Women’s 12hr, 1st and 2nd Female positions were won by Jade Crim (103.542km) and Elitania Vargas (102.740km) respectively. AURA member Lyndal Maloney from Winmalee, NSW secured herself 3rd Female after finishing the race with a total of 91.119km.

Congratulations to our AURA members who ran in the 12hr including Rene Collins (95.706km), Mathew Edwards(77.851km) and George Ziogas (76.510km).

In the Men’s 6hr, 1st Male was won by Josef McGrath (81.327km) whilst AURA’s very own Andrew Heyden from St Ives, NSW took home 2nd Male after finishing the race with a total distance of 76.840km). Baden Reynolds won 3rd Male (71.844km). In the Women’s 6hr, top podium finishes were awarded to Alessandra Martines (62.102km), Vicki Jeffreys (59.537km) and Rosie Reynolds (55.907km).

Congratulations to all AURA members who ran in the 6hr event including Ewan Horsburgh (64.768km), Greg Wilson(63.800km), Chris Gammon (59.442km), Clayton Talbot (52.839km), Karen Woon Cheung Chan (52.634km) and Dmitry Pupkov (51.383km).

A special congratulations to Greg Wilson who broke both the IAU World WBP in M70 6hr and the Australian M70 6hr records (pending ratification).

In the Men’s 3hr, the podium finishes were awarded to Chern Ng (39.035km), Darren McClellan (36.986km) and Michael Distefano (35.641km). In the Women’s 3hr, AURA member Ivana Iloski from Kangaroo Point, NSW took the top honours after finishing with a total distance of 35.016km. Second and 3rd Female were won by Colly Galbiati (29.519km) and Kath O’Connor (27.623km) respectively.

Congratulations to all our AURA members who ran in the 3hr including Scott Richmond (30.010km), Stephen Redfern(28.474km), Steve Robertson (28.267km), Hailey Hanney (25.926km), Maree Connor (25.034km), Jasen Kirkaldy(22.744km), Simone Hayes (22.131km) and Annabel Hepworth (20.640km).

For the full list of results click here.


The Adelaide 24 Hour Festival was held last weekend, from 10-11 June on a uni loop in north Adelaide at War Memorial Drive.

In the Men’s 24hr, 1st Male was awarded to Anthony Parfilo (185.505km) whilst 2nd Male was won by AURA member Matthew Woodman from Golden Grove, SA who completed a total of 169.1901km). AURA’s Geoffrey Langhans from Happy Valley, SA took home 3rd Male with a total of 166.5062km.

In the Women’s 24hr, there was one female competitor; the winner announced as Nicki Bear with 147.4415km).

Congratulations to all our AURA members who ran in the 24hr event including Dan Wright (162.8779km), David Billett(161.4060km), Colin Brooks (152.3552km), Tamas Lorincz (136.7589km) and Justin Brock (127.6000km).

In the Men’s 12hr podium spots were won by Wayne Calvert (107.8030km), Craig Wilson (83.9238km) and Julian Esots (50.6000km). In the Women’s 12hr winners were named Kirsty Wilson (101.1299km), Lib Smith (79.4000km) and Rebecca Oliver (70.8180km).

Top spots in the Men’s 6hr went to Tim Green (68.1713km), Damian Grant (65.6871km) and David Costie (58.0476km) and in the Women’s 6hr winners were Victoria Bath (66.1236km), Erika Macdonald (49.067km) and Stacey Miller (41.3028km).

Well done to AURA’s Dave Brown who finished with 57.3772km in the 6hr event.

For the full list of results click here.  


A contingent of Australians represented the green and gold at the 2023 World Mountain and Trail Running Championships in Innsbruck-Stubai which was held from 6-10 June, and some of those Aussies are AURA members!

In the Men’s Trail Short division, there were 153 finishers and Matt Crehan took 75th with a time of 5:18:58. In the Women’s Trail Short category, Kellie Angel finished 41st out of 114 finishers with a time of 5:47:23.

In the Men’s Trail Long race, there were 122 finishers. Thomas Dade took 76th with 12:23:00, Andrew Gaskell 98thwith 13:10:17 and Nigel Hill claimed 111th with a time of 13:53:55.

In the Women’s Trail Long event, there were 69 finishers and Claire O’Brien-Smith finished 66th with a time of 14:50:17. Well done to Sarah Ludowici and Hayley Teale who gave it their on the day.


The Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon Weekend will be held from 16-17 June in Glen Davis, NSW and the Kennards Hire BVRT100s – which is doubling up as the 100 Mile Australian Championships – will be held in Ipswich, Qld from 17-19 June.

Antsy for Anstey is due on 17 June in Tea Tree Gully, SA whilst the Australian Backyard Masters kicks off another year in Runnymede, Qld from 17-20 June. Transcend will be held on 25 June at Walyunga National Park, WA.

Pictured: The 48hr participants at this year’s Southern Sydney 48 Hour Ultra. Photograph – Supplied/Facebook.