Berry Long Run, Vic
Vale Ian Cornelius

Berry Long Run

The Berry Long Run in Blackwood, Vic was held over the weekend on Saturday, August 10 and what an event it was.

Winners for the men’s 70km event were Stefan Taranto who crossed the finish line in 6:57:25, Andrew Turner who took 2nd in 6:59:38 and Jason Rawlings who claimed 3rd in 7:03:09.

In the women’s division Nicole Paton took top spot with her time of 7:20:44.

Following Paton was Martine Nield with 2nd in 7:52:21 and Trish Yates with 3rd in 8:00:46.

For a full list of results, click here

The next events on the AURA calendar include “The Clint Eastwood” Last One Standing (August 16) on a 6.7km trail loop in Brisbane, Qld and the Rotary Rail Trail Run & Ride (August 17) on a 56km trail in Scottsdale, Tas.

Vale Ian Cornelius

The past week also saw the unexpected news of the passing of one of the ultra running community’s favourite people, Ian Cornelius, on August 2.

Ian was a dedicated race organiser, and we were proud to have him on board as a past AURA president.

The August edition of Ultramag will feature a special report on Ian, and we are calling for those in the AURA community who would like to write a dedication paragraph, to do so and email with your commemoration.

We would love to hear your thoughts, memories, and personal experiences with Ian, to be a part of the story.

If you have photographs of Ian, please also send those with information detailing where the photo was taken, what year, and in what capacity the image was taken. Photos of yourself with Ian are also welcome.

A tribute run will be held this month, on August 25, at the Nerang Velodrome on Hope Street, Nerang in Queensland.

For more information on being a part of the event click here to be taken to a Facebook event page where you will be encouraged to bring a singlet/shirt from one of Ian’s previous events and post run snacks and drinks.

Pictured: Finishers of the Berry Long Run. Photograph – Supplied/Berry Long Run Website.